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Witness in Life, Word and DeedUnderstanding church mission in this time, we need to trace the thread of the historical interaction between the issue of mission in according to these two traditions: Evangelical which mission is focusing primarily in proclaiming the gospel while Ecumenical is focused in social action for justice and mercy.

This chapter starts with that history and examines to both sides of the church mission today. And concerning of the believers calling in the society where words and deeds plays the most significant role in witnessing the kingdom.Church mission is to proclaim salvation and encourage others to share their faith in Jesus Christ. Our words and deeds reflect the way we live our lives in connection on how the kingdom of God present in the Christian world as a gift of the Spirit. Jesus demonstrates both words and deeds which are essential in relationship with mission and witnessing the kingdom of God. His words are being showed by his actions and his action give substance to his words. The church needs to be the witness, by doing it and saying in “In the same way, let your light shine before others so that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven’ (Mt 5:16 NIV).

Probably, “good works” embrace all the ways that Gods people witness to the kingdom in daily life, both word and deed, in personal relationships and through acts of righteousness and compassion. Good deeds are public and missional. Their ultimate purpose is to lead those who see them to offer glory to God through the quality of their character and loving behavior to attract others to worship of the true and living God”. (Dean Flemming, Reclaiming the Full Mission of God, pp 98-99) To participate in Gods, work for the Kingdom is the mission of the church as a general goal. We all need salvation for all things has been created by Gods purpose. And the Kingdom of God is announced in the gospel, the good news about our Lord Jesus Christ who defeated the evil and give people new hope, in the present times and in the future of humanity. How can it be done? If the church is faithfully witnessing the gospel, it must be seen and visible as a community gives for the sake of the other and also deeply involved in concerns to the surroundings.

The very important contribution which the church can do according to this book in facing the enormous issues and problems of our day today is to nourish the people, so they can live out the gospel in their life callings. The good news that Jesus preached and in by his grace God is restoring his rule over the entire creation and in every area of the life of his people. This means that the gospel is all restorative and comprehensive and that all the humanity is being restored by the Spirit of Christ in whatever traditions it may be.ConclusionThis chapter often refers to the importance of the church, specially the local church, as a representative of Gods cosmic, encompassing the agenda. Because of the importance of the church in the advance of this, Gods holistic purpose. We close with this prayerful observations and admonition. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians contains one of the clearest and understandable descriptions of the purpose of the church.

He says that God has chosen the church to administer his agenda for the reconciliation of all things and that it is through the church that God will demonstrate this, his manifold and eternal purpose (Ephesians 3:9-11 and Colossians 1:20)Redemption was completed on the cross, but God has given the church the task of administering the process of restoration through our walk with Christ until his return.

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