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Within Edgar Allan Poe’s story, “The Black Cat,” the unnamed narrator provides readers with two opposed ways of thinking Essay

Within Edgar Allan Poe’s story, “The Black Cat,” the unnamed narrator provides readers with two opposed ways of thinking about his role in the brutal murder of his wife. On the one hand, his account relies on supernatural explanations and questionable claims. On the other hand, the narrator suggests that there is another way of accounting for these “household events,” which he admits is more logical than his own. This more logical thought process would explain the events as “nothing more than an ordinary succession of very natural causes and effects” and requires our critical reasoning.

For this paper, you will be employing these critical reasoning skills – not to solve a crime (a jury has already concluded what happened), but rather to discuss the flaws in the narrator’s thinking and the way he uses and misuses information to try to explain away his personal responsibility for his wife’s murder. The narrator claims he is not “mad,” and whether he is or not is beside the point. But certainly, many of the claims he makes are hard to believe. Your essay should apply critical reasoning to investigate the narrator’s claims about the events of the story and the explanations he provides for his behavior.

Some things to keep in mind:

Assume you know more about the story than your readers. Provide context where necessary, but avoid getting bogged down in needless summary.
Your essay should be organized carefully and purposefully. Begin with an introduction paragraph that provides relevant context and establishes your essay’s central direction. The body paragraphs that follow should be organized by topic idea and should include clear topic sentences, supported by evidence and analysis.
Since the critical reasoning skills you are employing in this essay rely on close reading of the text, it is important that you include relevant textual evidence to support and develop your claims. Quote liberally and accurately. Your quotes should be cited, and your internal citations and Works Cited page should be in MLA 8 format.
Remember the principles of Style you learned in WRTR 1312 – aim for clarity, concision, and cohesion in your writing.

The future of work

The future of work.

Description Each student will choose two topics on the course outline to research and analyze. The purpose of the brief is to develop research, writing and leadership skills, apply theory to contemporary issues, and analyze key aspects of controversial business issues. The brief is due on the day the topic is discussed in class, and the student will be asked to start the class with a short (verbal) overview of the topic. The brief should be no more than 5 pages in length, 12 pt font, Times New Roman, tightly organized with clear headings. The briefs are to be written individually. The brief should contain an analysis (not a summary), in your own words, of the issue, with references to current coverage of the issue in the media. This should include the following elements: a) A description of a particular topic from the book or from the class you wish to analyze • The point here is not to address or solve a specific company’s problem but to reflect upon the role the particular topic (e.g., “regulation”) plays in the business world and/or in the society at large. • You may discuss this in the context of a particular company or several companies and a specific issue, but those are just tools or examples to help you get a better understanding of how that particular topic gets discussed in the media and in the business world. For example, the point is not to analyze what Coke should do to cope with the industry structure but what looking at Coke reveals about the problems and challenges that businesses face when dealing with the particular industry structures. b) Explain how applying the material from the course to the specific issue discussed in the media helps you to understand that issue better. a. You should not try to use many concepts in a particular chapter to analyze the issue; whatever concept or concept(s) you use, do so accurately, systematically and show how the concept(s) apply(ies). b. Better use fewer concepts well than more concepts poorly. c. You may also discuss issues raised in the chapter (and additional readings) in the aggregate (without using just one concept). d. Show that you understand the particular concept and the issue discussed in the media. c) Explain your own view on how the business and society issue you chose to analyze should be addressed. • What is your personal opinion on how the particular issue should be addressed? Additional issues of note: • Use sources to support your claims and arguments. In other words, do not just throw claims about what is happening in a particular industry/organization; use references to support your claims. • The quality of writing is important! Use the document on Sakai to help you avoid various problems identified in it. Parts (b) and (c) are the core of the brief, and should have other subheadings within them. The key task is to demonstrate understanding of the issue, the relevant theory, the public debate, and to come up with a coherent structure for a paper. So the first topic i will choose is The future of work, the professor has focused on AI and the gig economy as two trends in work. You can stay with those, or, if you have other thoughts on the future of work, you are free to introduce other trends (with research to back it up).

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ISO 14001 Standards – Environmental Management System

Within Edgar Allan Poe’s story, “The Black Cat,” the unnamed narrator provides readers with two opposed ways of thinking Essay ISO 14001 Standards – Environmental Management System.

 Instructions on how to complete the assignment are provided. Also, follow the instructions on the Turabian document provided so that you cite everything correctly. Only use peer-reviewed Journal Articles or the course textbook as sources. Textbooks that can’t be easily accessed online are not permitted as sources. DO NOT USE EXPONENTS/FOOTNOTES TO CITE IN TEXT. Please cite using Turabian Author-Date Style. Citation example: (Meredith, Shafer, and Mantel 2017, xx) where xx is the page number of the cited passage.

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Airbnb case study

Airbnb case study.

You are required to analyze the case study and develop appropriate solutions. analysis of the case situation, identify issues/problems/challenge (MUST use of theory and research in your analysis), provide key insights gained from your analysis, answer the case study questions, and provide a marketing strategy (be sure to apply key theoretical concepts, provide sound arguments and justify your suggested solutions).

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Benchmark – Knowledge and Skills Presentation

Benchmark – Knowledge and Skills Presentation.

