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WLAC What Do You Feel Confident that You Know About the Revision Process Essay

WLAC What Do You Feel Confident that You Know About the Revision Process Essay.

Some Things You May Want to Know About the MLA (but were afraid to ask)(not afraid, really, this is just a phrase.) (Do ask away in the Discussions, please!) So from now on I will be using MLA format for everything I write in college? Ah were it that easy! Sadly no. There are other well-know style formats:The American Psychological Association (APA)The Chicago Manual of Style (CMS)And even more. Social and Behavioral Sciences papers are written using APA Style (Links to an external site.). When I was a reporter I had to follow the Chicago Manual of Style (Links to an external site.). CMS is perhaps the most well known style outside of academia. The MLA format is ancient and never changes, right?It’s pretty old dating back to the 1800s. So you can guess that it has changed a bit with the times. We are now up to the 2016 8th iteration. There were pretty big changes to the 6th and 7th editions thanks to the internet and now it has become even a bit more simplified and sensible. Hey! The MLA Guide (Links to an external site.) is a book! Should I buy it? Nope! The MLA Handbook goes out of style and become obsolete. Also, it isn’t organized as intuitively as it could be. Some of the websites included in previous module sections describe the information more clearly. The MLA Handbook is commonly found in most libraries if you wish to take a look at it, but rest assured, the information is available on the internet. There are even websites that will create the citation for you: (Links to an external site.) EasyBib (Links to an external site.) Citation Machine (Links to an external site.) Cite This For Me Wow, I am learning so much here! This must be the best MLA Q+A ever! Far from it, dear student. The real FAQ is here and it is helpful! (Links to an external site.) Why don’t you just link us to the official MLA website for all of this information (Links to an external site.)? OK! (Links to an external site.) I’m so accustomed to going to other sites that I didn’t realize that the MLA spun off a free web guide. What a lovely discovery! I’m so glad you asked!After you read the module on revision, please describe how you have approached essay revision in the past and whether or not your approach was successful.What do you feel confident that you know about the revision process?What would you like to learn more about?As usual, responses are expected to be grammatically correct and organized into several paragraphs.
WLAC What Do You Feel Confident that You Know About the Revision Process Essay

ART 101 UCLA History of Prehistoric Mesopotamia And Ancient Egypt Art Timeline.

