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In the TED presentation “Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders” presenter Sheryl Sandberg describes why women do not reach the top in any profession around the world. She begins the presentation by admitting that the women now are lucky because they did not live in the world our mothers and grandmothers experienced in the past. Shortly after, Sheryl reports some numbers and data to describe the problem clearly. For example, in the U. S. just nine women are head of state, another example is that women in parliament around the world constitute 13%, and about 16% of women are in board seats in the corporate sector.

In short, just 20% of women are in the top profession. Also, she reported study about married senior managers, which showed that two thirds of married men had children, and only one third of the married women had children. Moreover, she tells the story of when she went to New York to pitch a deal and the director did not know where the location of the women’s restroom was because he did not work with any women in his office. Thereafter, Sheryl sent three letters for women who wanted to stay in workforce. The first message was “sit at the table”.

She thinks that women are underestimating their own abilities and do not have self-confidence. Sandberg highlighted that when she was a college student, her brother did not attend classes and did not want to study. On the other side, her roommate studied a lot and attended all her classes, but when they finished the test of their class, her brother said that the test was easy and her roommate was not sure about what she did. So, she says to all women “believe in yourself and negotiate for yourself. Own your own success”. The second message was “make your partner a real partner”.

She thinks that if one woman and man work full time and have children, it means a woman does twice the amount of house work than the man does, and the woman does three times the amount of childcare than the man does. So, she has two to three jobs, and he has one. Sheryl wants women and men to do the same housework and childcare. The third message was “do not leave before you leave”. She thinks that the women are thinking about having a child, and from the moment she starts thinking about having a child, she starts thinking about making room for that child.

Thus, she does not look for a promotion and does not take on the new project. Sheryl wants women to not waste their time on thinking when they will leave. It appears to me from Sandberg’s speech that women are doing a good job in all aspects of work, but they still do not reach the top, or maybe just not in a majority percentage. However, men somehow are not having the choice to contribute fully at workforce or at home. She also talked about the challenges women face during their jobs. These challenges are the reason for their attitude or others’ reflections on them.

I may agree with the point that women are underestimating their ability. Besides, the difficulties they find in appreciating their success are in addition to the fact that they are the negative creatures. Although Sandberg’s speech might be far sensible, I disagree with her in some points. Especially, the three messages that send to women. From my point of view, choices are divided equally between men and women, but the problem is with the personalities. Women are born with a weaker attitude compared to men, which we cannot do anything against it.

The Second disagreement is “making your partner a real partner “ am not totally beyond the idea. However, I think it is clear that the main job for the women is taking care of kids and creating, which is the best job in the world as it’s benefited the society and provide it with need of workers. Beside, it’s known role in raising the living standard and improving the quality of life. What job can be better than that? . And I’m not saying here that women should stay at home, but re-ordering their priorities in life.

Man as well, should help in raising the children, but it’s not a sort of jobs he can succeed in. The best proof to my saying is our dropped communities, it is obvious that women’s having many jobs are affecting badly on the young generation. Whereas, we can see the spread of crimes and many societies issue. Anyway, I really enjoyed the speech and the honesty on it. Sandberg left a very big space for us to think and to share in finding the solution, for a problem that has been made by us.

Outsourcing a function within Zara company

Outsourcing a function within Zara company.