 Imagine that the mental health and wellness agency you work at is hiring and you have been asked by leadership to present about the knowledge and skills that are needed for the job opening at the agency. Create a presentation of 12-15 slides, not including title and reference slides. Speaker notes are required for each slide and must be in APA formatting. Include essential knowledge and skills needed for a mental health and wellness worker to be successful and then match them to the following: Explain the benefits the knowledge and skills will have for clients Explain benefits for employers. Explain key strengths needed for this position. Describe ways to develop professionally in the field. Describe how a mental health and wellness worker can coordinate care between providers in an integrated care environment. Provide a brief summary (55-75 words) of the overlap between mental health and wellness. How does mental health impact physical wellness and vice versa? Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide

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discussion question

This week we are focusing on the legislative branch, or the Congress! As we know, the Congress is a bicameral legislative body composed of a House of Representatives (members are apportioned to the states based on population and elected every two years) and a Senate in which each state (regardless of size) has two senators. The 17th Amendment (1913) changed the Constitution so that senators were no longer chosen by the individual state legislatures but by the people in a direct election.
For our discussion, I want you to think about what the role of a member of the House of Representatives and the Senate should be. Should we elect members of Congress to follow their consciousness or should they vote on legislation based on what we the voters want? Are there any pro-and cons about each approach to viewing the role of the legislator? What do you think?

CIVE 5954 Value Management Module

CIVE 5954 Value Management Module.


Design Brief

Module Case Study Task You have been commissioned to undertake a value management / value engineering exercise on the case study. The information comprises the brief, a series of interviews with key stakeholders, a draft business plan and a set of drawings Purpose of Brief The brief contains general design notes, a schedule of accommodation and performance specifications. The brief is issued by the Newtown Leisure and Recreation Committee, Newtown Council, based on the outline accommodation schedule issued in February 20XX, and includes the outcome of discussions and agreements with: The Sports Council. The Lottery Commission.

The Howarth Trust. The Indoor Tennis Initiative. The NHS Drug and Addiction Committee. The KempsieTennis Club. General Design Notes Disabled access. Wheelchair users will be able to access all public areas and facilities with the exception of: swimming-pool falling rapids play pools, single, two person and family changing cubicles male and female toilets. Dry side male and female toilets. Health suite to be agreed. Design of doors must incorporate easy to open long and low handles and fitted with a kick plate on push elevation, provided that these requirements do not conflict with the mandatory requirements. 

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Tipping Points and Abrupt Climate Change

Tipping Points and Abrupt Climate Change.

Topic : Tipping Points and Abrupt Climate Change The assignment has two sections: Section A: Short Critical Reflections (30 marks) Section B: Essay (70 marks The critical reflection should present your own thoughts and responses to the reading. Thus, it is an interaction between the ideas in the reading and your own interpretation and response to what you have read. The critical reflection is a polished piece of writing that will be assessed using the criteria specified in “Assignment Instructions”. It should include an introduction, a body that presents your thoughts clearly and logically, and a conclusion. You may write in the first person but be sure to refer to some of the ideas that are introduced in the reading. Given what you now know about the science of climate change, write an essay of 750–1000 words on why you think (or do not think) climate change caused by anthropogenic sources is occurring. You will need to use what you learned about the science of climate change to support your position. A strong paper will incorporate some of the key concepts introduced in this module.

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explain the concept of “nothingness”.using 8 sources explain the philosophical concept of “nothingness” and argue how the characters in The Sun Also Rises confront”nothingness”

explain the concept of “nothingness”.using 8 sources explain the philosophical concept of “nothingness” and argue how the characters in The Sun Also Rises confront”nothingness”.

using 8 sources explain the philosophical concept of “nothingness” and argue how the characters in The Sun Also Rises confront”nothingness”

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Art museum Paper : Visual Elements and Principles of Design.

Art museum Paper : Visual Elements and Principles of Design..

Write a paper of three pages, at least, in length starting with the image of the work and a description. Be sure to insert that image into your paper in the text or at the end. Questions to consider for your paper: 1. Material and how it was made briefly 2. Culture and time period with a few sentences. 3. Function 4. DISCUSS FORM = Visual Elements and Principles of Design. Use the vocabulary IMPORTANT to elaborate on this. Discuss the work using these and bold the term in the text. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT OF THE PAPER. Take your time on this. Your grade will reflect how well you articulate this. 5. {if Known} Information on the Artist. This should be one short with a few sentences.

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The literature on Strategic Thought over the last decade has stressed the need for Ethics, Social Responsibility and Environmental Protection to be an integral and key driving force in the formulation of Strategy.

The literature on Strategic Thought over the last decade has stressed the need for Ethics, Social Responsibility and Environmental Protection to be an integral and key driving force in the formulation of Strategy..

QUESTION TO DEBATE: Such cases of Global Corporate Social misdemeanours demonstrate that the Academic Literature is worthless and that Global Corporations are immune to the research evidence that being socially and ethically aware makes a difference to their long-term strategic survival.


You are required to write an essay in a free format (2000 words) that Debates the following: The literature on Strategic Thought over the last decade has stressed the need for Ethics, Social Responsibility and Environmental Protection to be an integral and key driving force in the formulation of Strategy. Global and Local Corporations, as part of their Strategy profess to engage and make a difference in Society for example by respecting local traditions, the environment and operating to the highest ethical standards as well as engaging in a range of Corporate Social Responsible programmes. There has, however been cases were such Global corporations have fallen foul of their own self-proclaimed ethical and moral codes; for example: Oxfam, a Leading Global Charity; VW, a Global Automobile company; Uber, a giant in Personal Transportation; Tesla Corp., Apple and the manufacturing conditions in China, etc

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