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Critical thinking and writing. Essay # 4. Truth: Women are better drivers. Women have the reputation of being worse drivers than men. Some say that women’s driving is linked to their hormones, or they look too much in the mirror, or that they put make up while driving. Others believe that women are bad drivers because they text at the same time as driving, or they think too much about everything and cannot focus on driving, or simply because men are considered superior beings.

However this reputation based on stereotypes, where men can do everything better than women, yet based upon statistics released show that women drive better than men. Researchers from the Social Issue Researcher Center released a study on male and female driving differences, reports show in conclusion that: “In all studies and analyzes, without exception, men have been shown to have a higher rate of crashes than women” (www. sirc. org). Men are more aggressive when it comes to driving, researchers explain.

Reports show that men drive faster than women, and men are more likely to break traffic laws that are designed to make the road safer and driving easier for everyone. Therefore, men are causing twice as many fatal accidents than women. According to the same study, in the U. S. , 78 percent of road fatalities were caused by men; a figure that has remained constant since 1975. Researchers agree that men, especially younger men, have the tendency to drive more aggressively than women because males tend to be more of risk takers.

Such behavior can be explained by the facts that males drive twice as much as women, and as a result, men think that they have more expertise than women. Consequently, because men drive more they feel confident about being better driver than women. But even if men drive twice as much as women, and driving hours are factored in, men still cause more fatal accidents than women. According to Anne McCartt, from the institute’s senior vice president of research, accidents in which someone dies are more likely cause by men. www. sirc. org) Reckless driving is a major traffic violation since the driver disregard traffic laws and drives carelessly. Reckless driving is usually punished by fines, jail time, and/or license suspension. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, men are cited for reckless driving 50 percent more times the women. As a matter of fact, men score at least 50 percent higher than women in violations such as: DUI, speeding, seatbelt violation, stop signs/signal violations. www. iihs. org), (www. sirc. org) Violations for which men scored at least 50 percent higher than women: TYPE OF VIOLATIONRATIO M:F Reckless driving3. 41 DUI3. 09 Seatbelt violations3. 08 Speeding1. 75 Failure to yield1. 54 Stop sign/signal violation1. 53 (www. iihs. org) Works cited “Traffic Violation by Gender ratio. ” iihs. org. Driving Citations, n. p. “Male and Female driving differences. ” Sirc. org. Gender variations, n. p. August. 2004.

Security & Risk Management;shoplifters

Security & Risk Management;shoplifters.

This assignment requires that you select a paper of your choice from the online Security Journal (which is provided for you as part of your course materials). You should critically read the paper and produce a review of 2000 words (excluding bibliography) in which the following is covered:

1. Briefly outline the historical development of critical thinking and evaluate its importance for security/crime research. Give examples, where possible, using your chosen article.
2. Critically analyse the article, explain its purpose and interpret and evaluate the arguments made. Is the article well-constructed and does it achieve its aim?

‘Thinking thief’ in the crime prevention arms race: Lessons learned from shoplifters (attached).

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