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You are the most senior HR person in your organisation (the same organisation you used for Assessment Item 1) and a part of the senior management team. You have been involved in initial discussions about a new organisational strategy (you will choose from the list below). You have been asked to do some research and to report back to the senior management team outlining the key implications for management of human resources if this strategy were to be implemented. Your report needs to show that you understand the organisational goals and strategies (building on Assessment Item 1), have researched and understood the particular strategy being proposed, have identified the critical considerations if the strategy is implemented, and made realistic recommendations on how to manage the strategy in the case organisation. In addition, you are asked to identify the role you believe the HRM function should play in the implementation of the strategy � in particular focussing on the HR Competency Domains (Brockbank, et al. 2012).
The strategies for you to choose from are:
? Expanding the location of your organisation into a new state or country
? Downsizing your organisation
? Outsourcing a function within your organisation
? Merging your organisation with, or acquiring, another organisation
? Expanding into a new product or service (significantly different to the ones the company now provides)
? Undertaking a major organisational restructure
? Other (this is for cases where a student has an interest in a particular business strategy that is not mentioned
above � needs to be agreed with the Unit Coordinator)
Please note: This is an individual assignment but you will be using the case organisation from Assessment Item 1. However, each strategy can only be used by one person from each team so you will need to discuss in a group your preferences for a focus strategy.
It is strongly advised that once you have chosen your strategy you make it specific to your organisation. For example, if you are choosing to enter a new location, choose the country or state eg. India, NSW etc, or if you are outsourcing a function, identify which function eg. payroll, IT support etc. It should be something that might reasonably be expected in your organisation. You don�t need to justify this detail but you will need to be this specific so that your recommendations are not too broad and you can discuss the specific implications of this strategy.
Target Audience:
The senior management team in your case organisation. This means you do not need to describe the organisation to them but can assume they have the knowledge that you also have as a result of conducting your first assessment item.
This is a report to the senior management team and therefore you should use a report style (for general information on writing reports refer to In particular for this report, it is critical for you to demonstrate that as well as being able to write a report that is informed by research and provides strong analysis, you can also summarise this in a way that provides the key details to a busy management team that may not read your full report. Therefore, your executive summary is a critical part of your report and subject to a separate criterion within the requirements for this assessment. The executive summary should not have any further information than in your report but should summarise your key points (for this reason, it is always a good idea to write it last!). It should be 1-2 pages in length, making use of bullet points to summarise key issues and recommendations wherever possible.
How you will be assessed:
This is an individual assessment item and the CRA for this assessment is on the Blackboard site.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Do we need to revisit information about our case organisation?
? No. Assume that your reader is familiar with your case. If you are referring to specific issues then feel free to summarise again, but do not take up valuable word space going back over things you presented in your first assessment item.
How do I address the criteria about social and legal issues? Should it be a separate heading?
? You could use a separate heading but that is not essential. Throughout your discussion, it is important that you demonstrate an understanding of ethical and/or legal issues relating to your recommendations and have been explicit in discussing these.
How many references do you expect?
? There is no �magic� number. Sometimes assignments have a long list of references (quantity) but have not used them well (a lack of quality). Good assignments normally have used high quality journal articles and have integrated them well in their discussion and used them to back up claims they are making.
Do we have to justify why they have chosen the potential strategy?
? Not in detail � you can assume it is considered a worthy potential strategy. For example, don�t focus on justifying why a function should be downsized, focus on discussing the issues and impacts of downsizing and implications for the organisation.
What if after doing research, I don�t agree that the strategy is appropriate for the organisation?
? It is OK to say you don�t believe it is the most appropriate strategy given your knowledge of the business and it goals. If you do this however you need to give arguments against the strategy backed up by research and make suggestions for alternatives.
MGN421 Strategic HRM 2
Task Instructions � Assessment Item 2
?Pitfalls from previous semesters:
? Relying too heavily on text books � these are just a general overview of a topic that draws upon research (which is why we use them at university) but you should be using the most recent research you can find in scholarly journals to back up your arguments, claims or recommendations
? Relying on generic SHRM literature. While this is good as a basis, you will also need to research your chosen focus areas � the business strategy and the key implications which will require more specific research
? Relying on theoretical papers and not using empirical research results to back up your claims and recommendations
? Making claims or statements that are not backed up by a scholarly reference
? Not proof reading the final report for typos, grammar, sentence structure (there is a reasonable number of marks applied to this criteria and these are, in some ways, �easy marks� if you take the care to submit a well- formatted and edited report)

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