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According to the Oxford Fajar 3rd edition dictionary, football can be defined as a game that played by large group of people and it is relate with team cohesiveness. As a country that play football, of course Malaysia have its own national team and use to be call as the ‘tiger squad’ by other team in international matches. The ‘tiger squad’ is one of the best team in South East Asia but not in Asia or world class level.

Long time ago, in the year of Mokhtar Dahari or also known as the ’Super Mokh’, our football team was well known in all over the world and can be classified as one of the best team in Asia. Nowadays, our football teams have lost the touch and not being afraid by other team. Football is one of the country’s eight core sports, meaning the government supports and funds its development from the grassroots. Most of the cabinet members are utterly disappointed by what has happened with the national team.

According to the FIFA’s world rank, Malaysia is in ranking 167 in the world behind Thailand. This essay is about “Why our national team can not go far? ” There are few reasons why our national team can not go far and few solutions to solve the problem. The first and the main reason why our national team can not go far is because of our football management is poor. There is something wrong in our football management. The management of an organization especially in football team is the leader of the group that will lead the group to achieve goal.

If the leader have problem, what will their player will be? So in order to solve this problem they have to change to new strategy of management like others countries that have been successful in football. A very good example of successful football team is the Japan’s football team. They have shown to the world that Asia people also can compete in the world class level. We have to follow their footstep and show to the world our ‘Malaysia Boleh’ spirit. The first step that we have to take is to hire more professional coach to teach our players the right ways in playing football.

This is very important because if the players do not being teach the right ways, they will play football like a group of chicks chasing their mother. There are no formation and a strategy in the team. The second thing that the management have to change is when it come to select the player for the team. Please select the players carefully. Select only the players that show a great performance, skilful and able to work as a team. Do not easily select the player based on their age and physical because not all young players can play and not all senior players are great. Let the best men win’ concept have to be use in selecting the players because it is the best way and no discrimination. The next step is to arrange the training schedule efficiently. The training schedule should be suit to every player’s time and make sure they attend the training session. The manager of the group is the person who in charge for this matter. A football manager have to be ready in any situation, always give advice or opinion to players, always study the team weakness and always motivate the players.

These are the characteristics of manager who able to manage the team well. The second reason of the problem is about the payment for players are so little. This kind of problem will affect their consistencies. The questions like, ‘How do I pay my car loan? How do I pay my house rent? ’ will bear in their mind during their practises and games. This problem also will make them not to attend the training sessions. To compare the payment of our players and Japan’s players is like our players get not even half of the payment for Japan’s player.

So, to avoid this problem the Malaysian Football Association (FAM) should take part with giving more budgets on player’s payment. This thing will make the players feel so happy and have the spirit to perform well. They also can concentrates and focus in their football matches with no more bothering questions in their mind. The FAM also can give bonus to player who performs well. This is to encourage them to scores goals and plays well in their matches. If we expect high reputation of someone, what are we have to do? The answer is we have to appreciate that person.

This is the same formula in football, if we want the players to play well we have to appreciate them like praise them for their hard works. Please remember that the players are the heart of a team, without them there are no football team. Attitude can be define as a human behaviour and the ways of they thinking that will make them acts in either positive or negative ways in their daily life. The players’ attitude is one way to go far in football. This is about the next reason for our problem. Our players have many negative habits that should be change to go far.

Japan’s players are not like our players, they are so discipline in every point of view. They never late for trainings and never break the rules that have been set for them. So, in this case, the best words to describe the good attitudes are the players must be on the time to the practise sessions. This kind of attitude has been plant in our self since we still in primary school but why is this problem still happened? Why don’t we use the old formula back to handle this problem, let all the late comers been punish and the punishment is to cut their allowance.

Besides that, don’t ever skip the practise session unless have the reasonable reason. The management should make sure they have medical letter from FAM’s panel clinic if they don’t attend the training session. Do not accept reasons without medical letter. Others than that, do not break the rules that have been set and follow all the instruction that had been given. If our players have all of these criteria, no wonder one day Malaysia will be qualified to enter the FIFA’s world cup tournament. Players’ health is the next issue. This is also another reason why we are left behind in football.

Without good health, a footballer cannot perform well in game because they will have problem with their stamina. So, the players have to take care of their health to be successful in football. To have a good health the players must obviate from taking alcohol, drugs and smoking. There are so many cases about our players who taking alcohol and drugs get caught. This is a very serious matter and the FAM has to be stricter in handling cases like this. Alcohol and drugs are not good for our health because both can destroy our heart and also make us feel like not in the real world.

Can you imagine how are the players who taking drug playing football? Other way that can make the players have the good health is to take healthy food and do the wells balance diet. The players also have to take the protein and vitamin for energy in field It will help to maintain the stamina of the player. If it not enough, try to take the supplement food. There are so many benefits of taking supplement food and it is clinically tested to give you energy all day long. No matter how rich you are, if you do not have a good health it worth nothing and remember what the proverb said, prevention is better than cure.

