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While some women managed to receive a tertiary education and others to go into non-traditional career paths, for the most part women were expected to be primarily involved in “duties at home” and “women’s work”. Before 1914, only a few countries (New Zealand, Australia, and several Scandinavian nations) had given the right to ote to women (see Women’s suffrage), and apart from these countries women were little involved in the political process.

More than any previous wars, World Wars I and II hinged as much on industrial production as they did on battlefield clashes. With millions of men away fghting and with the inevitable horrendous casualties, there was a severe shortage of labour in a range of industries, from rural and farm work to city office Jobs. During both World War I and World War II, women were called on, by necessity, to do ork and to take on roles that were outside their traditional gender expectations. l] In Great Britain this was known as a process of “Dilution” and was strongly contested by the trade unions, particularly in the engineering and ship building industries. [l] Women did, for the duration of both

education;academic journal

education;academic journal.

The written assignment is 3,000 words. For the assignment you are required to write a structured critical analysis of a research report published in an academic journal – it will be a choice of articles so students will be able to carry out this assignment on a topic that is relevant to their own professional practice. Students will be given detailed guidance on how to structure their report

Structure of the assignment:

1. Introduction: What is this essay about? Why is this important? What is the structure of the essay? Ensure you say which aspect of the article you will focus on (background, methods, results, discussion, etc.). Do not try to critically analyse every part of the essay but focus on a specific area and give an in-depth analysis.

2. Main body of the essay: In this part you provide the actual critical analysis of your chosen article. Build up your arguments from general points to more specific points. Make reference to Cohen, Manion and Morrison (2011) and Porte (2010) to back up your argumentation, as these offer clear criteria against which you can evaluate the article. You can refer to other sources too, but make sure the essay remains a critical analysis of your chosen article (not an essay about the topic of teachers’ beliefs in general or the effect of video on listening comprehension in general). Find a good title for this section (not “main body”).

3. Conclusion. You summarise the main points made in part 2 and point out what the limitations of your approach are. Point out what else could be done to analyse the article in more depth.

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