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Why Switch to Led Lights Essay Sample cheap mba definition essay help Environmental Science coursework help

Highly energy efficient. devouring up to 90 % less power than incandescent or halogen bulbs and up to 50 % less than fluorescent or CFL. * less heat emanation. hence lading on air conditioners is decreased ensuing in farther electricity nest eggs. * long life span therefore cut downing care and lamp replacing costs and lower long-run operating costs. * environmentally friendly as they do non incorporate toxic quicksilver or any other risky stuffs. Second. wth the decrease in electricity use. less coal demand to be burned in coal-burning power workss to provide that electricity. This consequence in less C dioxide ( a nursery gas ) . sulfur dioxide. azotic oxides. and quicksilver being emitted to the environment. As a consequence. installing of LEDs leads to less pollution and a lower C footmark. * light up immediately without wavering. No warm-up period required. When turned on. they are at full brightness. * Life span unaffected by frequent turning on and off.

No UV radiation hence ideal for reflecting on “heat and light sensitive” ware such as tickers. jewelry. leather goods. old-timers and graphics. Besides prevent premature aging of tegument due to uv exposure. * do non pull winging insects as insects are drawn to UV visible radiation. * directional and concentrate visible radiation in the countries required hence reduces light wastage. * safer as there are no delicate fibrils to interrupt. They are usually assembled in aluminum and plastic. alternatively of glass shell. doing them more robust and shockproof. Even when they are broken. they do non shatter into pieces like glass or emit harmful gas. * Although LED light bulbs cost more than traditional visible radiation bulbs. they are much cheaper to run and last much longer. therefore saves money in the long tally. Furthermore all our merchandises come with guarantee runing from a few months to a few old ages. The energy efficiency and environmental benefits translate into fiscal nest eggs for you and a cleaner environment for everyone.

Python home work for python 101

Homework One (14 pts):
Write a program with a function to do some task that you love (sports, cooking, hobby)
a. (2 pts) import function from separate file into main program
b. (2 pts) call the function from the main program, passing in arguments
c. (2 pts) print output of the function call (in the main program, function must return a variable)
d. (2 pts) function includes a for loop
e. (2 pts) function includes at least one required and one optional variable
f. (2 pts) Program must actually run – in the example from class, I would do something like the following:
def Mo_grills_patties (num):
return num*10
g. (2 pts) function does not use global variables (except for parameter declarations after the function)
Upload the code (2 files: function and main program) on Gradescope

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