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Women played a vital role during World War II. Almost overnight, the war effort In America hit full blast, but most of the men were drafted to the army or navy. The women stepped up to take the place in work factories assembling planes, and, in some instances, training men to become pilots. This event opened the doors to women’s role in the workforce we know today. Brio Davidson English 101 America Goes to War After Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, America officially declared war and became part of the Second World War.

As Admiral Usurious Hampton, the man who planned and led the attack, said, “I’m afraid we have awakened a sleeping giant” (Marcus, 2006). Almost overnight the work force in America changed drastically. Men were called away to war, and women were called away to work In manufacturing factories. Women Working? Now, women had been working before World War II, but this era marked a significant change In the number of women entering the work force. Some women disapproved of this new change. Gene Smith, a citizen of Southeast Idaho, said, “Too many of them, f course, had to go to work because there was not enough men.

I would have hated to have gone in like that and work side by side by men” (Hunkers, 2005). However, most women loved the opportunity to serve their country in a greater capacity. Soldiers at Home Balance Edwardian plunged into the war effort. “They came through our high school and offered the girls in there, that [after] training, they could become pilots and ferry these bombers over to England. ” She said this opportunity was “the one thing [that] probably would have changed my whole life.

Eiderdown’s parent’s had another Idea In mind, though, and she decided to sign up to be a nurse because It was the closest thing to college shed be able to do (Kay, 2005). My great aunt Stella had the opportunity to work training pilots during the war, and my grandma Lucille Davidson worked in a factory making bullet casings for soldiers’ guns. Women assembled planes and parachutes while still raising families. Even though it was still considered unusual for women to be working in “men’s” Jobs, they were proud of their work, and what they were creating. The Legacy of World War II

During the war, the women enjoyed being an active part of the war effort. Alice Hale, an adventurous girl from Utah, said, miss, I was proud to be working… ‘ felt like I was doing a service” (Eminent, 2005). Woven Scott agreed, “The years that I spent in the service of my country were a special and rewarding experience. ” What these women earned, they earned themselves. Scott said, noon went Into the service and you could be the type of person you wanted to be” (Elgin, 2005). Since so many women worked during World War II, they realized they could do the same work the men were doing.

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