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Will ethical behavior pay off in long run?

Answer: I do believe that ethical behavior will pay off in the long run, however I do not believe it will pay off as much as people expect it to. People want ethical behavior to be widespread and change the world, but the truth is that some people will never be ethical. Plus, what is ethical to one person is unethical to another. It depends all in the way individuals interpret things. So although I think that consistently acting ethical and passing those beliefs down through the generations will pay off, I do not believe it will pay off as much as people want it to. Definition: – Pearson Custom Publishing (Pearson, 1998-2002) defines ethics as the “standards of conduct and moral judgment.” Markula Center for Applied Ethics (1995-1998) defines ethics as those standards that compel one to refrain from committing crimes against another person such as stealing, murder, assault, slander, and fraud. It is also the standards that encourage honesty, integrity, compassion and loyalty. Ethics is not a religious principle, nor is it based on “feelings” about a particular problem. It cannot be defined as a legal practice because laws are created to protect rights, not manage ethical principles. While the definition may seem clear, ethics as a practice is somewhat ambiguous since interpretation plays a big part in how people perceive right from wrong. The Markala Center for Applied Ethics (1995-1998) states that in order to understand the meaning of ethics we must find answers the following questions, “According to what standards are these actions right or wrong? What character traits (like honesty, compassion, fairness) are necessary to live a truly human life?” Defining ethics is relatively easy compared to practicing ethics in the work place. Since the primary concern of most businesses is the bottom line, the ethical views may differ based on the type of business. Ethical views of employees may also differ from the views of the company. This can cause conflict among workers and management as companies strive to improve the bottom line. Personal ethics may be compromised in an effort to keep a job. Most Renowned companies like Enron, Satyam, Lehman Brothers, Tyco, Worldcom, Adelphia, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Arthur Anderson …. Came tumbling down. They were the darling of the masses as well as the bourses. They were seen to be responsible to employees, shareholders, suppliers, customers. All the reputation and trust built over years was wiped off due to unethical practices. For a business to be successful, it need not compromise with mortality. The more the business does something unethical or illegal the more likely that it will be caught. When ethical environment is poor, organizational performance suffers because of poor group dynamics and suppressed communication. In unethical organizations the employee morale is badly affected leaving organizations vulnerable to setbacks. Sound ethics is necessary precondition of any long term business enterprise. Excellence in business must exist on foundation of values that most of us hold dear. Without a base of shared values, trust and mutual benefits, today’s national and international business would fall apart. Basic principles of integrity and fairness can build an enduring reputation. No separate ethical laws are required; we already have a plethora of laws encompassing every facet of business The Factories Act Indian Contract Act Sale of Good Act Companies Act The Consumer Protection Act The Indian Forests Act Prevention of Corruption Act The Mines and Minerals (Regulation
Arizona State University Human Communication in Society Essay.

Paper details: Cover page: includes the paper title, your name, your academic institution, and date (centered). Page #s in the upper right margin – you do not need to include a running head.Introduction: 1-2 paragraphs that hooks the reader and briefly introduces your video and topic. DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR NAME ON THE OTHER INFORMATION ON THE FIRST PAGE AS IT IS ALREADY ON YOUR COVER PAGE.One paragraph summary of the video (some videos may require 2 paragraphs). I will provide you with the link later but it is very short about 4 minutes Minimum of 3 paragraphs, which define, discuss, relate and/or link at least 3 concepts from the chapter to the video lecture (be sure to define you key concepts!). Provide thorough explanation and examples to support your argument.
Arizona State University Human Communication in Society Essay

Athletic Training Practice Act

Athletic Training Practice Act. Paper details   Provide a minimum of one page reflection in regard to the changes that are being proposed, and how these changes impact you as a future certified athletic trainer. No sources or format needed. Just a summary of the zoom meeting and answer the 2 questions above. BELOW I HAVE ATTACHED THE LINK OF THE ZOOM MEETING. Training Practice Act

Blue Mood Powerpoint Essay

professional essay writers Blue Mood Powerpoint Essay. Communicate your findings and conclusions on the Blue Mood Clothing case. The VP’s precise questions about the legal issues are as follows: Can Colossal Corporation terminate Alex without any notice or a hearing? Why or why not? This question relates to employment-at-will. Did Alex, Nick, Bill, or Juanita commit any crimes and, if so, which crimes did each person commit? Fully explain your answer for each person as you explore the subject of business criminal law. What defenses, if any, might the relevant persons allege in response to the crimes you identified? Fully explain your answer for each person. Did Alex, Nick, Bill, or Juanita commit any intentional torts and, if so, which intentional torts did each person commit? Read about the law of tortsin order to make your determinations. What defenses, if any, might the relevant persons allege in response to the intentional torts you identified? Fully explain your answer for each person. Can anyone collect damages for the intentional torts? Who can collect and whom would they sue? Detail the specific damages that may be available to potential plaintiffs as you read about tort damages. Here is a list of additional requirements I need you to follow to meet standard presentation protocol: Include a title slide, with your name on it, introducing the presentation. On the presentation slides, include only the major bullet points for each issue. Use your narration to provide the supporting rationale for each major bullet point. Include a script of your narration in the notes section of the PowerPoint. The final slide must present a clear summary of your major conclusions and any recommendations.Blue Mood Powerpoint Essay

University of Abudhabi Transport Management Centre Operations Presentation

University of Abudhabi Transport Management Centre Operations Presentation.

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PowerPoint presentation 1. Summarize chapter 4 and 5 (page 47 to 129) only from attached source and prepare a PRESENTATION should be two PowerPoint presentation one of them detailed PPT that I can read it with full information for 13 mins and the other PPT only dot points information and pictures that I will present it. (Attached two sample ppt)undefined2. read the source and summaries it within two pages in word documents (bullet points) only.
University of Abudhabi Transport Management Centre Operations Presentation

MGMT 353 Bethel University Business Management & Forecasting Discussion

MGMT 353 Bethel University Business Management & Forecasting Discussion.

Discussion 5From Chapter 9, discuss the limitations of three of the forecasting models presented in this chapter and what cautionary advice would you give a manager when utilizing forecasts? Each student is required to make three posts, meaning that you should post initially and check the boards throughout the week to comment on at least two other student’s posts. Please note that posting to other students is a requirement of the class, and enables you to get to know your classmates through the forums. The total word count for your initial post should be a minimum of 200 words. Overview of Capacity PlanningCapacity Planning – Overview and Key Concepts (Links to an external site.)Additional ResourcesChapter 9.pptxChapter 10.pptxNotes on Simple Linear RegressionSimple Linear Regression Overview-Kahn AcademyStatistics Overview-Kahn Academy
MGMT 353 Bethel University Business Management & Forecasting Discussion