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Women and Financial Responsibilities rice supplement essay help help writing

A look at the changing financial responsibilities of women in this day and age.

The paper explores how the financial responsibilities of women have changed over the years. It looks at the factors responsible for these changes, namely the high incidence of divorce, current no fault divorce, and inadequate child support laws. It also looks at prudent educational and career choices for women of today.
“Today’s young women must be prepared to take on the traditionally male financial responsibilities of raising a family. The high incidence of divorce, current no fault divorce, and inadequate child support laws have resulted in an increasing number of young women assuming the position of sole breadwinner for their children. Prudent educational and career choices can help young women prepare for the very real possibility that they will assume sole financial support for their children. ”

“The Shabbat”– character analysis

“The Shabbat”– character analysis.

Description English 1302 Instructions for the Critical Essay Write a typed, double spaced critical essay of no fewer than 1000 words (about 3-4 double-spaced pages), in which you demonstrate how an author of one of the stories we studied develops a theme or a character. Discuss how the author uses literary devices and techniques to achieve this purpose (symbolism, irony, setting, characters, title, imagery, plot, etc.). You are to consult no secondary sources for this assignment. Essays that do not make the word count will not receive a passing score. If you choose a thematic analysis, you are to hypothesize about a possible theme in one of the stories, and show how the author develops it. If you choose a character analysis, you are to hypothesize about the motivations, type(flat, round, static, dynamic), and importance of one of the characters in one of the stories. Type your word count at the bottom of the last page. (1000 words are required for a passing score.) Submit your essay to SafeAssign on Blackboard. Include a MLA Works Cited page with documentation information for your primary source (the short story or story excerpt). Use present tense to discuss literary content…for this Critical A and Research Essay. This is important. Include MLA parenthetical citations in your essay when you quote from your story. -Ex. (Hawthorne 355). Use the author’s last name only the first time you quote from his/her story. Use a Times New Roman 12 point font, follow MLA line spacing, and margin requirements. Development Strategies: 4/10/2019 Writers Hub – Freelance Writing 4/18 -Each body paragraph should deal with a single supporting point to be illustrated with several specific examples (quoted lines, words, and/or passages) from the story. The supporting points must be chosen from the attached list, and they must be mentioned by name in the topic sentence of each body paragraph. Ex. One strategy Poe uses in developing his theme is symbolism. -After each example is given, explain its importance to your point and how it relates to your thesis. -Don’t assume that the reader will understand your points and examples without your explanations. -Use the present tense when describing events in the story. Ex. In “Young Goodman Brown,” Faith attends the satanic ritual. -Don’t simply summarize the story. This is not a book report. Discuss only those parts of the story that relate to your thesis, and show how they relate. Assume that your reader has read the story, and provide specific examples (quotes) to support your assertions. -Use only the third person point of view in your discussion. (no “I think,” “In my opinion,’ “When you read,” etc.) -Avoid the informal “you.” Be formal, natural, and clear in your writing style. -Avoid defining literary terms (symbolism, irony, foreshadowing, etc.). Simply discuss the terms as they appear in the story. Assume your reader knows what they mean. -Avoid the obvious. Suggesting that Emily in “A Rose for Emily” is crazy or that Elisa in “The Chrysanthemums” likes flowers is neither insightful nor meaningful. The questions are “Why?” and “To what end?” Be creative and original. “Tell me something I don’t know.” -Include a thesis statement as the last sentence of the introduction. Ex. (Thesis statement for a thematic analysis): In “Young Goodman Brown,” Nathaniel Hawthorne uses the symbols of the _______________, _____________, and ______________ to suggest that all people contain elements of both good and evil. Ex. (Thesis statement for a character analysis): In “Young Goodman Brown,” Nathaniel Hawthorne uses ____________, _____________, and _____________ to develop Goodman Brown as a dynamic character who is unable to accept the reality of sin in the lives of others and himself. Possible Topics for Critical Essay (KC) No more than 4 students can have the same short story. You will post your selection on Blackboard under Discussion at the Critical Analysis Essay thread. Click on create thread. Your name will automatically show up. All you will need to do is entitle your thread with the name of the short story that you want. Once you have made you selection, you may not go back into the thread and make a change. You should be able to see your peers’ choices and therefore know which stories are already taken. Blackboard Discussion threads will also record date and time so everyone will know when a particular short story is no longer available. Meaning once 4 students have already selected a particular story, it is no longer available. This should keep things fair and equitable. (The following are not thesis statements. They are questions to help you arrive at and develop your own thesis statement.) “The Cask of Amontillado” -How does Poe develop the theme that revenge may destroy the victim and the avenger? -How does Poe develop the theme that revenge can/can’t be achieved with impunity? -How does Poe develop the theme that pride is a destructive force? -How is Montresor developed as an insecure, round, and static character racked by guilt? -How is Montresor developed as a round and static character consumed by pride? -How is Fortunato developed as a round and static character whose vanity and pride causes his undoing? Throughout “A &P” -How is Sammy developed as a round, dynamic character who learns a truth about adulthood? -How does this story demonstrate the negative results of naïve thinking and acting? -How is Sammy developed as a round, dynamic character who learns to sympathize with others and realizes the sacrifices justice sometimes requires? -How is Sammy developed as a round, dynamic character who learns to view women as more than sex objects? -How is Sammy developed as a round but static character who deals with personal insecurities by objectifying others? “Story of an Hour” -How is Mrs. Mallard developed as a round, static character who feels trapped by life’s circumstances? -How are gender strategies at work in this story?

