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With Every Drop of Blood instant essay help English Literature

UnitedStatesI choose this book because when I read the blog in the back it just caught my attention right away, and I just had to get it. The author of my book ”With Every Drop of Blood” is James Lincoln Collier and Christopher Collier. The main historical event that this book focuses on is The Civil War. The Civil War took place in 1861, was mainly caused by the growth of the north’s power. The southern states feared that the North would place a limit on the expansion of slavery. The southern states needed slaves to harvest and collect crops, and also plant them too. In other ways work that a single person couldn’t do.

Abraham Lincoln was president at the time of the Civil war. His Gettysburg Address of 1863 became the most famous speech in American history. Also the Civil War was the nation’s first ”modern” war. It was the first general use of the telegraph and the railroad, the ironclad warship and the submarine, and even hot air balloons for observation. There was two sides in the civil war, the North which was known as the Union, and the South which was know on as the Confederates. Most slaves favored the Union, and the Union won. Hoffman-2 ”With Every Drop of Blood” has many characters in it.

Some of the main characters in the book include Johnny who is a fourteen year old boy, who lives with his mother, brother and sister after his father dies at Cedar Creek. Cush, a Yankee who catches Johnny and takes him to a camp for prisoners who have been captured by the bluecoats. Jeb, A friend of Johnny’s who went on the wagon trip with him and died during it. Pa, which is the last main character in the book, even though he dies early he is still a important character. He is Johnny’s father that gets shot at Cedar Creek. Johnny made a promise to his father before he died that he wouldn’t go to war, and stay home with his mother.

Though Johnny thinks that it would be a good way to make money and goes anyway, then ends up getting caught by a Yankee. The Yankees name is Cush and is going to take Johnny to a prison camp. But along the way Johnny teaches Cush how to read and write, because Cush is a negro and he never learned how to do any of that. But Johnny teaches him some words wrong, because he didn’t want a negro to be as smarter than him. But Cush and Johnny also become good friends along the way. That’s how Johnny is affected be The Civil War. The book ends

React Front-End Site

For this assignment, you are required to modify the fake-proptypes React project in our class repository to make it work with data obtained from In it, you need to include everything I need to simply run npm install and npm start to open your page in a browser once I clone the repository to my system. Begin by using create-react-app, then install bootstrap, react-bootstrap, and axios using npm so you have the freshest starting point. Your file must include your name, the assignment (i.e. Assignment 3), and data due.
To turn in this assignment, you are to complete the same process you followed with your previous assignments, using the link at:
You must meet these requirements:
In your repository, after using npm to install the above libraries, delete the src directory and copythe src directory and all of its contents from the fake-proptypes project.
Modify this code so that the App.js file has the line to indicate that your program will produce 3 entries. Note that I should be able to change this to any number between 1 and 10 and it will work with that number of entries. Your modified Entries.js program will take the props (a single number) from App.js and create an array of numbers for it (e.g. for 3, create [1, 2, 3], and for 8, create [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8]). The map in the Container in Entries.js should loop over those numbers, passing the number into Entry.js.
From here, you need to modify the program to work correctly by having useEffect code in the Entry.js file access data from the placeholder site. In particular, you are to use the /users endpoint, with the number passed into Entry.js indicating which entry from the site to use. YourEntry.js program should display any data from the /users endpoint you wish, but at least one of the fields must be a nested property (e.g. address.street or For the field I call animals, you may use a hardcoded link to any image, e.g. 771796 or some other image of your choice.
You must use PropTypes to enforce strong types. When I run your code, I will open the console in Chrome. There cannot be ANY warnings or errors when I run it!