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Enzymes have been used in livestock for many years, but are increasingly being used in corn feed for diet supplementation for poultry. The enzyme complex used in the experiment had 2000 Units of activity/gram of enzyme amylase, 40,000 IJ/g protease, and 20,000 U/g xylanase. These supplements were grinded into 1. 5 mm bits and met levels of nutrients appropriate for the pigs. Experiment 1 had a meal corn control diet and two experimental

One important note is that the feed was not limited and neither was water. 6 pigs each from control and 150 supplemental were killed after two hours of eating. In experiment 2, 6 crossbred barrows outfitted with T-cannulas (thin tubes for insertion/extraction of agents), ate commercially twice daily in increasing amounts. After 12 days, they were given the “3 treatments”. Each treatment was 7 days. In experiment 1, pigs fed supplements with 150 ppm increased weight (p equaled . 09) compared to the control. The results indicate that the enzyme mush improved the pigs’ body weight gain, energy, and dry xcretions of the pigs.

The dry matter suggests that the blend affected nutrient digestibility the most by breaking the plant cell wall and subsequently releasing the nutrients in the cell wall for the pig. Viscosity of stomach matter also increased for those fed with supplements as the enzymes may have caused insoluble matter to break down into short chain polymers, increasing solubility. The enzyme complex improved acticity in the weaned pigs through this nutrient digestibility and change occurring to the bacteria of the large intestine. Windows on Research By sferraol

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Part 1: This week I would like you to read an online edition of a newspaper and hard copy of a newspaper.
1. After reading through each section tell us what aspects you liked of each and what you didn’t like as much.
2. Which format are you more likely to use? Why?
3. Do you currently read a newspaper (hard copy or online) on a regular basis? Why or why not?
4. Did you grow up in a household where your parents read the paper on a regular basis?
5. Do you prefer reading an in depth report (like you might find in a newspaper) or watching a shorter version of the story (like you might find on a local newscast)?
Part 2: Media Coverage of the Canadian Trucker’s Protest
1. Read up on the protest that has been going on in Canada led by truckers.
2. The media is polarized in its reporting of the protests. Give examples of coverage perspectives that are completely opposite from each other. Include the links to the stories you used for examples.
3. How do you feel about the coverage of the protests.
4. Compare and contrast the media’s converge of this protest to BLM protests.
5. Who is Justin Trudeau and what did he call the truckers?
6. Do you agree or disagree with his actions?
Have your own opinion and don’t be worried about what other people think. You are entitled to your opinion and they are entitled to theirs. There will be differing view points. That’s good! No one gets “cancelled” for how they believe in this class.