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The ongoing debate about how women prisoners ought to be treated relative to their male counterparts will be a failure if it does not lead us to reconsider the predicates of the largely ineffective correctional system now in operation … working through the problems of gender in the correctional system represents a terrific opportunity to rethink global correctional objectives, assess the utility of the approaches that have been tried, and refresh our thinking about what is likely to prove useful in the future

With regard to the quote, it is evidently clear with the way correctional facilities function these days, that they do need an overhaul. It is also evident that the system does very little to correct the behavior of the criminals that walk in, and are later let out early for good behavior. The system is ineffective; as the prisoners that serve time, do not reform to the ideal behavior that governs the world. It is not correct to assume that women can be treated the same way as men; simply because both man and woman were created differently.

In this context, the correctional facilities cannot be similar in nature; as men and women have various requirements that cannot be considered unisex. The notion of men and women should be treated equally applies; but it does not apply in every given scenario. With that said this should be a loophole that should incur the need for a full review of the correctional systems that are used worldwide. In the light of the issue of women needing to have different correctional facilities, the issue should be used to illustrate the flaws that currently exist in the correctional facilities.

In majority of the cells, prisoners have general access to several luxuries such as cigarettes; in a correctional facility, the objective should be to correct the behavior of an inmate; so that they may fit into society upon their return into the world outside the jail cells. But with the availability of access to luxuries in the cells; the prisoners do not learn anything of substance that will aid their rehabilitation to return into society. Correctional facilities also facilitate the killings and murders of fellow prisoners; this can be attributed to the lack of remorse from the jail police; who have a disregard for the inmates.

They feel that they are better off dead than alive to reduce their work load; and make their lives easier. With such a perception; inmates can still continue to be criminals; therefore the correctional facility acts as a training center where some of the inmates can kill other inmates. A major problem is the increase in the number of inmates in the correctional facilities. There is an increase in the number of inmates that are being put into correctional facilities; resulting in overcrowding.

The correctional facilities are being stretched due to the limited resources and a lack of the necessary facilities to accommodate the increasing number of inmates. In some cases, some of the correctional facilities are very outdated and lack any technological advancement. With the correctional facilities being out of date, they provide the perfect opportunity for the inmates to escape back into society. Therefore, becoming a threat to society; in this case one can say that correctional facilities assist in endangering society; indirectly.

There is therefore a need for a restructuring of old facilities to become more technologically advanced; so as to reduce the level of prisoner escapes and becoming a threat to society (Corrections Corporation of America). Old correctional facilities can either be modified, or construct new ones and fore go the old facilities There are certain approaches by correctional facilities, which are of great benefit to the prisoners. In some facilities, there are libraries. With the availability of a library, inmates can improve their knowledge and even become educated.

As some of the inmates lack the high level of education, that can assist in getting a job and abstain from crime. With the use of a library, the correctional facilities can enhance the inmates’ knowledge and even help them learn how to survive without crime. Correctional facilities also provide practical facilities that can assist them in learning skills that they can use in life outside the facility (Durham 34). In some correctional facilities, they provide workshops for inmates to construct items that can be practical in daily use; such as creating a table.

For the inmates that are released back into society, they can use such carpentry skills to make a living and avoid a life of crime However, with the current objectives of the correctional facilities it is evident that not all of their approaches are effective. They managed to curb the behavior of some of the prisoners and are therefore left out into society; but there is no guarantee that the prisoner’s time in jail will modify his behavior to adhere to the laws of a country.

Therefore, there is no way of determining if the correctional facilities are of any benefit in ‘correcting’ the behavior of the prisoners. With some of the correctional facilities also provide the facilities that can modify and educate prisoners; but the prisoners can use the facilities to modify their knowledge of how to become better thieves; and avoid being caught. Therefore the facilities can be used to improve the negative aspects of the prisoners (Strupp).

It is with that the correctional facilities should be wary of the information they provide to the inmates to enhance their knowledge; because, they may learn how to become better criminals rather than better people in society. New approaches are being used in the aim of modifying the correctional facilities. The aim is to improve the current problems explained in the essay (Vitiello). The problems are becoming a major concern in the effectiveness on the correctional facilities. The government will need to create more prisons; to reduce the high levels of overcrowding in the current facilities.

