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A Majority of car crashes happen among teenage drivers for a ton of reasons. If you think about having laws in place for only teenage drivers, it actually only delays the fatal car crash rates for sixteen year olds to eighteen year olds. Laws can’t be made up to help cops be aware of all the laws teens are breaking. There have been 1,348 fewer deadly crashes Involving sixteen year old drivers, but at the same time there have been 1 ,086 more fatal crashes that involved eighteen year olds (www. Ell. Blobs. Anytime. Com). One thing that people need to know Is that there are no laws that can make teenagers stop being teenagers. So thus, no law could be In place to help ensure the responsibility of teen drivers behind the whew[ Earlier I said there are d varlets of ways that teenage drivers get In fatal car crashes, well let’s stop a moment and look at some of those reasons. The most basic reason is that teenagers get distracted by other things when they are behind the wheel.

The distractions consist of cell phones, messing with the radio, the passengers they have in the car, etc The cell phones distract them because every time it goes off while they are driving they think they are missing out on something, so they take the initiative to text people back or answer their phone. The radio can distract the driver as well because It they don’t like a song they try to change the channel or press the next button making them focus on inside the car and not focus on what’s happening outside the car. On the road.

The second most distracting to teenage drivers are the passengers the driver has In the car with them. The risk of being in d car crash increases when they transport passengers- the fatality risk of drivers aged sixteen to seventeen years Is three Pont SIX times higher when they are driving with assigners than when they are driving alone (www. Dam. Ca. Gob). Another down fall of having peers as passengers Is that they encourage them to take more risks, especially for young males driving with young male drivers (www. Dam. Ca. Gob). Also, teen drivers get in crashes because of the night time driving.

The per mile crash rate for teenage drivers Is three times higher after nine pm during the day (www. Dam. Ca¦ova). It doesn’t help that some drivers are sleep deprived so they focus less on the road than they do to try to stay awake. Furthermore, there are more reasons why teenage crashes happen. To continue on from my last paragraph there are a great number of reasons why teenagers get Into fatal car crashes. A varlets of teenagers lack driving experience, making them lack skill. Lacking driving skill meaner that teens have low risk perception.

Risk perception involves subjectively assessing the degree tot the threat posed by a hazard and ones ability to deal with threat (WV. Dam. Ca. Gob). Young drivers tend to underestimate the hairdos things happening on the road. This is dangerous because they then overestimate their driving experience and end up In a fatal car crash. Additional reasons why teenagers wreck is because of the use of alcohol and they drive under the Influence tot It. Judgment Is Impaired when anyone Is under the influence of alcohol substance or drugs (www. Eccentricities. Com). Onto fatal car crashes, there are a bunch of prevention measures they can take to prevent getting into car crashes. There are various quality safety guidelines that must be followed to lessen the risk of a crash (mm. ‘. Contractile. Com). My question, however, does anyone know of these guidelines because no one I know follows safety guidelines. The leading cause of car accidents is the consumption of alcohol by the river (whimsicalness. Com). The way you could prevent people from drinking and driving is to get a designated driver (AD) or call a taxi to drive you home.

Driving under the influence can get you a DUD if getting pulled over. An additional prevention of getting in crashes is to never grasp for things in their vehicle while driving, like a cellophane. What also makes drivers less aware is road rage. Each driver must manage their temper when on the road (whimsicalness. Com). Now, new cars are now being equipped with machines that aid the drivers to prevent car crashes. These canines consist of proximity detectors that detect how far away your car is from others around you and an automatic acceleration machine to decrease your speed if you are going above the speed limit.

An enormous amount of the restrictions the states and government makes for teenage drivers don’t help prevent them from fatal car crashes. For one, the tougher restrictions on sixteen and seventeen year olds drivers only put a spike in the crash rates for eighteen and nineteen year old drivers. Seventy-five percent of fatal car crashes were Just occurred a year later (www. Well. Blobs. Anytime. Com). The extractions designed for the sixteen and seventeen year olds dropped the number of them getting their license and increased the number of licenses eighteen year olds got.

This leaves the sixteen-seventeen year olds to wait to get their license till they are eighteen, causing older drivers to be inexperienced. In conclusion, a variety of teenagers are at fault for car crashes, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be preventions for them. What I believe is there are no laws that can be in place to ensure teenagers to be more responsible behind the wheel. I strongly encourage people to look up prevention methods on getting in car crashes theater you’re a teenager or not. We can all be a little more aware and safe while driving in a vehicle.

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