InstructionsCreate a timeline using 10 of these 27 artworks discussed in the Prehistoric, Mesopotamia, and Ancient Egypt Modules. The assignment helps us to visualize selected artworks from these periods in the order they occur in time and provides an opportunity to share insights on common or evolving themes across the artworks, cultures, and time. Timeline ExampleA timeline is a graphic representation of historical information in chronological order. Notice how this timeline starts with 250 BC (or BCE), then progresses to Year 0, then 250 AD (or CE) and on, in increments of 250 years.StepsChoose 10 artworks from the Midterm Project Artwork Collection Pool(DOC is down there). (All information related to these images is located in the readings, videos, and audio recordings in the Modules.) As you choose each one, articulate why you are making the choice. Ask yourself, “what is the historical importance of each one?” As you research, think about ways in which these paintings, sculptures, and architectural works are significant and relate to each other. Suggestion: Choose works from a broad range of time periods rather than those made over a narrow range of time.Like a mathematical number line, the timeline should contain a zero, the left side of year zero being BCE (or BC) and the right side of year zero being CE (or AD). Divide the timeline in increments (for example, 250 or 500 years) and position artworks and descriptive text in their appropriate place on the timeline. For a more detailed explanation of dates see the Page Common Questions about Dates(DOC is down there).Connect each one to the approximate correct date on the timeline with a leader line (Links to an external site.). The leader line should not cover the text. See example timelines link below.Include the following for each work on your timeline:A small image of each work (you can copy and paste from the Midterm Project Artwork Collection Pool)Title of workThe date that the work was created (not the date it is was discovered)The Dynasty or time period (for example: Paleolithic, Neolithic, Egyptian: Ptolemaic Dynasty) that produced the workReligion associated with the artworkMaterials used to make the workWhy the work was chosen, what is important about it?Submit a pdf to the Assignment by October 2 at 11:59pm. Save your submission in the following format: LastNameFirstInitial_Timeline.pdf In the Comments, include a phrase or title that sums up the theme of your timeline.Embed a good quality jpeg of the image in the Discussion: Share and Respond to Timeline Assignment by October 2 at 11:59 pm and check to see the link is working.After embedding your jpeg, view and respond to a minimum of 3 other student’s posts with a thoughtful response for each by Tuesday, October 6 at 11:59pm.How to make your timelineLook at the page Visual Examples of Student Timelines(DOC is down there). These timelines are reference points for how the timeline might look, although they are not the same time period.Create the timeline in a Google Doc: Tutorials for making timelines in Google Docs. (Links to an external site.)(This tutorial also contains links for other apps)Use a Microsoft Powerpoint Timeline Template to create the timeline. In Powerpoint, go to File > New From Template. Search on Timeline.One easy to use Web app called Canva (Links to an external site.)is great for creating Graphics. (THIS IS NOT required, just a suggestion.) These templates are often vertical.Use other software of your choice.Outcome of this projectWith your timeline, you or anyone reading it should be able to see:when a work was createdwhere it was createdwhat it looks likeand MOST importantly, the sequence in time that a work was created in relation to other works.For example: by looking at your timeline, can we tell if the Venus of Willendorf was created before or after the Great Pyramids of Giza? How much time exists between the works? When were other works of art produced in relation to these works (before, during, or after).Rubric for the timelineAssignment: 20 ptsDiscussion: Share and Responding to the Timelines: 10 ptTotal for Midterm: 30 pointsDownload the PDF of the assignment for reference offline as you work on your timeline.A5-Timeline-1.docx(DOC is down there).RubricArt 101 Timeline RubricArt 101 Timeline RubricCriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeDisplay 10 works of art from the poolHas 10 works that are from the pool and represent a cross section of the art from this part of the term, either through time or geography10.0 to >7.0 ptsFull Marks7.0 to >3.0 ptslists less than required but more than 63.0 to >0 ptsLess that Averagelists less than 5 and/or has minimal info10.0 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAccurately lists titles, dates, materials and all required information in the Assignment. Turns in on timeThe requirements for all 10 artworks are met and turns in by due date.5.0 to >2.0 ptsFull Marks2.0 to >1.0 ptsHas some information but not all required1.0 to >0 ptsMinimal info as required5.0 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeOrganization and presentationGraphics, color, shapes and text all work together to create a timeline that is efficient and an enjoyable tool for learning5.0 to >4.0 ptsExceptionally good4.0 to >2.0 ptsAdvanced to Average2.0 to >0 ptsMinimal to no submission5.0 ptsTotal Points: 20.0
ART 101 UCLA History of Prehistoric Mesopotamia And Ancient Egypt Art Timeline

