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Why is the creation of art is also viewed as a spiritual act?

*The essay should include background on the topic, critical analysis, and your own conclusions. This could include how the artists draw on the formal artistic elements in their work to support theirconcepts and examine socio-political or other contexts employed by the artist. You can also discuss a particular theme or question abstraction and compare how different artists have approached the theme, you can examine a particular historic period and compare works produced across geographical regions or discuss a particular topic in abstraction. It is helpful to ask a question as a starting point for your essays. ———————————- a. Insightful thesis statement-b. Fully developed argument-c. Effective research in support of the main thesis-d. Outstanding analysis that includes alternative -views/interpretationse. Shows full understanding of the subject covered-f. Excellent organization, sentence structure within required length-g. All captions for images/illustrations are properly cited-h. Excellent and relevant references -i. Exceeds normal expectations at this stage of development

Capital Punishment Competency

Capital Punishment Competency.

submit a well-developed case analysis that outlines effective approaches and strategies that will help you appropriately serve the client(s) on the case, while also making sound recommendations to the court. The paper should be 9–13 pages long and include at least 5–7 references of peer-reviewed scholarly research, using APA format.

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Geology Question

Why is the creation of art is also viewed as a spiritual act? i have an one hour quiz consist if 50 questions but they are really straight forward questions and it is only multiple choices so it is really quick and easy and i am going to send u questions one by one when it opens. The test is going to open in 2 two hours so i need u to be there

Epidemiologic Classification of Human Papillomavirus Types Associated with Cervical Cancer

Epidemiologic Classification of Human Papillomavirus Types Associated with Cervical Cancer.

Effectiveness of Clinical Prevention • Locate a research article that provides data on a chosen topic related to successful clinical prevention for an assigned population (population assigned) • 20-minute presentation • Minimum 10 slides (excluding title and reference slide) with speaker notes • Include • APA formatted • At least 3 References within 5 years (1 must be Healthy People 2020)

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You have been hired as a consultant to design BCP for SanGrafix, a video and PC game design company. SanGrafix’s newest game has become a hot seller, and the company anticipates rapid growth. It’s moving into a new facility and will be installing a new network. Because competition is fierce in the game industry, SanGrafix wants to be fully secured, documented, and maintained while providing high availability, scalability, and performance. Based on your current technology and information security knowledge, for this project you will design a BCP based off of the company profile below: A. Primary location in San Francisco, CA B. Secondary location/hot site in Sunnyvale, CA C. Capable of supporting 220 users in these departments: Accounting and Payroll, 16; Research and Development, 48; Sales and Marketing, 40; Order Processing, Shipping, and Receiving, 36; secretarial and office management staff, 20; upper management (including the president, vice president, and general manager), 10; Customer Relations and Support, 30; Technology Support, 20. D. Full OC3 Internet connection First step is to issue a clear policy statement on the Business Continuity Plan. At a minimum, this statement should contain the following instructions: The organization should develop a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan. A formal risk assessment should be undertaken in order to determine the requirements for the Business Continuity Plan. The Business Continuity Plan should cover all essential and critical business activities. The Business Continuity Plan should be periodically tested in a simulated environment to ensure that it can be implemented in emergency situations and that the management and staff understand how it is to be executed. All staff must be made aware of the Business Continuity Plan and their own respective roles. The Business Continuity Plan is to be kept up to date to take into account changing circumstances.

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Workforce Planning and Staffing: Human Resource Management

Write a narrative essay (minimum 1500 words minimum requirement) to address and discuss the questions and statements listed below. Use at least four scholarly sources.
Read the case study of “Strategic Staffing at the Atlas Corporation” and answer the following questions:
What is Atlas doing well concerning staffing?
How could Atlas further enhance the alignment between its staffing function and its need to promote from within its organization?
What are the three most important ethical principles that organizations should adhere to in their staffing philosophies, and why?
What do you think are the most critical staffing outcomes that all organizations should track in their staffing analytics?