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Other hand, it has been observed that women are found to be less literate than men, According to 2001 census, rate of literacy among men in India is found to be 76% whereas it is only 54% among women.

Thus, increasing education among women is of very important in empowering them. It has also noticed that some of women are too weak to work. They consume less food but work more. Therefore, from the health point of view, women folk who are to be weaker are to be made stronger. Another problems Is that workplace harassment of women. There are so many cases of rape, kidnapping of girl, dowry harassment, and so on.For these reasons, they require empowerment of all kinds In order to protect themselves and to secure their dignity Women safety is a primary concern.

As we know women are volunteered In all walks of life – Discrimination as girls, Abuse As Adolescents, Harassment and Molestation at Work & Public Places, Domestic Abuse at Home and more In this contemporary world, women need to gain the same amount of power that men have. Now, it is time to forget that men are the only holders of power. In India, women are still facing deferent obstacles in male-dominated cultures.The things are related to women’s status and their future. I believe that Indian women are slowly getting empowerment In the sectors like education, politics, the work force and even more power within their own households. The worth of civilization can be arbitrated by the place given to women in the society. We have come across a more image of gender differences.

Each year, we notice that the headline as “Girls outshine boys” in CBS, ICES and State Board results as well. It arrests us showing that girls are now more confident of getting better-paid professional jobs than their drooping male counterparts.This achievement of girls is an absolute reversal of what would have been expected a generation ago. This is likely to guide to higher-income jobs. When a woman can plan her family, she can plan the rest of her life. When she Is healthy, she can be more productive. And when her reproductive rights -? Including the right to decide the number, timing and spacing of her children, and to make decisions grading reproduction free of discrimination, coercion and violence -? are promoted and protected, she has freedom to participate more fully and equally In society.

Gender equality implies a society In which women and men enjoy the same opportunities, outcomes, rights and duties in all spheres of life But, an upsetting place still remains for Indian women is the negative sexual attention that women Women. Nearly 10 million baby girls have been killed in the last twenty years alone. Clearly, safety is an obsolete word in today’s India. It is the duty of law enforcement agencies to prevent crimes against women but they fail to solve this scourge alone.People must come forward to help in rooting out such social evils. Law enforcing agencies cannot work alone. When the people are dynamic in their drive against crimes, the police cannot remain a mute spectator though they are supposed to be the protectors of citizens.

Youth should be motivated to be socially responsible and protect women. This is the need of the hour. Everyone must think of changing society. If we all stay by the rules, women in our cities will assuredly be safer. I do hind that women should also be in place of man in today’s society.

Multimedia slide presentation

Multimedia slide presentation.

This week you will build a multimedia slide presentation of your navigation plans with the critical moral vision our various authors and faiths call us to consider. Slides will include text and images, and you will narrate your presentation with the use of a voice-over screencast. Because we are have different passions, gifts and professional aspirations, each of our paths will be unique moral responses to the various needs of our larger human family, today and for the years to come, whose survival has been threatened by global warming. In preparation: By Monday, do one more web quest for innovative projects or business models within the context of your hopeful profession to join the revolution for a sustainable, equitable world. Within an hour or so I found green innovations in, architecture, clean energy, urban farms, nursing, international law, and high school curriculum development. The think tank is enormous and growing daily (Some of my favorite sites are now feeding me weekly updates of ongoing professional inspiration. A nice change from newspapers alone). a. By way of introduction it would be helpful to provide context to this three-part mission statement with a declaration of personal belief that summarizes your moral point of view at the end of this course (I believe — about the state of our planetary home, and that it is my moral obligation to live more sustainably because…..). For example, McKibben’s point of view is both scientific and utilitarian – As journalist he has researched boatloads of information about climate change and its economic causes. As a utilitarian ethicist he would say time has run out for multiple options, and among our choices now there are extreme costs to weigh between maintaining our growth trajectories or downshifting fast. Moe-Lobeda’s point of view is much more theological. She also sees the connections between economics and ecological degradation, but for her the outrageous injustice to the voiceless throngs in the southern hemisphere and our moral complicity with it makes changing this her essential act of Christian Love and Kingdom building. Lets let this be your opening slide (or two), and you can choose the sequence thereafter. b. Personal plans. What are your hopes to transform your personal lifestyle? This could include ideas for simplification, fair trade shopping, less driving and more bus, light rail or biking, eating differently, or planting some vegetables with neighbors in an urban garden. Naturally, many of you already do such things. Highlight new ideas you hope to incorporate. Credit the source if one of our authors or the mitigation group in the IPCC gave you the idea, for example. Will these changes benefit you? Anyone else? How so? c. Policy engagement. What might be your pet public policy issue? Of all the dynamics you’ve seen exposed that endangers human and planetary well-being, which is most impressive and motivating to you? Which author or documentary called this to your attention? Why this one, among others? Here you explain why this one policy can influence so many areas of human and planetary well-being. What kinds of things can you see yourself doing on behalf of this issue? Who will benefit from this work? Will you as well? d. Professional aspirations. How can you bring this moral vision to your career? What are some of the most exciting innovations in your field that respond to our changing climate and at risk populations? What core business values or actual professional projects did you find that you would like to be a part of? Again, who benefits? Will you?

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