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Typical lethargic teenagers spend hours clinging to their mouse and browsing through the mass of information on the internet. For me, homing in on the appropriate material possibly saved a life and inspired my future career in the medical field. It‘s Friday. My tools for a relaxing night are three disconnected phone jacks, a silent house, and a bowl of chocolate fudge ice cream. Severing all ties with the rest of humanity en-sures a safe haven for precious time between me and the latest Nicholas Sparks novel. These nights are my favorite but on this one, I forget to sever all connections to civilization. Like the absent-minded peer in my Calculus class, I forget to turn off my cell phone and soon hear it chirping. Though I desperately want to remain in the concave impression of my pillow, it continues to ring. Picking up the phone, I am greeted by hurried breaths and mumbled syllables. These whimpers belong to my friend Rachel*. Despite repeated warnings and common sense, this neophyte pill-popper took her first ephedra capsule that morning. Fol-lowing her consistently impatient nature, she felt it necessary to make a trip to the fitness club to obliterate the last few lipidic regions remaining on her fragile frame. Afterwards, dizziness, quivering limbs, and an increased heart rate beset her. Her heart rate when she called: 150 beats per minute. Two hours later: 130 beats per minute. An eerie calm sweeps over me and I go to work. My old friend tells me that when one is using amphetamines, extreme physical activity is stressful to our little blood-pumper. Rachel‘s trip to the gym could be enough to trigger a heart attack. She is also taking an MAOI for mild depression. Anti-depressants coupled with amphetamines form a hazardous cocktail. She needs to go to the emergency room, and now. Un-willing to divulge her mistake to her father, she refuses, claiming that her symptoms will eventually stop. However, her stubbornness is no match for my oratory skills and finally she complies. Hanging up the phone, I smile. Breaking away from the keyboard, I reunite with Nicholas Sparks. My palm steadies the novel as my fingers rifle through pages. I shift uncomfortably. My source of comfort has lost its allure. – *Name has been changed.

Naval Support Activity Bahrain Situation Audit

Naval Support Activity Bahrain Situation Audit.

Naval Support Activity Bahrain Situation Audit 

– Executive Summary (Abstract) 1 page – Introduction 1Page – Organizational Fact Sheet – 1Page (Name of Organization, Location, When Organization was created, legal status, focus, {purpose, products, or services}, size(i.e. number of employees), leadership (members of the executive leadership team), mission and vision, other important facts appropriate for your organizational type) – Identify Mission, Vision, Values and Goals- 1Page (Analyze whether these goals are explained clearly and whether they make sense given the organization. Look for alignment of the mission, vision, values and goals.) – Analyze Organizational Strategy and Objectives (Brief overview of your organization strategy, which can be used in part to orient new employees, when analyzing your organizations strategy and objectives and their implications for performance towards success) 1Page – Identify Strategy Types and Competitive Advantage (identify Core Competencies and reach supportable conclusions while reviewing organizational strategy(i.e. global-level, business-level, functional-level, and corporate-level strategies) 2pages -Determine Organization Size and Structure (Refers to how individual work and team work with an organization.

To achieve organizational goals and objectives, individual work needs to be coordinated and managed. Departmentalization is used in my current job categorized as either functional or divisional. Include in the report an analysis of whether the current structure aligns with and impacts the organization’s MVGO’s- mission, values, goals and objectives.) 2-3pages – Analyze Critical Resources (now that big picture of organization has been examines- MVGOs, size, and structure – now its time to Analyze the critical resources of the organization. Select one critical resource that is most important to the organization to maintain its competitive advantage. Human Resources, financial resources, technology resources, building and equipment(physical resources). Explain both why this particular critical resource is the most important of the critical resources to the maintenance or enhancement of the organization competitive advantage.) 2pages – Examine Leadership, Governance and Management (Now its time to shift your focus to the organization’s leadership. management styles, leadership styles and governance structures can have an immense impact on daily experience of employees at all levels. Prepare a summary of how each principle applies to the organization- management and leadership styles and effectiveness, management control systems, organizational leadership and governance.) 2-3pages – Evaluate Strengths and Weaknesses (An analysis evaluating the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, known as SWOT analysis, is important task when analyzing an organization’s situation, especially when the information is intended for use in strategy delve-meant and related decision making. For this report the interest is in internal organizational factors, and you will there focus on strengths and weaknesses. Using everything already identified to help identify the strengths and weaknesses of the organization.) 1-2pages – Explore Capacity for Learning and Change ( Learning organizations are organizations that systematically measure their performance against sound criteria and metrics and then take concrete actions to change and make improvements. Explain the reasons you associate with the organization’s success in making changes regardless of failures. Think of area in the organization that can be improved.) 1-2pages – Conclusions and Recommendations ( Finalize the situational audit report by making recommendations based on the conclusions and research done. In priority order, 1 being the highest tank, list and explain, in no more than a few sentences for each conclusion, the reports 3 to 5 most important conclusions, follow each conclusion with a specific recommendation that is expressed in no more than a few sentences. So this can be discussed with senior management, the recommendations and conclusions may form the basis of future strategic plans and objectives for the organization.) 1 page

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