1.0 Executive Summary Stay Clean, is a site that is based on Environmental Management Practices Education. It is owned and operated by me, Morrison Edwards. I am determined to ensuring that people live in an environment free of contaminations and appealing to live in. I am thus taking the initiative to educate people on how we can make our environment friendlier for habitation. The people are taught to carry out environmental practices once in a month. The activities involved in the practices are quite simple and are meant to encourage people on how the little changes they make in the initiative can make an enormous difference to the environment and their personal lives. The sources of revenue supporting the plan are from my personal savings from employment. I will be organizing with other affiliate companies and retailers to provide me with the products I will require in the process. Our benefits will be commission based from the sales of the products used in the environmental management practice. Financially the strategy is aimed at making profits, and of most concern will be minimizing expenses. A portion of the profits will be ploughed back into the business while the rest will be used for personal growth. I believe that it is a just course to keep our environment clean as much as the initiative is also a money creating opportunity. The cash flow into the action is a priority as well as the cash balance. In accomplishing my goals, the following areas are going to be of emphasis. The web content must be of the best quality and interactive to the users. The tips will be elaborate and engaging, inspiring and empowering so that the users will share the tips quickly enough to improve the use of the website. The project is aimed for gross profits in the future and so I will cut the current expenses to meet my current demands. The products that will be required in the process of the affiliate companies will have to be recommended on the website for buying by the people so that the profits gained from the commission will be used in the initiative. Since I do not intend to use more money in the expenses the online marketing plan will have to be perfectly effected to meet the expectations. 1.1 Mission The website is an educational platform meant to teach people on how to maintain the environment clean by performing cleanliness practices at least twice in one month. For the entire year. I am looking forward to enlightening people so that they become more environmentally conscious. In the process the affiliate institutions and retailers will have the opportunity to sell their products. The profits will be shared among all the member parties, the producing companies, the retailers and me. 1.2 Objectives of the Plan i) To conducting weekly environmental teaching sessions. Educate people on how their contribution in maintaining the environment will reduce environmental hazards or detrimental environmental impacts on the general population. ii) At the end of the first year the website should have approximately 500 subscribers already signed up for the weekly tips on the environment. iii) The site must receive 10,000 customers monthly. iv) Profits will be evaluated within six months. v) The Profit will be redistributed to support the project and into personal savings. 1.3 Important Factors of success i) The Website content will have to be quality; the weekly tips will be elaborate and straightforward, friendly and inspiring. ii) The marketing of the site must be exquisite for maximum subscription iii) The expenses will remain flat to maximize profitability. iv) The products sold will be environmentally friendly and the buyers will have to be inspired so that the commissions care increased to make profits. 1.4 Summary of the Business The Stay Clean initiative is a small business website based in Marina and it is purposefully meant to enlighten the community on the effectiveness of cleanliness to minimise the impacts of environmental hazards. The cleanliness initiatives training will be conducted twice a month as explained on the website. The teaching sessions are conducted online on the website or on weekly meetings for an individual attendance. The weekly audience subscription is free. The business will be making profits from commission received by the sale of products obtained from the Affiliate Company and retailers supplying the products to be used in the initiative. 1.5 Financial Plan I am looking forward to starting the initiative with a capital of 3000 dollars obtained from my personal savings. This will be used to come up with the website and in facilitating services of the Affiliate Company and retailers. The money will also be spent on the legal purposes and acquiring the computer equipment and in registering the computer domain for the name of the website. The remaining expenses will remain untouched until income generation begins. 1.6 Ownership of the Business Initiative The Stay Clean Business initiative is a sole proprietorship, a plan created and founded by (name). It is an enlightenment effort as well for personal growth The Products involved The business does not produce the required products on its own. I am marketing earthly friendly products recommended for cleaning and maintaining the environment. The products will be acquired from a company and retailers who will be paying the commission based on the sales of the products made. The company and the retailers are the affiliate parties. The goods thus will not be costly thus the cost of production is cut. The fulfillment and the inventory levels or the customer service. The only risk involved in the business is that the profit is commission based and only received in terms of percentage of the sales obtained from mobilization through the website organised weekly teaching sessions, and not from the entire sales. The recommended environmentally friendly products are: i) Products that can be reused. These are products that can be put back into use like lunch bags, batteries etc. ii) Supporting consumption of organic foods: vegetables, fruits, and snack meals. iii) Paper products that can be recycled. iv) Cloth diapers. v) Kitchen products: Cloth rags, towels etc. vi) Herbal medicines. vii) Low water usage: Shower heads, horse pipes and equipment that reduce water use. viii) Books on environmental friendliness. xi) Solar powered appliances and the tools and equipment running on solar. x) Music about environmental maintenance and friendliness. Market analysis Out target market is the general community especially the internauts or the technology survey who can access the internet in the age bracket of 18-55 years. This is the target group that can be used to make the environment better. The secondary market target are the students of age 12-22 who can have adequate time engaging in the environmental management practices. The retired people are also focused as they have more free time to attend the training sessions. 4.2 Target market Segment Strategy Since our primary aim is to live in an environmentally friendly atmosphere while also making profits, we have particular reason for the targeted market 1. The students – We engage them as they are technology survey and will pass the information faster to their associates, again they will embrace the initiative as they like clean surroundings 2. Adults – It is the largest market and the biggest target. They are the individuals who will be purchasing the products thus significant in revenue generation. 3. The retirees. They have more free time and resources to spend on initiatives that are environmentally friendly. 4.3 Industry Analysis The website is meant for educational reasons and since the educational sites are hardly available the completion is slim. The existing environmental sites deal with either giving news on the environment or other environmental topics not related to the latter. The website is an environmental friendly pro initiatives marketing products aimed at improving the environment from which the sales will receive the profits that is commission based. 4.4 Buying patterns Our focus is on enlightening people on the products they knew never existed and going by the friendliness in the adverts and inspiration, the customers will definitely chose us over other competitors as the information provided is simple and comprehensive but not overwhelming. Those who shall have adopted the information will just be buying the products and mostly will be introducing more people thus an increase in the product sales increasing out profits. The product finding process will be simplified so that they can easily be found in the Affiliate Company and retailers. (Software, 2017). References Bryman, A.,
create a household budget.. I’m studying for my Excel class and need an explanation.

