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A critique on the available community resources related to unwanted pregnancy Critique on availability of community resources (30) Provide a brief account of unwanted pregnancy and the educational talk/seminar conducted Clearly identify the available community resources related to the selected client [women’s group from a variety of sources Comprehensive analysis, synthesis and evaluate the availability of identified community resources (consider issues for client, family, society and nursing practice) 2.

A reflection on the unwanted pregnancy and identify the Oinsight that you have gained from the project experiences, and decide how such insight may enhance your clinical practices in the future, and to evaluate the effectiveness of the talk/seminar in term of whether the stated objectives are met and the strategies are clear and well-conducted.

Reflection (60) Comprehensive analysis of the situation of the identified client / women’s group Illustrate what you have gained in understanding the needs of the identified client/ omen’s group Critically analyse the strengths and limitations of the educational talk [seminar conducted Strengths: ”good communitcation with audience so to enhance their interest ”little words in ppt wif comprehensive explanation so not so confusing ”hv scary effect to make them understand the importance of family planning Limitations: ”not too comprehensive….. ike ways to contact different departments not provided ”shd also include male as audience as both of them hv to bear the responsibility in aking care of baby and to prevent unwanted pregnancy ”teach them more deeply like in ways of contraception as this is the main underlying reason causing the unintended pregnancy (like the usage of condom-O man also included as audience) ”bigger age group (ie from younger) coz younger age teenagers hv the ability of pregnancy already and more and more teenage pregnant nowadays.

And they may also face the same problem in the future Provide alternate possibilities that could be considered in helping the client/group n the future (role of communication (http://www. sciencedirect. com/science/article/ pii/S073839919800113X), information and knowledge, conselling) ”education: in class they should also learn this not only talks (eg liberal studies or gs) (http:// www. sciencedirect. om/science/article/pii/S0020729298001994) ”more advertisement ”pub: make posters or leaflets ”mass media: television shd not include premarry sex(band) Presentation (10) Clarity Organization Coherent arguments and provide support from sound evidence & literature Use of English Style of referencing Guidelines for Individual Portfolio Purpose The purpose of this assessment is to provide students with the opportunity to do personal reflection on a selected women’s health issue.

Instructions Each student needs to submit an individual portfolio of the selected presentation topic with word limit of 1200. The portfolio documents the students’ reflective thinking and learning that has taken place, and the feelings they have experienced in the entire process of the educational talk/seminar. Ђ Critical analyses of theoretical explanations in the portfolio are crucial. The portfolio consists of two components which include: Leatlets, pamphlets or 0th er materials ot the identit NOT required to submit.

General rules Deadline for submission. 7 December 2013 ed community resources are Five percent of the total score obtained from the assignment is deducted for assignment that is one day late. The penalty runs for a maximum of 5 working days. If an assignment is more than 5 days late, it will receive no marks but will be reviewed. Ђ Written report should be typed on A-4 size paper with double line spacing, 12 font size and single sided-page.

Referencing style should be referred to APA system (American Psychological Association). Please refer to the Departmental Guide for Written Assignments. Please refer to the assessment criteria and grading of the individual portfolio for more details.

Stockpiles for pandemic preparedness

Stockpiles for pandemic preparedness.

Students will examine a topic of strategic disaster health management and write a strategic report on the issue.

  • Stockpiles for pandemic preparedness

Include in your report the following:

  1. description of the topic and its elements and a discussion of why this topic is important to disaster management.
  2. Identification of key issues of concern in this topic and their significance.
  3. What would you recommend should be done to improve the management of this topic?
  4. What key leadership strategies would be required to make this happen?

This should incorporate conceptual frameworks and leadership principles and should include such data as is appropriate. It should be focused at a strategic level; seeking to identify how this issue could be attended to in your community. The brief should be precise and concise within the range of 1500 to 3000 words.

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