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Why we need a male Pill

Read case study that is attached below as (new msoc)Step 2. Describe the Case.a. Identify and describe the parties involved, their rights, their responsibilities.b. Identify and explain the salient ethical issues of the case.c. Identify the relevant factual issues, conceptual issues, social constraints, and any additional information necessary for an accurate understanding of the case.Step 3. Determine potential options.a. Formulate at least three possible courses of action.b. Compare and contrast your options (a. Good/Bad Consequences, b. Nullify any rules, c. Expected outcomes, Benefits vs. Harm).c. Provide your own opinions; do not regurgitate others’ opinions.d. “Use your facts/sources to convince me of your ethical point of view”.Step 4. Select and justify a course of action.a. Which course of action do you feel is most appropriate for this situation? (Meaning: Of the three potential options you listed in Step 3, which one would you choose?)b. Explain your answer. (Why did you choose that course of action?)c. Which ethical theory justifies your decision? How?d. Of the 4 guiding ethical principles (non-maleficence, beneficence, autonomy and justice), which one(s) seems most applicable to this case and why?Step 5: Provide evidence for the ethical arguments you see presented in the study? (Support your opinion with evidence).a. Cite your sources and list in a Works Cited using APA style. Choose sources of substance. Should look at outside articles to have multiple sources (i.e. required text which is attached below).

Why does Henry jump into the river? Does he intend to drown, or is it accidental? In what ways does he change in the story, and what things cause him to change?

Why does Henry jump into the river? Does he intend to drown, or is it accidental? In what ways does he change in the story, and what things cause him to change?.

Why does Henry jump into the river? Does he intend to drown, or is it accidental? In what ways does he change in the story, and what things cause him to change?

You will need to read The Red Convertible by Louise Erdrich General Paper Requirements: • 2-3 page essay • 12 font Times New Roman • typed and double-spaced • Title page is not included in the 3-4 pages • The paper is due during week 13 • The paper should be written APA style:

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Why we need a male Pill IAAS_powerpoint.

Description  Use PowerPoint should be about 8-10 mins o Minimum 5 slides o Created with narration  Present topic o Brief overview of topic o What it does o Impact on IT security presentation is about the research paper Ransom Attack.

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Health & Social Care;Social Care sector

Health & Social Care;Social Care sector.

What is autonomy? Discuss why and how recent policies and practices and have sought to increase autonomy? Provide examples to illustrate the implementation of such policies and practices with at least two groups of people who use social care services

1 Explain the key social policies and legislation relevant to the Social Care sector
2 Evaluate the extent to which policy and legislation promotes the autonomy and independence of at least two groups of people who use Social Care Services

The client would like to focus on either Older adults or children with mental health or disability – happy for the writer to specify.

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Programmable matter

Programmable matter.

Select a technology discussed in Soonish. Explain more than Soonish about the technical and social factors that make it likely your selected technology will or won’t be implemented in the short term. Please cite all information you use that was not contained in Soonish, using a good referencing style. Your paper should be about 5 pages long, 2x spacing.

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Public Health Nursing—Present, Past, and Future.

Public Health Nursing—Present, Past, and Future..

 As a public health nurse at a free clinic, you are assessing and interviewing a 21-year-old woman who has come to the clinic because she doesn’t have any energy and hasn’t felt good in weeks. During the interview, you learn that she averages one meal per day, smokes up to two packs of cigarettes per day, and rummages through trash to find items she can sell to purchase food, snacks, and cigarettes. She admits to using street drugs every once in a while when she can find someone who will share with her. She admits her life is a mess and she doesn’t know how to make it better. What data can you gather based on available client information? What questions should you ask yourself while interviewing this client? During planning, how can you, as the nurse, best assist this client? What are the potential strategies that would assist the client to a “better” life? Your paper should be 2 pages in length, in APA format, typed in Times New Roman with 12-point font, and double-spaced with 1” margins. If outside sources are used, they must be cited appropriately.

