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Women’s Participation in World’s Development: Importance of Understanding Critical Essay

Table of Contents Thesis Body Conclusion Works Cited For a long period of time, society suffered because of inabilities to develop proper relations between the minorities, genders, and nations in order to promote the development of different spheres of life. There were a number of attempts to influence the style of life and make people evaluate their possibilities and demands. However, it was hard to define one common goal for each nation and take the right steps. However, “the prospect of war was a welcome occasion for national unity in the face of the mounting class – and gender-based conflicts of European society” (Strayer 981). The changes which had to be accepted by people during the war and when the war was over made people look through their lives and decide what style of life should be better chosen under new conditions with new abilities. With the help of the literary works created by Leila Ahmed, Carolina Maria de Jesus, Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit, and Vera Brittain, it is possible to take a look at the activities which had to be taken and the emotions which fulfilled people. The common thing for all these women was the necessity to act and think due to the possibility to become more educative (Lacey 65), still, they were bound by some duties and obligations which could not be neglected. Moral and ethical values did not play an important role, still, they remained to be an issue that influenced human lives. Still, the world as well as women has been changed (Waugh 114) and human achievements should be defined. In this paper, the attempt to evaluate the major developments of modern world history will be made. Thesis Jesus, Ahmed, Pandit, and Brittain offered their writings to show how unfair and wrong world’s position was for a long period of time and how miserable human actions could be in case they were not understood by the society; loses and grieves of four women are described in their works and help to comprehend it is sometimes enough to admit the necessity of change to improve personal life. Body Vera Brittain and her grief caused by the war. The life of Vera Brittain as well as her writings was based on grief because of which she suffered for a long period of time. Of course, the development of world history is impossible without some radical changes and improvements, still, the changes which had to be experienced by this woman seemed to be a bit cruel and hard to live with. “When the Great War broke out, it came to me not as a superlative tragedy, but as an interruption of the most exasperating kind to my personal plans” (Brittain 68). This work shows how unfair the destiny was to this woman: her lover and brother were killed in action, and she had to take care of other soldiers who were in need as she joined the VAD and helped voluntary other nurses. The conditions under which she had to live were new and hard to comprehend (Brittan 67). Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The events which happened to her changed her life radically, and she could do nothing but live with her heart “sinking in a sudden cold dismay” (Brittain 115). The aftermath of the war promoted numerous cultural and social changes (Strayer 985), still, these changed could hardly make people happier. Multiculturalism as a hedge that prevented Ahmed’s success. Though the idea of cultural discrimination emerged during the World War I (Ahmed 248), the writing by Leila Ahmed helped to understand that it was not the only one problem for the representatives of different majorities. The author tries to hide her roots and her nationality in order not to provide people with another opportunity to react in a negative way, to suspect, or to spit at her. Though women had the rights to vote and to make choices independently after the war (Strayer 985), Arabic women were deprived of such chance and had to prove their right to survive in this world. This is why it is not a surprise to define anger as the “key emotion” of a person who is identified as an Arab (Ahmed 270). Human prejudice is a terrible weapon: it is impossible to destroy it without certain efforts and it is difficult to convince people reject its usage. In spite of the fact that people try to support the idea of development and overcome misunderstandings and failures, they are week to neglect the words which carry “entire histories” (Ahmed 266) and achieve the desirable success. Powerful still too prejudiced ideas offered by Ahmed discover another side of human history and human uncertainty. Family relations and success in the political sphere demonstrated by Pandit. One of the most important things in life is a successful development of relations in family. If a person is lucky enough to have a strong family where each member is going to support and protect, it seems to be easier to overcome all challenges around. In her work, Pandit defines her family as “a form of social security and insurance and no one was abandoned” (440). A proper union of the family is a human side and a source of courage that helps to cope with any social barrier. In this work, it is possible to observe the missions which had to be complete by each person to support the idea of improvement. Police, for example, may enter the house and take anything in case a person could not pay for living (Pandit 451) and the boycott movements raised in numbers where women were used as the main sources of persuasion (Pandit 452). In fact, Indian style of life is not easy to comprehend due to constant measurement of autonomy and human rights (Strayer 634), still, modern world history would be incomplete if this side of life was omitted. We will write a custom Essay on Women’s Participation in World’s Development: Importance of Understanding specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Jesus’ attempt to improve the political aspect of human life. Ideas offered by Carolina Maria de Jesus are probably the brightest and the most captivating among the rest as she tried to evaluate the conditions of the political field being a simple peasant who lived in slums. It was not another opportunity to cry about personal discontents; it was an attempt to “treat people… with more consideration” (Jesus 39). Human development is based on the desire to improve living conditions, provide more opportunities, and assist poor people in emergency cases. However, the point raised by the author is politicians’ inability to realize the essence of problems as they do not have access to them: “people do not tolerate hunger. It’s necessary to know hunger to know how to describe it” (Jesus 39). She was not afraid to tell the truth as she had nothing to lose. She could not support the idea of development because there was no leader who knew his people good enough to understand their needs (Jesus 49). Fair evaluation of the events helped her describe the world from the inside, define the worst aspects that prevented the desirable success, and contribute the history in a good way. Common threats under different backgrounds of the authors. It is necessary to admit that all four authors introduce rather interesting images of society and its abilities to improve the life. Each author has her own social status and may declare personal ideas with a certain attitude, still, it is not easy for all of them to be heard. All of them have a common desire to help other people realize their weakness and shortages to be ready to take steps and look at the world from another perspective. Their backgrounds and relations could not prevent them from dangers created by society, still, their self-confidence and passion made their recognizable by the readers and respected by the world. Conclusion In general, all four writers share their own ideas on how it is possible to change the world and how it is necessary to treat to the idea of development. Leila Ahmed, Carolina Maria de Jesus, Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit, and Vera Brittain are the women whose actions were observed by many people. They were not afraid to say a word and protect their rights; they were courage enough to admit their pain and fear; they were smart enough to give strong argumentation before offer something. Their works turn out to be captivating sources of information about life, development, and history the evaluation of which should help to improve the present and the future of any nation without taking into consideration the inequalities existed. Works Cited Ahmed, Leila. “On becoming an Arab.” A Border passage. New York: Farrar, Straus,
Reflective Paper. Paper details Now you have completed your research on Mental Health: A Global Problem Following A Global Pandemic, and you have taught your coworkers or other health care providers. It is now time to reflect on what you have learned. I want you to write a 2-3 page paper in APA format reflecting on what you have learned during this module. My audience will be 1.) A retired bank teller 2.)RN 3.) Retired airforce instructor 4) Children’s mental health therapist 5.)Daycare teacherReflective Paper
HS 415 Purdue University Obesity Among Massachusetts Children in US Paper.

