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Amaretto starts the novel by ailing us how Penn was more attached to his mother, his father never had time for him and was always gone, showing the lacking of a male role model. Over the years William Peen’s father moved his family to Ireland, were he was introduced to Quakerism when a preacher did a sermon at their house and William Penn was very moved by it.

It all started when Penn started to understand his religion, he noticed he didn’t believe in some of the things he was studying. He then joined a Religious Society of Friends or Quakers with the risk of going to jail as well as going against his family’s beliefs.Penn was caught when attending a meeting and was sent to jail, he protested he was a Quaker and was let go. Penn continued attending meetings and people got influenced by his decisions of his beliefs. William Penn received a large piece of American land from King George II after gaining understanding of Quakerism. He quickly gained followers from not only their own followers but from other groups of religions which created the “Quaker Legacy. ” William Penn founded Pennsylvania, in 1683, as a safe place for Quakers.

Pen had advertised his colony widely in Europe and offered generous terms on the land.He guaranteed a representative assembly and full religious freedom. Believed all were children of God, so they refused to treat the upper classes with deference with the hope to create a Christian community to flee away from the Church of England. Religious toleration, democracy, and equality were the keys that influenced Penn to establish this colony. Pennsylvania would be a place where people had the right to practice Christianity. The colony was also known for the respect that was given to the Native Americans at the time when the colonies were uprising and tension was a big thing with the NativeAmericans due to land conflict, so Pennsylvania served as a place for them to flee. The founding of Pennsylvania was a very radical event at the time; however Penn went ahead and did it, Amaretto also mentions that by chartering Pennsylvania Penn spent a lot of money, but Amaretto supports Penn with his decision to found such colony and all of the expenses that came with it.

Penn was given the role of a leader. He implemented a democratic system with full freedom of religion and elected representatives of the people in power. Many people escape their homes from Europe and joined the “Quaker Legacy.The freedom of religion in Pennsylvania was for anyone who believed in God, it gave hope for everyone and brought groups of people from all over Europe. His belief in Quakerism and wanting to succeed with his religion, made him become the leader everyone wanted. William Penn was also known for his good relations with Indians. During the time of Migration people from the Old World into the New World, many settlers would go into war with the Indians to take over their land.

Many men died during this time, but they knew that William Penn was against wars and instead grow relations with Indians.Penn treaded tribes with respect, treated them as being one of their own family, he wanted to create a friendly environment with Indians. He prevented any tension between the two groups and gain friendship between both of them. William Penn created a different democracy in Pennsylvania in which created a big part of freedom of religion. Peen also wrote and urged for a union of all English colonies in what became the United States of America. The Quaker became effective by the decisions William Penn made through his life. William Penn will be remember for his kindness and efforts to succeed the Quakers.

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