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Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift essay help Foreign Languages assignment help

Taylor Swift decided it would be best if she dropped her much anticipated music video of the new single Wildest Dreams from her album 1989 during the VMAs. She probably thought 9 nominations was not enough to get us fans to really lose our minds, and probably came up with the conclusion that it would be best if it all happened on the same night. (And what a night it was).

If you have heard the song before it was announced as a single, you are probably aware that it qualifies more than just a single off an album. Lyrically, vocally, and melodically one of taylor’s best works, to be simple.

We all know taylor likes writing songs about love, but this is the sort of love song that we all want and fear.

In this song (post break up), Swift recalls the time she had spent with her former beau (who happens to be Scott Eastwood in the video ladies). She knew this love was doomed from the very beginning and knows he is just another mistake, but despite knowing the consequences, she jumps.

The concept behind the song is, as Taylor states, that when a relationship ends, it ends on a good note. Lyrics like “Nothing lasts forever” and “Someday when you leave me I bet these memories follow you around” have such strong and beautiful meanings, they give you goosebumps. And taylor’s vocals are on spot throughtout, especially during the chorus.

The music video adds more magic to an already wonderful plot. It is probably one of her most different videos, in which love is portrayed in a rather realistic manner rather than a fairytale romance. Starring as a ’50s actress, her character Marjorie Finn falls in love with her co-star (calm down ladies, Scott Eastwood). The video shows romance as we would dream of – the kind of love they show in movies. The only difference is the ending which has a more realistic approach, and a very tragic ending. I don’t want to ruin the video for you, but I advize you keep a tissue box with you throughout, because the ending will kill you.

The beauty of the song and video is that even if you have a sad ending to anything (be it love or even friendship), nothing will stop it from being beautiful. And that is the thing about love Swift has been trying to teach us Love is not just about ‘I will never leave you’s, it is about the time you spend with someone and how that time was perfect. And you can always look back at it once you have lost it, because the one thing you get to keep is the memories.

Swift is successful yet again with her latest new single. The song and video teach us how dangerous and beautiful love is. It’s like drowning in chocolate – sweet death. Taylor teaches us that just because you have lost something that was beautiful does not mean its memory cannot be. You can always dream about something even after losing it and there is nothing wrong about it. And it is songs like these songs – ones with lessons – we should listen to. And I would recommend it 100%.

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