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Wills Lifestyle presents a premium fashion wardrobe for men and women. With a tempting choice of WII’s classic formal wear, Wills sport casual wear. Wills Clublife evening wear, Wills Signature designer wear, Essenza di Wills fine fragrances, Hama dl Wills bath and body care products and premium Accessories, Wills Lifestyle offers a truly delightful experience for the discerning consumer. also acknowledged the performance of the brand across marketing campaigns, customer oyalty and retail practices.

Blaze to Brilliance ITC marked its foray into lifestyle retailing with the launch of Its Wills Lifestyle brand In 2000. Wills Lifestyle was the first brand in India to offer a complete wardrobe for men and women. With evolving consumer preferences, higher disposable incomes and exposure to international fashion trends, the premium apparel market is fast reaching a tipping point. Rldlng In this segment, Wills Lifestyle has made a mark with Its premium fashion imagery, vibrant product portfolio and a differentiated shopping experience.

With nearly 100 stores spread nationwide across bu77ing high streets, up market malls and select ITC Hotels, Wills utestyle otters a truly delightful shopping experience with world class ambience, customer facilitation and a range of lifestyle products, from casual chic to high tashion. The brand has also expanded its reach to Tier 2 markets capturing emerging demand and Is also available in leading departmental stores, multl -Drano outlets ana online portals. Each brand under Wills Lifestyle is distinctly positioned and caters to unique consumer 208 franchises.

Wills Classic formalwear features shirts and trousers crafted from fabrics sourced from some of the leading mills in the world. The range features many collections for the discerning consumer including Luxuria featuring meticulous craftsmanship, Regalia shirts in ultra fine fabrics, Wonderpress wrinkle free collection and the Eco Style range in premium organic cottons and linens. The Wills Sport range features premium casual wear at the cutting edge of fashion with Wills Clublife range adding a dash of glamour to the portfolio with chic evening wear.

Wills Lifestyle as been able to capture a significant share of the womenswear market as well by offering a wardrobe solution that takes the woman consumer from work to weekend in style. The range is completed with premium accessories that include luxurious silk ties and premium leather wallets, handbags & belts. Wills Lifestyle became the title partner of the India Fashion Week in 2006 – Asia’s largest 82B fashion event. This synergy enabled the brand to occupy the high ground of Indian fashion. The brand has taken forward the event celebration to its stores with its unique ‘ramp o rack initiative through its Wills Signature brand.

This collection is an exquisite expression of style created by India’s leading designers including Ritu Kumar, Rohit Bal, J] Valaya, Ranna Gill, Satya Paul, Rohit Gandhi – Rahul Khanna and Rajesh Pratap Singh. This unique corporate-designer partnership is the largest in the country and has also gone a long way in making designer-wear accessible thereby promoting the business of fashion. Faith Factor Wills LITestyle conTorms to II C’s values to deliver great quality with consumer orientation. Products are crafted from fabrics sourced from ome of the best mills in the world and are made ensuring superior quality standards.

Wills Lifestyle has established a strong connect with the consumer where a trip to the store implies the very best in product quality, engaging customer service and a fashionable product. By feting it with awards and recognition, the industry has Engagement that Enthralls Wills Lifestyle is all about effortless style. The same is brought alive with a high voltage 360 degree brand campaign across media. The brand has one of the largest followings on Social media for any Indian apparel brand and as done many innovative campaigns to reach out to consumers in new age media.

Club ITC, the brand’s loyalty programme is a collaboration between Wills Lifestyle and ITC Hotels with rewards and privileges across fine fashion and fine living. Club ITC members enjoy a world of privileges ranging from in-store benefits such as priority garment availability and doorstep delivery to lifestyle privileges in fine dining, stay at luxurious ITC Hotels and invites to exclusive events such as the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week. Consumer experience is a key differentiator. At Wills Lifestyle, customers can browse at leisure, and shop in a relaxed and pleasing atmosphere.

Each store offers an international retailing ambience reflecting the most contemporary trends in store design, thereby creating a splendid backdrop for premium offerings. Innovedge To remain at the fore-front of fashion, the brand keeps introducing innovations in styling, fits and fabric finishes. The brand continuously pilots new styling elements at its state of the art Master facility and Design lab. Each season brings consumers the latest in international fashion and trends in fabrics and inishes of extraordinary performance.

Wills LITestyle Is tne Tlrst Inalan Drano to recelve tne prestigious Oeko- Tex Standard 100 certification that confirms that its apparel is free from more than 300 listed substances. Brand Promise A visit to a Wills Lifestyle store promises to be a truly delightful experience with quality, premium and fashionable products and the highest service standards. Factoids 1. Club ITC, The loyalty programme of Wills Lifestyle has over members. 2. Wills Lifestyle is available in various retail formats including Boutique stores in select ITC hotels. The brand was named amongst the Top Luxury Brands of India by Time Magazine in 2007. Promise Beacon 00 Wills Lifestyle is a brand of ITC Ltd, one of India’s leading companies. 00 The brand offers a premium fashion wardrobe for men and women including co-creations with India’s leading designers. 00 It is the title sponsor of the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week, Asia’s largest 82B fashion event. 00 The brand is known for its engaging service and walking the extra mile for creating consumer delight. 00 The brand has over fans across social media sites.

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Synthesis: Pick two of the ancient social positions or groups you’ve learned about in the course. It may be easiest if you select a conventional pairing (e.g., men and women; the ‘believer’ and the skeptic; et cetera), but you are not limited to sets or binaries. Connect, compare, and contrast those ancient view points and experiences of Greek and Roman religions with one another. For example, you might write about the roles, privileges, hopes, concerns, vulnerabilities, and fears of each group that you’ve selected; you might also write about whether or not they were treated equally within Greco-Roman religious and social systems.
Relevance: Relate some of the realities of religious life in the ancient Mediterranean to the modern society and culture that you are most familiar with today, be it the United States or another part of the world. For example, you might write about the extent to which the concerns and vulnerabilities of certain social groups have changed or maybe persisted across the time and space that separate us moderns from the ancient Greeks and Romans; if you detect inequities then and now, you might also comment on whether progress has been made and what more you think could be done to solve such problems.
Reflection: At the start of the course, in the Diagnostic you jotted down your initial characterization of the traditional religions of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Re-read what you wrote there, reflect on your subsequent coursework, and then answer these questions: How did your own background impact your perceptions of Greek and Roman religions when you began the course, and how has your understanding evolved during our collaborative, online-intensive, 7-week session?
So the essay is divided into three prompts — Synthesis, Relevance, and Reflection. But you can and should type the essay as a single document with a single title. Your responses to each prompt do not have to be the same length; they can vary. Together they just need to add up to 500 words.