Instructions:Case studies provide valuable information regarding solutions to issues that might work in other communities facing the same problems. In the field of public health, we call this evidence-based practice.Imagine you are part of an advocacy group in your community that is addressing a specific environmental health issue, such as air pollution, childhood obesity, violence and injury, etc. Using a case study from the Unit 8 Case Studies folder in the Course Documents, create a community newsletter that includes the following: A brief summary of the environmental health problem that your advocacy group is attempting to address. Include evidence of why this is an issue in your community (statistics, research by local governmental and/or non-governmental agencies, information from news outlets, etc.).Describe the solution used in the case study you chose (implementation of new laws, regulations, policy and/or programs that could help address your chosen community health problem).Integrate the solution in the case study into a new law, regulation, policy and/or program that would address the problem in your community.Discuss why the evidence-based solution you chose is right for your community.ReferencesThe newsletter needs to include at least three (3) references, which may include the assigned reading material for Unit 8. Submitting your AssignmentYour newsletter must be submitted in a Microsoft® Word® file. Save the newsletter with the proper naming convention, using the last name listed in the grade book: lastname_HS415_Unit8.docxSubmit your file to the Unit 8 Assignment 1 Dropbox.To view your graded work, come back to the Dropbox or go to the Grades tab after your instructor has evaluated it. Make sure that you save a copy of your submitted newsletter.
HS 415 Purdue University Obesity Among Massachusetts Children in US Paper

Artists’ Legal Advice Services Definition Report (Assessment)

Like any other worker, artists require the support from communities as well as organizations that will give them some advice or even help financially. For this assignment, it was chosen to discuss Artists’ Legal Advice Services (ALAS), which is operated and managed by a team of volunteer law students and professional lawyers. The team members dedicate their time to offer advice to artists unable to pay for expensive consultations. The organization’s headquarters is located on 56 Wellesley Street West, Toronto, Ontario. ALAS has an official website that artists are encouraged to visit when seeking relevant information about the organization. The help of ALAS is imperative to creative individuals because it provides advice from experienced individuals in the fields of arts and entertainment. Fostering the environment of support and collaboration is the main goal of the organization, especially given the complex social climate, challenged by such issues as the rights of minorities, the pay gap, racial discrimination, and so on. Since artists tend to reflect the social climate in their works, supporting them from the legal standpoint is important not only to prevent the mistreatment on the part of businesses or communities but also to ensure that negative situations do not occur in the future. According to ALAS’ website, artists can schedule appointments with the legal team. They usually take around thirty minutes, during which a lawyer will listen to the concerns of the client and provide summary advice or overall guidance targeted at solving any legal problems. It is imperative to mention that all consultations are free and artists are not forced to pay anything. However, there is a recommended donation of $20, which ALAS clients can make either in person or via PayPal. Through the use of the organization’s website, artists can fill in the form to schedule an appointment with a lawyer. The contribution of ALAS should not be overlooked because artists’ unions are imperative for strengthening the side of labor and culturally empowering workers to enhance their work (D’Arcy, 1994). As mentioned in the article “When artists meet unions,” there is a need for collaborative effort between artists and unions: “artists must depict union life with respect and accuracy, and unionists need to learn to listen to artists and to negotiate clearly the terms of alliance” (D’Arcy, 1994, p. 21). ALAS has shown to foster collaboration with artists through holding events during which artists share their experiences and ask for the advice of the organization’s team. For instance, on January 30, 2018, ALAS held a “Music roundtable” that discussed the issues emerging performing artists when trying to engage in professional business (ALAS, 2018). Law advice was provided by Paul Sanderson from Sanderson Law, information on publishing and booking was offered by Adrian Battiston and Stefanie Purificati, while label advice was given by Laura Cappe from Royal Mountain Records. To conclude, ALAS is an organization that provides legal support to creative individuals and offers artists an opportunity to resolve their problems. The fact that it works on a charitable basis is important to note because too many artists live on the poverty line, struggling to sustain their living. Being well-informed regarding issues of law is a weapon that any artist can use to his or her advantage, especially when it comes to avoiding challenging issues such as copyrights and intellectual property. References ALAS. (2018). Upcoming events. Web. D’Arcy, M. (1994). When artists meet unions. Our Times, 1994, 19-22. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More

