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The Evils of the Illegal Trade in Wildlife and Wildlife Parts: A Global Perspective Topic for the Essay Writing Section : The Illegal trade In wildlife and wildlife parts has had very serious repercussions on many species of wildlife worldwide, paving the way for many of them to be pushed to the brink of extinction. Discuss this statement In the light of what Is taking place today to a certain species or a number of different species. Discuss the roles of legislators, law enforcement agencies, non-governmental organizations and educational establishments to fight this menace.At the same suggest practical solutions that can curb this trade and eventually bring it to an end.

Writing section are required to: 1. Give a clear cut definition of the issue at hand. 2. Give your perceptions of the situation globally or in your respective countries. 3. Outline the roles of the government, non-governmental organizations, and the people In efforts to Instill love and respect of the rights of wildlife. 4.

Focus on one or more programmer In your country to Instill awareness on the conservation of lilied and nature.Questions to address In your essay. 1 . How have current efforts in your country to curb the illegal trade in wildlife and wildlife parts helped in preserving endangered species of wildlife? 2. How do you perceive the long term benefits the curbing of illegal trade in wildlife and wildlife parts to your country and the world at large? 3. What concrete actions would you recommend to ensure the continued monitoring of the illegal trade in wildlife and wildlife parts by your country?

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Please read the article provided down below then pick out one thing that stood out! write up your response about it in general ( you do not need to reference anything of it) just talk about it briefly. After that, I will provide you a peer-review on the same article you just need to give feedback to that comment.
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