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The issue of reliability and credibility arises because of lack of credentials of editors, including biased view in content, articles are not peer-reviewed before publishing source cited may be invalid, style, and tone lacks purpose. Some advantages of Wisped are clarification on topics and information is in clear simple terms for easy understanding. A disadvantages of using Wisped as source is the issue Of editors creditability. There are numerous debate on this subject across different academic departments because the website allows anyone contribute to the contents without verifying his academic credentials or expertise on the topic.In addition, most of nutritious’ information is anonymous; therefore there is no name to attribute the quotations to and this prevents reliability because no one knows about the editor. Wisped publishes contents contributed by all its editors.

An example is a medical topic regarding lung cancer. The contents reflect information from not just doctors but from accountants who may not understand the topic. This means that contents regarding lung cancer is not only updated by doctors specialized in the field but also by lava. Errs, dentist, etc. According to Miller and Murray (2010) “Thus, as a general rule, Wisped s not an appropriate source to rely on for technical information that would only be correct if the editor had specialized knowledge, like the public or private nature of ownership for a housing complex when a finding of state action turns on the determination” (P. 17). Lack of validity and reliability is why scholars and academics discourage their students from using Wisped as a source in academic writing because of verifiable credentials.

Information may not be reliable and accurate on Wisped due to lack of peer reviewed articles before publishing on the website. Articles are automatically available o users, without second opinion by an expert in the field, when updating with new information. Non-experts may not be well knowledgeable on specific topics to provide valuable contributions or remove inaccurate information. Wisped does not hold any of the editors accountable for the contents on facts; therefore there is no consequence for contributing wrong information.Many articles on the website lacks reference list for easy verification on the accuracy of the contents. Articles on Wisped are often not cited to academic source. According to Carleton College (2007), “Because anyone can ad or change content, there is an inherent lack Of reliability and stability to Wisped.

Authors of articles may not necessarily be experts on the topics they write about, leaving a lot of room for errors, misinformation, and bias. ” Citing journals or peer-reviewed materials are sources on Wisped could be a good reference source as a secondary reference source.Wisped is not a reliable source for academic reference where there is a possibility of editors submitting or modifying information on a topic to reflect their personal view. Due to the structure of Wisped, publishing an articled with review can lead o omission of important facts on the topic. Also if the editor misunderstands or misinterprets the concept of the topic, the article is left unreliable and invalid because the meaning of the topic is different from the facts.To avoid biased articles, any editor that believes passionately about one-side of a topic should not post update the contents Wisped, thereby preserving the integrity of the topic. Style and tone in most articles on Wisped are poor written and lacks clarity.

This is a result of numerous volunteer editors on the same topic and improper integration of updates in the article. Articles on Wisped are generally not geared toward a specific audience because experts and non-experts on the topic contribute to its content, thereby losing it tone.Advantages of Wisped are easy accessibility to millions of articles on wide variety Of topics. It is fast and easy to retrieve relevant information without spending endless amount of time researching a topic. It helps with quick summary or basic explanation of different subjects without reading a long and complicated academic journal. Wisped over simplifies information and is appropriate as secondary source after the citation of an academic journal or more reliable source. Within most Wisped articles, reference list showing credible sources for more detailed research on the top.

[APA] Health Care Reform – The ACA (The affordable care act)

Request: This task is for the policy analysis class. The topic will be health care reforms, more exactly the affordable care act.
You should write a research question which focuses on the following questions. Make sure you use headings to depict what is discussed in each part of your work. Do NOT write it as a Q