writing-Conflict Summary Brief

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n the Conflict Summary assignment, you will demonstrate that you understand your conflict case by
summarizing some key details about it. The assignment’s purpose is to prepare you for your policy brief
by equipping you with necessary background information about your conflict and by helping you explore
potential avenues for resolution.
In the assignment, you should briefly (900-1200 words) describe the following features of your conflict

How did the conflict begin? What caused the conflict? How do the conflict’s causes contribute to
its intractability?

How did the conflict escalate? Describe how and why the conflict escalated beyond its latent

What is the current status of the conflict? If your conflict is de-escalating, in what stage of de-
escalation is it?

Describe some attempts to resolve the conflict. What are some key impediments to conflict
Important Keys to Success:
Research. Research. Research.
The first step to writing your paper is to research your conflict
case. Please pay careful attention to the information offered in class on Friday, 1/17 about how
to research your conflict case. You will need to synthesize information across at least 3 different
sources, and be mindful of implicit biases across sources. You should aim to present an impartial
summary of the conflict. Please use APA citation style (covered in class on Friday, 1/24).
Write concisely.
The summary is brief, and as such, you should be judicious in summarizing only
the most pertinent information about your conflict case. It is not necessary to cite material from
the Beyond Intractability Essays, but you may draw on the Beyond Intractability readings if they
help you describe key details about your conflict case.
Maintain a coherent paragraph structure.
It is not necessary to address each of the above
questions in order. Rather, you should respond to the questions in a way that allows for a
logical, cohesive, and coherent flow across your paragraphs. Do NOT simply copy and paste the
questions and provide your responses below.
Leave ample time for revisions.
You will be evaluated on the quality of your writing.
Submit only your OWN writing.
Do not consult tutors beyond those available through the
University (eg, LARC, Writing Center, etc.). Additionally, your papers will be subject to an
originality check via
My case is Abkhazia-Georgia.
writing-Conflict Summary Brief

BLS 111 SUNY at Binghamton Legal Environment of Management Discussion

BLS 111 SUNY at Binghamton Legal Environment of Management Discussion.

Adam entered the Pizza Shop and noticed his friend Beulah was sitting at the backtable. Beulah ordered and had received a large Perreroni Pizza. Adam went to the backtable where Beulah was sitting. Adam rubbed Beulah’s arm and then reached down andgrabbed a chunk of pepperoni from the pizza. Adam put the chunk of pepperoni on theshoulder of BillyBob, who was sitting at the table next to Beulah. BillyBob did not noticethis occurance and continued to “feed” the jukebox in his never ending quest to hearevery recording ever made by the world famous country band “Zoya Blackbeard and theBarnyard Follies”.BillyBob’s friend Bozo noticed the “pepperoni chunk” incident. Bozo was angry. Bozothrew an empty bottle of Coors Light Beer at Adam. Adam noticed the approachingbottle and ducked. The propelled bottle continued to fly until it hit Patsy Cline, a dancerin the Pizza Shop. The neck of the beer bottle stuck in Patsy Cline’s ear. Patsy reactedby pulling the bottle out of her ear. The bottle broke, half remaining in Patsy’s ear andthe other half landed on Clyde’s Pork and Eggplant Submarine Sandwich, a popularsandwich on the Pizza Shop menu.Clyde yelled, “Who is responsible for this unwarranted invasion of my SubmarineSandwich?” The bartender informed Clyde that Adam started the whole mess. Clydethen said, “Adam you are a mental lightweight – a complete loser – a disgrace tosociety.”Adam spit at Clyde. Clyde ducked and the spit hit the bartender’s dog Goober.Discuss the Torts.
BLS 111 SUNY at Binghamton Legal Environment of Management Discussion

SPSS Political Science, assignment help

SPSS Political Science, assignment help.

Propose a hypothesis suggesting how males and females might differ in their ideology.Typed evaluation of the results telling me what the data say about the relationship??Just need to answer this two based on this chart. Right now please. Ideology * Gender Crosstabulation Gender Total Male Female Ideology Lib Count 858 1026 1884 % within Gender 30.9% 34.3% 32.6% Mod Count 485 626 1111 % within Gender 17.4% 20.9% 19.3% Cons Count 1437 1339 2776 % within Gender 51.7% 44.8% 48.1% Total Count 2780 2991 5771 % within Gender 100.0% 100.0% 100.0%
SPSS Political Science, assignment help

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