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Sociological Factors and Chances of Achieving the “American Dream”

Sociological Factors and Chances of Achieving the “American Dream”.

The Sociological Imagination:

Sociological Factors and My Increased Chances of Achieving the “American Dream”


Paper Instructions

U.S. Society in Global Perspective



What are your chances of achieving the “American Dream”?  According to C. Wright Mills, answering this question requires (if you are to avoid a false consciousness about yourself) you to apply the sociological imagination: The ability to connect your personal chances for success to the larger historical and social contexts in which you live.


For many students (especially Americans), this can be very difficult; it is in many ways antithetical to our daily worldview, which centers on principles of the “American Dream”, meritocratic ideals, and individualism.  In his popular book, Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell uses the sociological imagination to illustrate the role of social and cultural factors as determinants for successful people. He argues that we do not live in a meritocracy. Rather, extremely successful people are given unearned, unmerited advantages that enable them to succeed in ways that others could not.


Your goal, via this paper, is to identify key sociological factors that have increased your chances for success in comparison to people who have not shared in the same sociological factors.  Your job is to illustrate how said sociological factors have provided you with advantages that have put you on the path to achieving the “American Dream”.  The following list of sociological factors should get you thinking, but it is by no means a comprehensive list of items that could influence your chances of success.  So, you can use these if you so choose, but you can also use sociological factors that are not on this list.  I enjoy out-of-the-box sociological thinking.


Social Structures                   Cultural Legacies                               Enabled Practice

Social Roles                            Parenting Philosophies                     Political Structure

Gender                                    Economic Systems (i.e. Capitalism)  Demographic Luck

Race                                        Accumulated Advantages                 Birth Order    

Socio-economic status          Extraordinary Opportunities                        Family structure

Labor Force Shifts                  Technological Innovation                 Globalization

Healthcare System                Power-Distance Scale                                    Religious Structures


Assignment Specifics: You will write a 4-page paper illustrating how sociological factors have increased your chances for success.  A minimum of four full pages of text is required (excluding a title page or headings).  Write in Times New Roman, use 12-point font, double-space everything but the bibliography, include a title page, bibliography and in-text citations.


Your goal is not simply to identify sociological factors in your life (e.g. I have a car, I don’t do drugs, I didn’t grow up in a crime-ridden city, etc.), but to explain the “how”—how has each advantage impacted your life in a way that puts you at a greater chance for success?

You will know your paper is successful if:


·         Your writing often alternates between describing sociological concepts (e.g. “concerted cultivation,” “cultural legacies,” social capital, etc.) and brief personal illustrations or stories. Short explanations of your past experiences (or your “narratives”) should provide convincing evidence of increasing your chances of achieving the “American Dream”. You must state the connections between the concepts and your stories—do not leave it to the reader to decipher. The stories should frame and illustrate the sociology, not the other way around; the emphasis is on the sociology.

·         It is specific to you. You will need to provide detail from your life experiences to support your ideas. If the paper could accurately describe a person other than you, it is not detailed enough. This is why deep thought is so important. Successful papers must focus on three broad sociological factors (not more).

·         Your paper has well thought-out supporting statements that explicate the way the sociological factors you cite have helped you get ahead.  It’s also a good idea to support your supporting statements.  For example, if you cite a new car as an unmerited advantage it is not enough to say it helps you get around.  You must ask yourself why is “getting around” an advantage?  It’s not enough to say, “because I can get a higher paying job.”  What is it about a higher paying job that really puts you at advantage?  Better healthcare?  Opportunity to court better?  Less financial stress?  Means to pay for education? Get to the core.

·         Your paragraphs are organized and convincing. The paper can be creative and incorporate personal style, but it must be clearly written. There should be topic sentences for each paragraph and a central thesis statement that is unique to you.

·         There is personal voice and style in the writing. You have an opportunity to be personal and creative here—take it! If you put thought and personality into the paper, you are likely to be successful and have an enjoyable experience writing it.

