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William Jennings Bryan’s Political Campaign devry tutorcom essay help Business Law

While Bryan did well in the West ND the South, the more densely populated industrial North and Midwest went to McKinley who was able to win the election. If Bryan had won the election, things would have been vastly different. “No one can make a million dollars honestly. ” – Bryan was widely regarded as a prominent spokesman for millions of rural Americans who were suffering from the economic depression following the Panic of 1893. William Jennings Bryan believed in free and unlimited coinage of silver, which he thought would remedy the economic ills then plaguing farmers and industrial workers.

This inflationary measure would have increased the amount of money in circulation and aided cash-poor and debt-burdened farmers. He blamed big business for the economic depression that was present. If elected President of the United States, he would have advanced his idea for free coinage of silver. Although this would have been beneficial for the majority of farmers, many of the rest of the population would have been extremely unhappy. The big business partners would have gotten together and plotted for the assignation forWilliam Jennings Bryan; which would have been successful. Bryan should have never messed with big business because, they mean business. “Destiny is no matter of chance.

It is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved. ” I believe that it was William Jennings Bran’s destiny to lose the election of 1 896 so that he would not be assassinated. It was for the better of the country that he had not won the election. The economic strategy of farming for the country was coming to an end regardless.

Networking Solution

Networking Solution.

Networking Solution 

Network technologies can be employed in various ways to meet business needs. Developing a solution begins with a set of requirements that must be understood and addressed. Following is a scenario that requires you to use a variety of network components and technologies to develop a networking solution. When working on developing a solution, all requirements may not be explicitly stated. When making assumptions, be sure to include them in your design document. The construction industry has struggled over the past years due to the economy. Nearly a dozen companies, including builders and subcontractors, banned together to develop a strategy to increase their business in the greater Washington, D.C. area. This consortium of builders and subcontractors called themselves BLDRS­DC. BLDRS­DC engaged a well­-known marketing company that recommended that they do the following: a. Use a Website to exhibit their services, capabilities, and availability Other social media sites would be represented in the final solution as well. This site would tie together their sales and scheduling information. b. Have access to project details from the construction sites This remote access would ensure tasks were completed correctly and decrease construction time considerably. In addition to engaging a marketing firm, BLDRS­DC hired a company that develops and manages Web sites. The Web site management company would be responsible for developing the software to connect sales materials and scheduling information to the Web site. Fortunately, all of the companies involved use the same scheduling software and database software for sales material. As the network specialist selected to plan and coordinate all of the activities, you need to develop a design document that outlines the technologies needed at each company to connect their unique information to the Web site. Specify the necessary network components that each company would need to enable customer access and scheduling. In addition, you need to identify a solution for allowing construction managers to securely access drawings and other pertinent construction details remotely.

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