Schedule is about arranging and managing our time with activities to complete our works. Systematically, just in time, practical and nice arrangements are those words to describe schedule. Nowadays everything need the schedule to accomplish certain work Successful football team like Japan’s team usually have their own schedule like practice schedule. The main purposes of practice schedule are to make the players come to practice regularly and to suit the practice session with their own work.

Besides that, the players also should have the class and chill out schedule for their own use. The players can manage and balance the time well between class and chill out hours using this schedules. Don’t you think that it will be nice if all your works completed just in time, systematically and in nice arrangement. Now, we can see the benefits of using schedule but please take note that it is no use to have schedules but do not follow it. There are one more factor that people believe contributed to recent lack of quality in Malaysian football.

One of the main talking point is back in late 90’s there are so many players were sacked because of their involvement in bribery. And sadly they are all good players. I think that is the turning point that causes Malaysia Football so boring to watch. Some also said Malaysian should not squarely blame the footballers. Malaysian instead must pull up a rope over the officials’ neck and say that they are the guilty ones. It’s funny how our Malaysian politicians often tend to come up with so call “quick but expensive” solutions without proper study made on the causes of failures.

So far Malaysian footballers have not done well outside of Malaysia, and this however is slowly changing as new players like Titus James Palani, Akmal Rizal is making their mark overseas. Titus is now in France, while Akmal returned from a stint in Germany. Currently there are two young Malaysian in EPL club academy, Azwan Hasahar at Fulham and Mohd Naim Ahmad at Birmingham City. Azwan is a winner of Soccastar reality TV show and Mohd Naim brought to Birmingham by Steve Bruce himself when they do trial here at Malaysia.

In conclusion, we find that internal problem that occur in our football team was the main reason why our national team cannot go far even though many others external problem happened in world wide football federation. So, in order to make our football in the same level with Japan and others foreign football team, I’m suggesting that FAM should organize an academic talent programmed, start training players as young as five years’ old, set up coach education programmed and review the Malaysian league and football club licensing. One day our dream will come true.

Entrepreneurial Business

Entrepreneurial Business.

Introduction (roughly 500 words describing the objectives of this dissertation)


Methodology (justify why you have chosen the materials used)


Literature Review (critically analyze different theoretical views, argue which ones you will use i.e. your view, to support later arguments and why, also use the literature review to justify why you have chosen this topic)


Discussion (JUSTIFY all subsections, arguments and key points with THEORETICAL support and evidence, always. Bulk of the word count. DO NOT REPEAT YOUR OWN ARGUMENTS OR POINTS throughout the entire dissertation!)

a) The Importance and Purpose of Innovation

i) Definitions Outlined (2-3 brief definitions and why they are relevant to the arguments that will follow)

ii) The 21st Century Effect: Why is it Important Now? (why innovation is key in the 21st century businesses/ economy/ marketing/ society)

iii) Strategic Benefits and Marketing Benefits: People Want Value (what strategic and marketing benefits does it give small entrepreneurial firms, why do consumers want value more than ever)

b) Entrepreneurial Society and Economy

i) Changes in Societal Behavior: Anti-Capitalism and Consumer Behavior (people are against corporations for what main reasons, how does this change what consumers want)

ii) Small Business Innovation and the Economy (what contributions do small entrepreneurial firms make to the economy, how and why are they significant/ important, why does the economy need them)

c) SMEs vs. MNEs

i) Gaining a Competitive Advantage (does it really help, if so why) 

ii) Why Not Invest? (companies should have a purpose to invest in r&d or else risk wasting money + what other reasons would prevent them from innovating and why)


d) Concluding Remarks (summarise key arguments and justify with theoretical support)


e) Bibliography (organize alphabetically, minimum 40 different authentic/ academic sources)








For this paper, the relevant research will be acquired through the use of secondary materials, including; notable books, scholarly articles, accessible journals and approved online articles. Innovation and entrepreneurship covers a broad range of discussion points and information, thus, it is imperative that this paper narrows its focus to avoid the inclusion of irrelevant and unnecessary arguments. In order to address this issue properly, this paper outlines some key questions detailing its intended purpose.    


Literature Review




a) The Importance and Purpose of Innovation


i) Definitions Outlined


ii) The 21st Century Effect: Why is it Important Now?


iii) Strategic Benefits and Marketing Benefits: People Want Value


b) The Entrepreneurial Society and Economy


i) Changes in Societal Behavior: Anti-Capitalism and Consumer Behavior


iii) Small Business Innovation and the Economy


c) SMEs vs. MNEs


i) Gaining a Competitive Advantage


ii) Why Not Invest: the SME Perspective 


Concluding Remarks



(some suggestions):

• Schumpeter

• Michael Porter

• Peter Drucker

• Use some examples of companies throughout to support theoretical arguments (where necessary)


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