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WK6 Selected Posts

. -Follow instructions below-Responses should be substantive and include direct questions.  -Critical Analysis – Discussion postings display an excellent understanding of the required readings and underlying concepts including correct use of terminology. Postings are made in time for others to read and respond as well as deliver information that is full of thought, insight, and analysis. The information presented makes connection to previous or current content, or to real-life situations, and must contain rich and fully developed new ideas, connections, or applications. (It is important that you integrate the weekly readings in your response. One way to do that is to make position statements, then discuss supporting evidence (i.e. research and/or personal experience). -Participation as a Member of the Learning Community – Discussion postings actively stimulate and sustain further discussion by building on peers’ responses including building a focused argument around a specific issue, asking a new related question, or taking an opposing position supported by personal experience or related research. (Please plan your time wisely. Your responses should encourage your peers to respond to your postings and build the foundation for the class to review and discuss your initial posting. It’s important that you meet the Thursday deadline for your initial posting so that others have ample time to respond. Having all of your work in before Sunday afternoon allows your peers to provide comments to your feedback and strengthens your ability to participate as a member of the weekly learning community discussions.)-Professional Communication and Etiquette – Written interactions in the discussion show respect and sensitivity to peers’ background and beliefs. Regardless of the position you are taking, please ensure that your participation comments are respectful to your peers’ background and beliefs (remember that you can still disagree respectfully). -Writing Skills – Written responses are free of grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors. The style of writing facilitates communication. (Make sure your work is free of errors. If there are any errors as outlined above, you will not receive 100% for the discussion).

Benefits of walking

Benefits of walking.

Write a 500 words essay on the benefits of walking. How does walking effect the brain and body? Discuss the research behind different types of walking at different speeds. Please use at least 2 scholarly sources.

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technology mid

WK6 Selected Posts Exercise ContentAssignments (select only one of the topics below):1 – Computer Network Classification. Create a simple spread sheet (Excel) that displays the different Network Classification with a list of functionalities and advantages.
2 – Use Internet sites relating to student’s program. Search via FNU Library Database and saving content from the internet for later use via cloud, like Google Drive, instead of external drives.

Racial stereotyping

Racial stereotyping.

Write a 5- to 6-page paper (apart from the title page and references) that references at least four scholarly articles and includes at least two unique articles for each theory you selected. Your final project should include the following: • A description of both theories you selected and why you think they are appropriate for the topic you chose from the list or that was pre-approved by your Instructor by the end of Week 5 • A comparison of the theories related to the topic you chose • An argument as to which theory provides a better understanding of the topic • An explanation of how psychological research grounded in these two theories helped you better understand the characteristics of the topic

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The Officer and the Drug Arrest

The Officer and the Drug Arrest.

 Officer Williams is an officer with the Richmond police department and has been with the department for five years. He received information that a citizen living in the local housing project was selling drugs. This information was conveyed to Officer Williams by an anonymous caller to the officer on his personal cell phone. Officer Williams immediately went to the housing project and stopped the citizen as he was leaving his apartment. Officer Williams searched the citizen and found drugs. Note: You may create and / or make all necessary assumptions needed for the completion of this assignment. Write a 1- to 2-page paper in which you: Identify the constitutional amendment that would govern Officer Williams’ actions. In your own opinion, discuss if you support his actions or not. Justify your answer using the appropriate case law and Supreme Court precedents. Analyze the validity and constitutionality of Officer Williams’ actions. Determine whether or not Officer Williams’ actions were justified by any of the three (3) ways whereby probable cause can be established. Provide a rationale for your response. Use at least two quality references. Note: Wikipedia and other similar websites do not qualify as academic resources.

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Public Funds and Non-Public Funds

Public Funds and Non-Public Funds.

 For this assignment, explain the major arguments for and against using public funds for non-public schools. Which of these, if any, seem to apply more to religious schools than to other types of non-public schools? Please provide supporting evidence with articles pulled from the literature on public and non public funds and/or public and private schools.

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Second Clinical experience on Staten Island and reflection paper

Second Clinical experience on Staten Island and reflection paper.

The purpose of this second clinical experience is to expose students to new nursing environments and new nursing actions and skills. The student will learn about the roles of nurses in the community. Choose one clinical experience site to visit during four hours, interview the nurse and then will write a paper reflecting on the experience. Instructions: For this second clinical experience, students will investigate the role of the public health nurse through a minimum of a four-hour clinical practice experience with a public health nurse. Upon completion of this clinical practice experience, students will submit a 3-4 page reflective narrative. Guidelines for the interview and reflective narrative are listed below. This list provides sites which hire nurses in the community and are eligible for use: Private or public school nurses, faith-based or parish nurses, nurses in the health department, nurses working for screening companies, nurses in the community health department of a hospital, nurses at nurse-managed health centers, nurses working at minute-clinics or pharmacy clinics, nurses working for home health or hospice agencies, nurses working in hospital clinics, nurses working in city clinics, nurses working in occupational health offices, case managers outside of hospitals, nurses working in assisted living institutions, volunteer organization doing screenings, American Red Cross nurses, community mental health center nurses Call the institution and ask for the nurse. Explain that you are taking a public health nursing course and would like to interview the nurse and talk about the nursing role in the institution. Set up an appointment then visit the nurse and complete the interview. Write a 3-4 page reflection on your interview and your experience. During your visit with the public health nurse, you will inquire about the role, the population served, and the services provided. Below are additional questions to ask if appropriate to the situation. Name the role of the nurse and describe the setting. How does the nurse describe the job? What types of care are provided for clients in this setting? What type of credentials must a nurse have to be eligible to work in this setting? What specific skills are necessary in this type of nursing role? How is nursing care reimbursed for the institution? Is it covered under insurance or are these voluntary services? Explain. How are outcomes measured? How does the nurse know her/his actions are effective? What opportunities are there for inter-professional collaboration in this role? Discuss the population served, ask about their health issues, strengths & needs of the population, and how health issues can be prevented.

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Client Health Promotion Paper;write a paper on this topic,The sources evidenced-based research articles.

Client Health Promotion Paper;write a paper on this topic,The sources evidenced-based research articles..

Got this paper to write. The sources evidenced-based research articles. I uploaded the rubric and everything is on there (Additional files). And I’d like to ask you to be extra careful from plagiarism. Thanks!

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Cointegration Analysis & VEC Model

Cointegration Analysis & VEC Model.

Mainly analyzing the influence of stock price index, oil price and daily trading volume on bitcoin price. with the papers fiven below . a part of the paper should be about interpreting data that was run on EVIEWS software (data attached below) Writing style : Font: Times New Roman 12 pt or Arial 11 pt. Spacing: 1.3 lines Borders: top 2 cm, bottom 3 cm, left 2 cm, right 3 cm

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Penicillin Hypersensitivity

Penicillin Hypersensitivity.

 Description Penicillin hypersensitivity limits your use of antimicrobials. How are patients managed with penicillin hypersensitivity? Identify the steps you would take to assist your patient?

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Mathletics. pdf copy of the book The goal of this project is to read and report on a book about BIG DATA! The expectation is a 6 slide PowerPoint presentation and a 2-3 page summary of the book and its ideas/methods/conclusions. The book should have a heavy focus on data/analytics/modeling/statistics, with the “story” being somewhat secondary. This project has two requirements to be submitted: • 2-3 page book summary • 6 slides for presentation to class

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