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Will Power Will power the battle between good and evil, right and wrong, the power to say no or be able to quit when you say “I quit”. Will power, something not many people have a lot of but will power is how people chase their dreams or in xaivers case, survive he had the will power to control the morphine , the mauser riffle , and had the skills of snipping will power something that Elijah didn’t have.Morphine was first isolated in 1804 and has been used in every world war so far as an active or chronic pain reliever for the smallest to the biggest of injuries but the one thing about morphine is that it is highly addictive and can cause psychological dependence, withdrawal and you can overdose from asphyxia, which is death from lack of oxygen or choking.

It also has a physical effect of lowering reaction times and impaired thought now in “three day road Elijah had gotten addicted to morphine. Elijah lost the power to control the urge.Morphine is a motif and symbol in this book because of the following factors: I believe the start of Elijah’s addition to morphine was the start of Xavier’s and Elijah’s relationship crumbling and falling apart. One of the main reasons Elijah became a windigo is because his loss of will power against the morphine addiction. I think because of the reference to morphine multiple times in the book it has a lot to say about how easily can sucked into the power of the drug and have their lives dramatically changed. The symbolic meaning of morphine in “Three Day Road” is the fight between good versus evil.For Xavier it represent good as he was not addicted to morphine, did not become an windigio or maintained his will during the turbulent times of war.

For Elijah it represented evil as he became addicted to morphine which totally changed his behavior and attitude. Elijah lost his will power and gave in to the temptation and cruelty of war. Mauser, is a German firearm manufacturing company; one of the best in the world. They have manufactured hundreds of guns; in essence putting a life or death choice in the hands of anyone.For Xavier, the mauser rifle that he had picked up after killing the one famous German sniper was a choice between his own life or death. He resisted the temptation from Elijah, who kept pestering him to have the gun. Xavier never let him have the gun because he saw the corruption and evil in Elijah and how he had changed.

He knew giving the gun to Elijah would change everything. In the end the mauser was the corruption in Elijah and was eventually used to kill him. The aboriginal connection to hunting? It was not just the thrill of the hunt it was a tradition.They are taught to hunt with passion; to become the animal you hunt. They never hunt with vengeance or just to seek blood. It is always relates to community, tradition or spiritual meaning to their hunting. Compared to sniping, which Elijah and Xavier are forced to do, it is much the same but different.

With sniping, patience is everything. Knowing you are shot and could be your death or the end of the war and victory for the enemy. For a soldier it is mind boggling to think of sniping as a human, hunting a human, you are the animal.Having the will power to kill another human being in the meaning of right and wrong is mentally astonishing. To know that the rifle you hold in your hands could mean life or death for someone else becomes the soul’s struggle with corruption. Windago, also known as a cannibal a humun who has done a ccrime no one would think of doing in there right mind by eating another human the cruelty of war is a terrible thing, what war can do to one being is astonishing turning a averge twenty four year old into a skitzo man eating being who knows no difference between right or wrong a savage in other words.The sight seeing of war is usually never a pretty sight hills covered in bodies and streets bathed in blood these sights that men see in the war scar them for life and they could never be the same for that matter but that’s when you will power comes into play and resisting temptation, in war the temptation to use drugs is a lot higher for at war your living in between life and death never mind the chance to start eating other humans but therea point were you go from a human to a cannibal and to get top this point, will power doesn’t exist to you and t have the willpower to know that when your hungry to not eat human is big that is when your in a war.

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listening journal assignment is to write a three to five-page paper that provides an analysis of a musical work relevant to Gateways 1 to 21 (found in Parts I and II of our course textbook) and studied in our class meetings (three to five pages of written text).

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