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Winston Churchill Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill known by the name Winston Churchill. He was born November 30, 1874; he then died January 24, 1965. Winston was born into the aristocratic family of the Dukes of Marlborough. From the age two to the age six he lived in Dublin where his grandfather had been appointed Viceroy. Winston’s earliest exposure to education was in Dublin, where a governess tried teaching him reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Independent and rebellious by nature Winston normally did poorly in school, he was punished for doing so. He was educated at three independent schools: St. George’s School, Brunswick School, and at Harrow School, from April 17, 1888. After weeks of arriving at Harrow Winston had joined the Harrow Rifle Corps. He had earned high marks in English and History and he was the school’s fencing champion. After Winston left Harrow in 1893 he applied to attend the Royal Military College.

It took Winston three tries to pass the college’s entrance exam. After getting in Winston then applied for cavalry rather than applying for infantry. Winston did this because the grade requirement was lower. In December of 1894 Winston graduated eighth out of a class of hundred and fifty. Unlike doing what his father wanted him to do Winston stayed in cavalry and was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the fourth Queen’s Own Hussars on February 20, 1895. In 1941 he received the honor of being appointed Colonel of the Hussars.

In 1900 he retired from the regular army and in the 1902 he joined the Imperial Yeomanry, where he was commissioned as a Captain in the Queen’s Own Oxfordshire Hussars on January 4, 1902. On May 10, 1940 George IV asked Winston Churchill to be prime minister. The first thing Winston did was wrote a letter to Chamberlain to thank him for all of his support. Winston was the first to recognize the growing threat of Hitler long before the outset of World War II and his warnings had gone greatly unattended.

Although there was an element of British public and political sentiment favoring negotiated peace with a clearly ascendant Germany, among them the Foreign Secretary Lord Halifax. Winston nonetheless refused to consider a truce with Hitler’s Germany. By refusing the truce with Germany, Winston kept resistance alive in the Britain Empire and created the basis for the later allied counter-attacks of 1942 to 1945. Although Winston’s role in the World War II had generated much support for him amongst the British population, he was defeated in the 1945 election.

It was anticipated that Winston would step down and hand over the leadership to Anthony Eden, who became his deputy after the election defeat but Winston was determined to fight on as leader and Eden was too loyal to challenge his leadership. It was another decade before Winston finally handed over the reins to Eden. After the General Election of 1951, Winston again held the office of Minister of Defense between October 1951 and January 1952.

He also became prime minister in October 1951, and his third government after the wartime national government and the brief caretaker government of 1945 lasted until his resignation in April 1955. His domestic priorities in his last government were overshadowed by a series of foreign policy crises. As a young child who always got into trouble, Winston turned his life around the moment he joined the Harrow Rifle Corps.

“White-collar crime and the public’s view as to the huge differences in the sentencing and punishments in comparison to crime”

“White-collar crime and the public’s view as to the huge differences in the sentencing and punishments in comparison to crime”.

This paper should be written in APA style. This paper should also be presented in the viewpoint of someone in the criminal justice field (AJ). No more than six (6) pages. The pages must be numbered. No running head Name and date must appear on the upper left hand side. No plagiarism No cover page In the first three (3) paragraphs the “meat and potatoes” of the paper should be in the Introduction as well as the literature review. The title of the paper can be called “

White-collar crime and the public’s view as to the huge differences in the sentencing and punishments in comparison to crime” The course objective is: • To apply your cumulative understanding and skills to specific research situations. • The perspective of this course is to help you make a realistic transition from course work to thesis/dissertation. • Conduct a focused review of the relevant literature and create appropriate conceptual framework. • Develop a realistic research design with specific research strategies, • Think through and articulate a chapter-by chapter outline • Communicate research ideas and their appropriate theoretical issues effectively and efficiently • Critique others ideas paying attention to both theoretical and methodological rigor and application • Empahsis will be palced on conceptualization, theory, measurement and ethics. In this paper it must examine the dissertation and article literature review. This paper must provide an outline and cursory overview of the dissertation literature review (Introduction, theoretical framework, and background/historical Sections. Detailed the outline of Chapter 2. After assessing this literature, this paper should be able to answer the following questions: • Why should we further study this research topic/problem? • What contributions will this study make to the existing literature? Justify the need for the research (that will be conducted) and the research question). What are the outlayers, what did they say that was different from everyone else.

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