-How is Mrs. Mallard developed as a round, static character who feels oppressed because she is a female? -How does Chopin demonstrate the value of finding the paradox of life’s circumstances? -How does Chopin demonstrate the results of emotional and physical sterility in marriage?  “Wall of Fire Rising” -In “Wall of Fire Rising,” in what way is Lili’s son symbolically similar to the hot air balloon? What does each represent for Lili, for Guy? -What value does setting have for the central conflicts in “Wall of Fire Rising”? -What is the relationship of the couple and how does it affect the family as a unit? -Why does Danticat put so much emphasis on the idea that the son has been given the role of Boukman? “The Grasshopper and the Bell Cricket” -What might the grasshopper and the bell cricket each come to symbolize in the story? -Some critics of this story see the revelation of the theme(s) at play toward the end of the story. What might the theme(s) be? -How are the prevalence of images useful to the telling of the story? -How might the juxtaposed generations in the story support (or disconnect) to the message/theme presented? “Good People” -How does the author use a single episode to illustrate life choices? Think about direct and indirect characterization. -Examine the description of the setting and its subtle yet significant existence within the plot structure. How or do these situations give insight to something potentially powerful? -How is Lane developed as a character torn between his identity as a Christian and his identity as a young male? -Should readers consider gender differences as the characters approach the decision that is at hand? “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings” -In what genre might this work be classified? What are the conventions that support this classification? -How does the author incorporate religion (or religious beliefs) into the story? -How are the behaviors of the townspeople characterized (practical, simple, thoughtful, individualist, other)? – How do these characters effect how the way story is told? -Evaluate the setting and its contribution to the story. -Explore the descriptive language used by the writer and discuss.

“The Shabbat”– character analysis (chapters 1-4) Marjane is the youngest main character presented in the short story unit. How is her age significant? (Think about what she does as well as her influences.) How does the author present the protagonist? As these chapters are from a larger body of work (in graphic novel form), some analysis can be considered based on the visual images provided. What insights accompany the illustrations? “The Shabbat” – thematic analysis (chapters 1-4) Multiple thematic options seem to weave their way through the novel with some presenting themselves in this early chapter. Explore a particular theme (potential options are listed below) and synthesize literary elements to prepare an analysis of the chapter. • Religion • Death/Violence • Child-times/War-time

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