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The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power. You just take it. This quote tells that women power are not given there should take it and that is possible if you are well educated and have peoples support. Political power a person In authority gains the right to Influence and pressurize the official policy that can serve his interest well. The least important component of power is money “money can buy you everything in this world but it can never buy you happiness”. The second least important component is population “more people more vote”. The most

Important component Is education “being from a mothers worm and ends in the graveyard”. “Consequently money Is the most Important component of political power. ” Money can buy anything but happiness this mean all over the world, life satisfaction rises with income, but income is not necessarily highly correlated with positive feelings and enjoying yourself. Political power can be also gained without the use of money. In the rebellious, pleasure- loving atmosphere of the twenties, many women began to assert their independence, reject the value of the 1 9th century, and demand the same freedom as men.

They had got there right to vote and helped in World War 1 now they want equal rights as males by the asses the experience of world war 1, the pull of cycles and changing attitudes had opened up a new world for many young American. Before all this changes came up women role was to stay home does the house whole work like cooking, cleaning and having children. Flapper in the asses is a term applied to a “new breed” of young Western women who wore short skirts, bobbed their hair, listened to Jazz, and flaunted their disdain for what was then considered acceptable behavior.

Flappers were seen as rash for wearing excessive makeup, drinking, treating sex in a casual manner, smoking, driving automobiles and otherwise flouting social and sexual norms. This cause people a lot of money they spend the money Just In order to buy clothes that were In fashion. In the asses, a lot of clothing was still made at home or by tailors and dressmakers. The brand-name, ready-to-wear industry didn’t really exist until the asses, however some ready-made clothing was available from department stores and mall-order catalogs. Several magazines devoted to sewing were sources for patterns, transfers and applique©s by mall.

However, Improved production methods enabled manufacturers to easily produce clothing affordable to working families. Because of this, the average person’s fashion sense became more sophisticated. Women old roles at home and at work women being to get into work force when men were off at war women being to take place of men in the work force women stepped in the industrial this bought a lot of money for the economy but soon after men’s came back from war women were mostly replaced. People/ women being to work overtime and hard in order to feed their family.

There for children being to get in to ere pressure and spend more time with the friend’s then family which sometimes cause Into family breakdown. As a result money Is the least Important of the three components of political power. The government was getting money in order to spend 1 OFF fund camping and many other ways money were used but without education this people [women would not be able to get the Job and earn money that are used to get the political right. As a result, money is the least important of the three components of political power.

Population the more people there are then there will be more vote in order to win something. Women know they will not be able to gain their political rights Just if two people fight so they got all the women on one side to get the vote. African American being to take leadership roles: Roosevelt appointed more than 100 African Americans a position in the government this goes with a question because African American were getting their way to the government and a right to vote. The new deal gave important opportunity for minorities and women.

Women make the mark the most notable change was the naming of several women to important government position. Frances perking became Americans first female cabinet member. Perking was the first women who created the social security system and labor legislation. Women were continued facing discrimination at workplace from men at times men were Just used to heir. This affected the population because many women were not hired. Women helped in many ways they were making weapons and sending them to the war field. Women were also making bombs and doing work that no one would have ever women will be able to do.

Women were also part of expanding the military the army chief General George Marshall formation a women’s auxiliary army corps WAC this formed women to be activity in helping men ho were at war by being nurse, operators an electricians. This helped to expand the use arm force during World War II by taking place of men. Young and old men joined the military due to so many men’s going on the war women did take their place in the work filed by the time men came back women were already getting used to their new life that was when they decided to get together I order to get there Job and be bayed as equal as men are being.

Women being to change there though towards having Child’s that was a factor that told the population down but if there are fewer children born then there will be less people to support to get the vote. If the women would not have changed in a great amount then there would be still being house work and giving birth and would never be able to know there inner strength. Therefore, population is the least important of the three components of political Education being form the mothers worm to the grave yard a child learn power. Hen there are even in the worm there are able to hear from their mother ear and there what’s happening outside and a person keeps on learning form there day to day work and their mistakes tell that person is died. Education is the many factor that has helped women get there political rights. World War one played a significant part in developing women’s political rights – so it is frequently assumed. However, World War One may well have stymied the drive by women to gain political rights or its part may have been overstated.

On June 19th 1917, the House of Commons voted by 385 to 55 to accept the Representation of the People Bill’s women’s suffrage clause. Suffragists were astonished by the margin of support given to them by the still all-male Commons. There had been no guarantee that the bill would be passed, as government whips were not used in the vote It is generally assumed that the House of Commons was in favor of supporting the bill, as they were very appreciative the war was vital but its importance to the passing of the bill may have been overstated.

As time women started to get educated this bought them to a point where they all their rights as a women not Just to be home and take care of the child but they also have a life outside the house. All the changes , the flappers , the women shed , changing family , new deal, expanding military and the labor contribution came to a point only because they were educated. Without education a person Anton get a Job or even run their house education is a very important factor in the political power because without education there will be no money and no political view would not be created.

The entire example helped me decide that money is the most important component of political right because in all the explain money is need to get the political right. Consequently money is the most important component of the political power. The entire three components are very important in order to get women their political right. Women have gone through changes that that would not have taken place if women were not educated and known about them.

Money contain the most political power because education create a path to again the political right and earn money to support they family and to gain political right. If there is no political power in the world they with be no law and order and the world will be all massed up. The best example in this easy was young women change roles because changes bought women to want their rights and equal power as men because these changes made them releases the important of freedom. Money was found to be the most important then money and population because without education nothing is possible.

Critical Reflection – Addictive Consumption

Critical Reflection – Addictive Consumption.

Assignment: Consumer Behavior Critical Reflection Write a critical reflection paper on a consumer behavior topic and show how the topic may lead to dark consumer behavior. • Write about – Addictive Consumption – from chapter 2 relating to the consumer research process that leads to dark consumer behavior. • Write a 2-page academic critical reflection on the topic. (Follow the Guide for Writing a Critical Reflection paper located below.) • Use a minimum of three (3) sources to support your presentation of the topic. • Make sure your paper is original and insightful, and that you use correct Standard English spelling and grammar. • Include an additional title page and reference page. • Use APA format and citation style for your paper (see “APA Style Central” in the Academic Tools area of the course). Access Anderson’s (n.d.) Guide for Writing a Critical Reflection Paper. See below

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