It is an expensive endeavor and also not an immediate solution as it may take some time to complete. But with the assistance of other correctional facility companies, the government can get short-term and long term solutions to curb the crisis that are arising from the current number of correctional facilities. Correctional facilities are looking into partnering with private companies; in the aim of getting assistance in managing and controlling their facilities; and being more effective. The partnership serves for both long-term and short-term basis.

The aim being to get assistance with a variety of flexible, cost effective ways that can utilize the public’s tax dollars, including to: •Design, finance, build, manage and operate new correctional facilities that are for long-term use. •Manage and operate current government-owned correctional facilities; such as jail, prisons and detention facilities. •Expansion of a current correctional facility so as to accommodate extra inmates; so as to provide a solution to the overcrowding and increase in the inmates in the facilities. Provide the transition of inmates into a new facility; which may be located an hour away from several major cities. •Dealing with inmates in the case of transferring them to a new facility; so as to reduce overcrowding and provide a temporary solution prior to the state formulating strategic correction facility plans. •Providing an emergency or temporary housing at any correctional facility in the case of an emergency; such as a natural disaster, or in the case of constructing a new facility. Works Cited Corrections Corporation of America.

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Each student is required to write a six (6) to eight (8) page paper (not including the title page, abstract, and references) on a topic of your choice in the discipline of system safety application. Your research must show how System Safety Concepts are being applied or could be applied, to an existing system that was introduced after an accident occurred. As an example, the Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS) was developed because pilots were flying aircraft into terrain due to loss of situational awareness, not mechanical problems. Throughout the course, we will be discussing the use of System Safety Management techniques in aviation and non-aviation settings. Your topic should be specifically on aircraft systems in real-world situations that were introduced based on accidents. Your topic may be on any system from real-world situations that were introduced based on/following accidents.
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Here is my topic
My topic is real time global flight tracking. Passenger and commercial airliners are currently tracked using ground-based radar and ADS-B receivers,
which allow aircraft to broadcast their positions in precise intervals to ground-based radar, but not in real time. Ground radar is limited and can’t track airplanes over oceans or remote areas. To accommodate for the lack of coverage and ensure safety, pilots follow a system of routes that keep aircraft about 80 to 100 miles apart and are required to travel at exact speeds and altitudes, increasing fuel costs and restricting more direct routes (Levinson, 2019). Companies such as Aireon were able to solve that issue by shifting the ADS-B system from ground-radar sites to satellites, which were launched into space. These satellites use GPS and cover the entire globe. They are able to get flight data from anywhere, to anywhere in real-time. The new global tracking system works with all aircraft that currently have an ADS-B system, making the switch in systems affordable. This technology could have been critical in the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia flight 370, which went missing over the Indian Ocean en route from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Beijing on March 8, 2014 (Wrigley, 2014). This new technology may be the solution to preventing another aircraft disappearance from ever happening again.
Aireon is a Virginia-based global satellite tracking company that unveiled a fully operational global GPS flight tracking system that increases coverage from 30% to 100%. The system will allow for real-time tracking updates to some of the most remote places on the globe. The system is now live in Canada and the UK to manage air traffic across the North Atlantic. Space-based tracking also saves time, money and cuts pollution (Patterson, 2019). The search for Malaysia Airlines flight 370 went on for four years and was the costliest in history. Teams scoured through 710,000 square kilometers of the Indian Ocean but it’s still unclear what happened to the plane. Investigators did find that the aircraft’s automated data system and transponder were shut off sometime during the flight, which prevented the aircraft from sending its location to ground crews. That information would have been critical to narrowing the search radius for the airliner. With the new global tracking technology, the airlines and administrative authorities would have up-to-the-minute flight tracking abilities and should be able to detect where a plane goes down and then send search-and-rescue crews out faster.
Levinson, J. (2019, April 2). New global flight-tracking system could prevent another MH370 disappearance mystery. Retrieved January 30, 2022, from mh370-disappearance-mystery/story?id=62118150 (Links to an external site.)Patterson, T. (2019, March 9). Five years later, MH370 is changing how we fly. Retrieved January 30, 2022, from (Links to an external site.) flight-370-space-based-global-tracking/index.html (Links to an external site.)
The Mystery of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. (2014). (n.p.): Sylvia Wrigley.