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They wanted only the wealthiest of the Quakers to have power in the land, and Penn did not think the wealthy should have total power. Penn continued to struggle to form a framework of government that would satisfy the needs of everyone but he would not be discouraged and eventually would succeed. Eventually Penn developed a system that would give power to the public, limit his power, but ultimately allow him to make the final decision. Amendments allowed the government to make changes as society developed and kept the people happy. Only a few short years passed before Penn voyaged back to England.He had to tend to a land dispute with Lord Baltimore, as well as take care of his family and fellow Quakers he had left behind.

Meanwhile Pennsylvania was now in the hands of another man, Phillip Ford, and when William Penn returned he was in shock at what had become. The layout of his action society had dramatically changed. His masterpiece land Of spacious parks and gardens with houses over 800 feet apart was no more, instead, an over- crowded city that was growing by the day, with houses packed together and lilt filling the streets was a reality.William Penn would go on to regain the title of his land, but not before he found himself to be incarcerated in debtors prison in England, due to the fact that Ford deemed the title too much for Penn to repay. Eventually he borrowed some more money to pay it off and the land was back in the hands of the rightful owner. Penn sacrificed a lot in order to bring Pennsylvania to its full potential, including his own beliefs, incurring thousands of pounds in debt so that others could thrive.

(Genetics) Lysinuric protein intolerance

(Genetics) Lysinuric protein intolerance.

(Genetics) Lysinuric protein intolerance 

In the uploaded document the questions under Lysinuric Protein Intolerance have to be answered. Paragraph1-Summary of the background of the case or the scenario. Do not just type out from case.Explanation of why you chose the case study packet particular case. Paragraph 2-3/4- Fully address each a question listed in the “Worksheet” section of your chosen case. These should not be brief answers. Use images and media as needed. Use the questions as prompts to dive into the material and provide a thorough discussion around the points they raise. Explain all your answers. Paragraph 5- Explanation of how your chosen case relates to what we are learning in this class. Be specific, and make clear connections with examples (genetics relation)? Last paragraph- Discussion of any additional information or items of interest from your research. APA formatted reference list of at least 3 credible and academic sources.

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