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Bill Gore founded WL Gore & Associates, a manufacturing company that produces a famous waterproof tissue. WL Gore is one of the best companies to work for, indeed WL Gore is listed at the 15th rank. The Culture is unique and a major reason for Gore’s Success. The objective of Gore is to make money and have fun. To arrive at this, Bill Gore proposes a structure where everyone shares the same title of “associate. ” There are neither chains of command nor channels of communication. Leaders replace the idea of “bosses. ” Associates choose to follow leaders rather than have bosses assigned to them.

Bill explains in a newspaper: miou promote yourself by gaining knowledge and working hard, everyday. There is no competition, except with yourself. ” The system encourages workers to be creative, take risks, and perform at their highest level. Hands-on product innovation and prototyping are encouraged. Teams typically organize around opportunities, new product concepts, or businesses. And they succeed with small teams. Bill Gore took time out to talk and get feedback from the manufacturing associates As the employee progressed there came more responsibility and the performance valuation is based on the marks given by peers within the company.

Gore gives employees a lot of personal freedom, hours and days worked are flexible (for example if an employee has to keep up childs at school, he can) and moreover working from home is acceptable when needed. Bill Gore expresses three culture principles: Freedom: Associates have the freedom to encourage and help other associates. Fairness: Associates should demonstrate fairness to each person with whom they Commitment: You don’t have a Job you have a commitment. come in contact This is not simply replacing words with other words it truly is a different way of perating.

Employees are in control of their future at WL Gore, if you have gained the trust and respect of other, you can expect them to start asking you to take on new commitments, or helping out on projects In this organization, associates are encouraged to communicate directly with each other and are accountable to fellow members of their teams. Furthermore, the company has a policy of non-discrimination regarding sexual This unusual organizational structure and culture has been shown to be a significant contributor to associate satisfaction and retention.

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Choose one of the following questions to answer.
1. Give an example of how an individual who has been deeply, personally, and unfairly hurt by another individual might work through the first 12 units in Enright’s forgiveness model. Describe the approach the individual would use for each guidepost in the model, and the particular difficulties one may encounter during the process.
2. Have you forgiven someone who has injured you personally, deeply, and unfairly? If yes, how was the process you experienced when going through the first phase and making the decision to forgive similar or different than the guideposts you read about in Enright’s model? If you have not gone through the experience of deciding to forgive someone, describe how you think the process would be for you. How similar or different would it be from the process you read about? For example, would it include additional processes than the ones described in the readings? Would it exclude processes described in the reading for this week?
Your response should be about two-three pages and reflect your thoughts and opinions on the readings as well as information discussed in discussion board postings and prior knowledge and experience. As appropriate, try to integrate your thoughts on several of the readings in a meaningful response.
There is no correct answer to the commentaries. Responses will be evaluated on thoughtfulness, reference to the readings, the use of statements to support your ideas and remarks (need to show as well as tell), whether the response is consistent with the question and topic and writing. Please proofread your assignment before submitting. First drafts of writing always include errors and typos. Read your assignment over at least once before submitting on e-learning. Commentaries are private responses that only I will see.