·         You have thoroughly edited. You will lose points for typos. It is probably not sufficient for you to do the editing yourself; have a peer read it. Others will catch flaws you cannot see. If you think you may need extra help in this area, go should go to the Writing Lab, especially if English is not your first language.

·         Your paper contains scholarly studies which back-up or substantiate your arguments.  For example, if you argue that being tall increases your chance for success, adding scholarly studies that empirically verify the benefits of being tall will not only help your argument but increase your grade.


Grading will be based on how you follow directions, write clearly, and think critically. Again, your insight into your life and “out of the box” thinking is paramount in this assignment. Papers that are cliché or poorly explained will not receive good grades. Papers that clearly demonstrate an understanding and personal application of the sociological imagination will be successful.




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The purpose of this assignment is to increase the knowledge base,add to the repertoire of reading theories,and increase skills of reflection and problem solving through research and reading on topics that are current,controversial, or significant in understanding the theories behind the reading process

Select a topic that is personally intriguing AND is addressed in the content of the course. Critical issues in literacy theory and learning, the processes of first and second language acquisition, literacy models for students having limited English proficiency,assessment, using home language other than English in an academic setting,emergent literacy and first-language and second-language learners, standardized testing for ESOL/LEP/ESE, multicultural literature, technology, basal readers,and parent involvement are suggested topics. An alternative may be suggested to the instructor for approval. Read a minimum of five reference sources on the selected topic.

Write a 5- page report that includes: ·General review and summary of the articles’content; ·Personal reaction to the information that has been summarized with specific attention to synthesizing the ideas found in the research with course concepts and personal background experiences; ·Introduction; ·Conclusion with a standing conviction; ·List of cited references, followingAPA format (6th ed.). ·

Suggestions for using research information with ESOL/LEP/ESE ·Completeresponses to each of the following questions: o How did the information in the selected readings increase your knowledge of emergent literacy specific to the identification of concepts in print? o How did the information in the selected readings increase your knowledge of the reading process, specific to the developmentalstages of reading and the syntactic, semantic,and graphophonemic cueing systems? o How did the information in the selected readings increase your knowledge of the process of constructing meaning from a variety of texts, specific to essentialcomprehension skills? o How did the information in the selected readings increase your knowledge of literature, specific to a variety of literary genres, literary devices,and selecting multicultural literature? o How did the information in the selected readings increase your knowledge of effective listening and viewing strategies? o How did the information in the selected readings increase your knowledge of the nature of language? o How did the information in the selected readings increase your knowledge of reading for a variety of purposes? o How did the information in the selected readings increase your knowledge and improve your understanding of English for speakers of other languages? 

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Curriculum Innovation, development or enhancement

Curriculum Innovation, development or enhancement.

A full-blown research on curriculum innovation, development or enhancement using the following format; CHAPTER 1 Introduction Background of the Study Research Problems Hypotheses Theoretical or Conceptual Framework Scope and Limitation Research Locale Definition of Terms CHAPTER 2 Review of Related Literature CHAPTER 3 Research Methodology (Design) Participants (includes selection procedures, sampling, etc.,) Statistical Tools Instrument (Includes validation) Data Collection Procedure CHAPTER 4 Results and Discussion Chapter 5 Findings and Conclusions

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Diversity – Mediating Morality

Diversity – Mediating Morality.

Diversity – Mediating Morality 

Paper details synopsis of your responses and the publisher’s responses. 1. For each question (there are five), you will discuss what your response was compared to the publisher’s. 2. Discuss your reaction as to why they were the same or different. You must use OB concepts and theories in each of your responses. Your reactions should be based on what you read in the assigned readings for this module.

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Aum Shinrikyo: Examine this terrorist group

Aum Shinrikyo: Examine this terrorist group.

Examine this terrorist group. The review should focus on the origins, goals, and actions of the group, as well as responses to the groups activities. 

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