In this assignment, you will use Excel to create a household budget to help maintain control over your finances and see how your money is being used. If you use a real hypothetical example that resonates with you; you’ll end up with more insight and maybe even a plan for the future.
Conduct a short internet job search for the type of position you will be applying for once you have completed your education. Consider your work experience in this search. For example, if you have no experience in the field, please search for entry-level positions or the type of position someone with your background could reasonably qualify for. Look for three positions that include wage/salary information. Once you have found 3 job ads that include salary information, determine the average starting salary and use this as the basis for your household budget. ( is a good site to view.)Create an Excel spreadsheet of your own design to breakdown your household budget. List monthly expenses and monthly income. You will need to list your expenses for 12 months (so you should have columns for each month). Remember your expenses are not always the same every month (for instance your electric bill could fluctuate based on how hot it is). Be sure to format the expenses and income as currency using one of the formatting options in Excel. Do NOT use an online template. The designs must be easy and logical to read. You should start with a New blank Excel document.
dont worry about finding the job. i already have it. its a account coordinator from estee lauder in Miami and the average salary is $60,000 a year. and the budget cost you would add is a normal house in miami, a normal car payment in miami, cell phone, gas, cable, and credit cards. heres an example. i will be more detailed if u choose this aissgnment. but this is how it will look like in the bottom.
create a household budget.

Grossmont College Week 9 Ergonomics and Musculoskeletal Disorders Questions

Grossmont College Week 9 Ergonomics and Musculoskeletal Disorders Questions.

Please answer all questions below based on reading and multimedia sources. Be thorough and use complete sentences. If you use outside information different from what was provided this week, please provide a reference or content link. Submission Format:Download the word document for the questions or respond in the text box below. If responding in the text box, please make it clear which question you are answering by numbering your answers with the corresponding question number or by copying the questions and writing your answer next to it. If you are using google docs, make sure it is unlocked so I can access it for grading. Questions:Week 9 Questions Word Document LinkDefine:ErgonomicsMusculoskeletal disorders (MSD)Using the reading assignment referenced in the homework “Solutions to Control Hazards,” go to the “Industry or Task-Specific Solutions” section. Find an industry you are interested in and read one of the links about the industry. Summarize what the issues are and what controls are in place. Describe if it is an engineering, administrative/work practice, or personal protective equipment control. Post your answer in this week’s discussion for other students to review.
Grossmont College Week 9 Ergonomics and Musculoskeletal Disorders Questions

Food, Culture and Inequality

custom essay Food, Culture and Inequality. Paper details DO NOT ONLY PROVIDE A PERSONAL REACTION TO THE ART PIECE, DEVELOP A DEEPER SOCIAL/ETHNIC STUDIES INTERPRETATION. Question; Describe the themes from the lecture notes from Weeks Five and Six about food, culture, and inequality that you see in the poem “Frybread Dreams” and the short story, “The Pigeon Scandal”? poem; Short Story;, Culture and Inequality

University of The Cumberlands Network Topology to Protect Database Paper

University of The Cumberlands Network Topology to Protect Database Paper.

MUST BE IN APA, 3 REFERENCES, IN-TEST CITATIONS, CONCLUSIONCreate Network Topology to Protect Database Your company just purchased a Dell server MD1420 DAS to use to store databases. the databases will contain all employee records and personal identified information (PII). You know that databases like this are often targets. The Chief Information Officer has asked you draft a diagram for the server and 3 connected workstations. The diagram must use proper UML icons.- Research: network topology to protect database server (Google Term and click images)- Create a diagram using proper UML icon, the protects the server and the 3 workstations.- Include where Internet access will be located, firewall and other details.- The body (Min 1 page) – Provide a summary after the diagram how and why you topology should protect the database.
University of The Cumberlands Network Topology to Protect Database Paper

Question is attached

Question is attached.

Sea Green Enterprises reports the following assets and liabilities on its balance sheet. Net Book ValueFair Market ValueAssets$600,000 $925,000 Liabilities200,000 200,000 Sea Green has just lost a product liability suit, with damages of $10,000,000 being awarded to the plaintiff. Although Sea Green will appeal the judgment, legal counsel indicates the judgment is highly unlikely to be overturned by the appellate court. The product liability insurance carried by Sea Green includes a payout ceiling of $6,000,000.For how much of the judgment is the entity and its owners liable if Sea Green is a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a C corporation, and an S corporation?If an amount is zero, enter “0”.c. If the form of the business entity is a C corporation, the C corporation is ultimately liable for $ and the shareholders of the C corporation are ultimately liable for $.d. If the form of the business entity is an S corporation, the S corporation is ultimately liable for $ and the shareholders of the S corporation are ultimately liable for $.I cant figure out c&d.
Question is attached