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Wordle game

Always Win at Wordle!
Wordle is a game where players try to guess a mystery 5-letter word in 6 guesses or less. The game lets the player know if a letter is in the correct position (green square), in the word but in an incorrect position (yellow square) or not in the word at all (grey square). Players use this information to create their next guess as they narrow it down to the mystery word.
There are roughly 13,000 5-letter words in the English language, but only 2,309 are possible answers in the game. More obscure 5-letter words are excluded. I will provide you a file with all 2,309 possible answers.
Your assignment is to develop this file into a tool that a Wordle player can use to ALWAYS WIN AT WORDLE! Add some formulas to the file and make use of the sorting, filtering, and other features of Excel to develop it into a “cheater tool.”Everyone must download this file Download download this file and develop it into their own tool. You can share ideas, but the tool must be your own creation. This assignment has 2 parts:Part I: Tool and Instructions
After you have built your tool, test it on the daily Wordle game here: (Links to an external site.)
All old Wordle puzzles have been archived so you may find it useful to test your tool on many puzzles by using this site: (Links to an external site.)
When you’re happy with your tool, create a set of clear instructions for the Wordle player. The instructions must contain the following:
1. Tell the Wordle player what to guess for the first word.
2. Tell the Wordle player how to record the results of each guess in your tool.
3. Tell the Wordle player how to use the tool to create the next guess.
I will randomly select 3 words from the list to test your instructions and cheater tool 3 times. If I use your tool to solve each Wordle in 6 guesses or less then you earn 10/10 points for Part I.
Here’s a couple articles that might help: Wordle Strategies and Tips (Links to an external site.) and A Collection of the Best Wordle Tips and Tricks (Links to an external site.)
Part II: Methodology and Reflection
1. Project Methodology (100-200 words): Describe your thought process. Where did you start? What did you do next? What steps did you take to complete this project? Why did you make the decisions you did?
2. Project Reflection (100-200 words): Reflect on this project. You can write about things such as what you found challenging, what you enjoyed, which part of the project gave you the most trouble, how would you approach this project differently next time, what you would change about this project, or any other thoughtful reflection on your work.
Part II is worth 10 points.
Make sure to submit these 4 items:
1. Your Wordle Tool
2. Instructions to use your Wordle Tool
3. Project Methodology
4. Project Reflection