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Why We Should Not Compare Ourselves With Others? A very good morning to our teacher ,Madam Teoh Ai Leng and my fellow classmate . I am very honoured this morning to be given this opportunity to speak on a very important and interesting subject entitled, “Why We Should Not Compare Ourselves With Others? ”. As you know, a lot of times people advise us to compare ourselves with others but this is not always the best way of thinking. There are many reasons to change this way of thinking and begin to compare ourselves only with ourselves.

This is the way it should be, and today I will discuss some of the most important reasons for this. The first reason to avoid comparing yourself with others is that there will be always someone better than you. It doesn’t matter in which aspect, but it is always true. Therefore, you could feel inferior to others and maybe without a real reason. For example, you can be an incredible architect and the best of your generation, and this can make you feel incredibly good, but if someday someone is better than you are, you could feel sad although you are still the same incredible architect that you were before.

The second reason to elude this kind of comparison is that you will always find someone worse than you, but as opposed to the first reason, this can make you feel better than the others, and this feeling can turn into a horrible pride. For example, if you are the second best student of your class, and one day the very best student leaves the school, you will then be the best one although you are still only as good as you were before.

A third reason to stop comparing ourselves is that the one who compares him or herself with others is judging, and this doesn’t help us develop as human beings. Nobody knows the internal reality of the other; nobody knows his or her story and his or her most deep intentions, and when we judge it’s harder to accept the others. The last but most important reason to avoid comparing ourselves with others is that when we do, we can be tempted to copy them, to do the same things, and to act and think like them.

The problem with this is that if we copy someone, we will never know who we really are and what we really want, and then we will never grow spiritually. Dear Students, For all these reasons and because we are unique, we should not compare ourselves with others, only with ourselves. The only comparison pattern that we really have is our consciousness. So, if we use this pattern we will not feel less or more than others; we will also not try to make others look bad. In other words, we will live happier. Thank you.

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