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Why We Crave Horror Movies instant essay help Environmental Science

Stephen King is a renowned writer who is internationally well known for his best-selling horror novels, such as Carie, The Shining and Dream catchers to mention a few. In this essay, Why We Crave Horror Movies Mr.

King has established some causes that may be responsible for our craving for horror movies. The causes that he speculated are, our desire to prove that we do not have fear for anything, we also feel that it is essential for us to re-establish a sense of normality in our lives by overcoming fear and also being able to overcome our fear and have the sense of adrenal rush in our body is fun.He uses four distinctive strategies in order to convey his speculations to the readers and they are, 1) The use of a shocking statement as a introduction of his easy, 2) The establishment of causes and the use of humor to present them, 3) The use of analogies related to the daily experiences of our lives, and the last but not the least 4) the usage of examples to justify the analogies that he established throughout the essay and he also the presentation of a counter argument for the readers who may not agree with him. Mr.King begins his essay by making a very shocking statement in order to capture the interest of his readers. He states that he feels all human beings are mentally ill to certain extent and the reason he feels we all have some degrees of psychological illness because of the behavior that we display on a daily basis such as talking our selves, making certain facial jesters and believe that no one is watching, or simply having the fear for heights, snakes and the dark and tight spaces. We are simply able to hide our insanity compared to the patrons of a mental hospital.

Then he goes on to presents the causes that he speculated in order to inform his readers the reasons why we are so much into horror movies and along with presenting the causes he also uses analogy to support his speculations. He feels that we just watch horror movies simply to overcome our weakness and to convince ourselves that we are not fearful of anything. He uses the analogy of roller coaster. Many of us are fearful of heights and therefore roller coaster. However we take the challenge of going on a roller coaster despite our fear because we need to present ourselves as strong individuals and hide our weaknesses.Similarly watching a horror movie helps us to hide our weakness and give us a sense of empowerment that we are not afraid of anything and therefore we are normal. It also gives us some strange kind of fun that we need to exercise our emotion.

Another analogy he uses is the comparison of watching horror movies with watching pro football. Mr. King feels that we watch horror movies simply to have some fun. As he puts it “a very peculiar sort of fun, indeed, the fun comes from seeing other menaced- sometimes killed. ” He feels watching a horror movie is “the version of the public lynching” like pro football is the “voyeur’s version of combat. He also uses various examples to make his speculations believable to his readers. He uses the example of a child getting reward such as “chocolate covered graham crackers” and the acknowledgement from its aunt, uncle and parents for not hitting the annoying younger sibling and also the child getting punished for hitting its younger siblings.

He feels that when show our best behavior that is inspired by our good emotion we get reward from the society and whereas when we show our bad behavior that is inspired by our bad emotion we are not acknowledged by our society.He feels our emotions are like the muscles of a human anatomy and sometimes it is necessary to exercise our emotions in order to maintain its functionality and watching horror movie and letting our emotions loose is an exercise that our mind needs to keep our sanity. He also uses humor to prove his points. When he attempts to explain why he feels we all have some degrees of insanity engraved in our behavior, he uses the example of people picking their nose during a morning bus ride or talking to self during a stressful situation.He also uses the example of saints to prove that we are all insane, even the saints are insane and crazy to certain extent. The analogy and the examples that are used by Mr. King are certainly convincing.

He uses his knowledge, personal and professional accomplishment to establish his credibility. His reasoning is very clear and logical and relevant to the topic he is presenting to his readers. He is well known for his horror novels and he certainly knows what the readers look for. He uses his experience to tell the readers why we crave for horror movies.

Management Communication Essay

Management Communication Essay.

This unit is Management Communication, so I hope you can use the topic or theories of this unit.

Please write the essay according to below description! Thank you so much!

A 2000 word academic essay is due at the end of the unit with the following topic:

Identify a major business incident that occurred at least 2 years ago. Briefly describe the

incident and then provide an analysis of the way the company handled the issue drawing on

the various topicscovered in this unit. You will need to draw on news reports (written and

video), press releases, interviews, and company reports and investigate these in light of the

various topics in this unit. As it is an academic essay you are expected to draw on academic

journal articles and other academic sources outside of the materials provided in this unit. Ensure that any video material accessed online is fully

referenced and the link provided with your essay.

For purposes of this assignment, a “business incident” is any event (typically negative) that either

resulted from communication issues or that required a considerable communication response (or


– examples include company responses to natural or man made disasters/accidents, corporate


scandals, significant product recalls etc.

The following marking criteria will be used:

1. Evidence of research.

2. Evidence of understanding the topic.

3. Evidence of analysis and consideration of alternate points of view.

4. Evidence of directly seeking to address the topic and providing a substantive point of view.

5. Use of facts and information to develop and substantiate analysis and argument.

6. Use of logic and clarity of thought in presenting your arguments.

7. Use of correct punctuation, acknowledgement and citation of sources.

8. Inclusion of a bibliography

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