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In my opinion, the critical personal characteristics that WIPRO is looking for will make it easier in order to find the Indian context, this is because the type of people the company is looking for are people who have sufficient grasp of the abstract, tolerance for ambiguity, and the patience to be able to grow with them. This will make it easier for them because they just need to find people with this characteristics or if not just train them in order to act like that.

The company was also searching for people with Indian characteristics like the resilience, the ability to remain calm and the ability to deal with uncertainty. This means that they will have to prepare themselves in order something change. Also their sales person have to be really prepared technical, they have to be able to take first, second and third level calls by their own. This type of people can be trained easily because the company already knows what are the requirements that the employees should have.

The employees would be trained in order to be efficient to this requirements. Because the company want employees that behave like Indians, but they also want diversity in the workplace, the Europeans that are hired were send to India every three or four months in order to keep their training. Also the company used the Six Sigma processes for his sales, this is a set of strategies, techniques, and tools for process improvement. This will help improve the operations of the company, also it will improve customer loyalty and thus improve the profits of the organization.

2. Some of the key steps that WIPRO has taken to enhance its effectiveness are on the first hand, the company tried to build cultural understanding among the Indian staff who worked on projects with the European clients. WIPRO coached the employees as much as they could before they even travel for their first time. The company also build content based on feedback from those employees who had gone abroad without any training. It was more helpful for the employees to have been coached by the company before they leave to India.

The Indian employees also were enrolled in language programs. It was helpful for them to understand different languages so that they could speak with the client without any trouble or misunderstanding. The company also encouraged his clients who lacked with experience to learn more about the Indian culture. 3. The way to motivate workers are some of these that are stated below, Training and personal development: is important as it stimulates the employee by making them learn new skills, and keeping them interested over a longer term.

Pay and pay incentives: it is an important factor for the employee when deciding to accept a job offer at a company. Incentives are a great way to motivate staff to achieve goals, and it becomes a reward for great achievements. Social contact: People in open plan offices always performs better than people enclosed. Employee participation and responsibility: If a person does not feel valued they may quickly lose interest, and the performance levels will drop people like to feel that they are making a difference.

Non pay incentives such as an extra day off, employee of the month schemes, etc. is a great way to motivate a team without costing the company much money. Promotion: which is really important, Companies that promotes from within have a much higher staff retention rate than companies who overlook their own staff and outsources candidates for supervisory/managerial position. Promotions also help build staff loyalty, and is a great way to motivate a team to do better. Job security: If the employees are worried about losing their jobs they will not perform to their very best. 4.

The measures implemented at WIPRO in my opinion will be effective because the company is investing a lot in order to train their employees and take them to other countries in order to experience with other cultures and also to deal in different circumstances. By doing this, the company is trying to coach the employees to deal with uncertainty which will make them better workers and it will make the company rise. The measures implemented will only work if the employees are well motivated and also if the company coach them well. This will make the company rise and be well known by others if their coaching skills go well.

The Integration of Computer Technology and Film and TV Art: Digital Innovation Research of Ink Animation in China

The Integration of Computer Technology and Film and TV Art: Digital Innovation Research of Ink Animation in China.

 The Integration of Computer Technology and Film and TV Art: Digital Innovation Research of Ink Animation in China


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Research proposal for PhD thesis , study area: Film and animation studies Keywords Film studies, TV arts, animation , digital innovation, Computer technology,

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