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Why Is Facebook Addictive? The Reasons For Facebook Addiction free essay help online essay writing tutorial

Facebook Addiction is not a recognized clinical disorder. Hundreds of millions of people use Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family, plan events, receive news, and play games. For most, Facebook is a useful and enjoyable way of interacting with others online. However, some users claim to be addicted or obsessed with Facebook and have difficulty logging off even after they have been on for hours.

Facebook allows users to keep in touch with others by means of communicating effortlessly. By means of a single post to read on, and it will guide you to get some updates with a simple click and tap.People from the different group shared his interests to be connected as usual. But, there is some point that Internet addiction and social network addiction recognized as psychological disorders all over the world. There are different levels of social network addiction. Based on different studies that Facebook purpose is for academic procrastination. One interesting finding of the research was that people tended to be unaware of just how much time they really spent in using it.

And the effect this might have on their academic performance. On the other hand, Social network addiction has been noted that there may be a correlation between low self-esteem and a sense of social inadequacy. It seems that many types of social interaction which would present great challenges in the real world for certain types of individuals have been rendered much easier for them in the virtual world, thus putting them at a higher risk of becoming addicted to Facebook and the like.Here is another, A Mexican study found that Facebook addicts had a higher incidence of depression and lower physical and general self-esteem levels than less frequent Facebook users.There are many factors that determine the characteristics of Internet and social network addictions in different parts of the world. The nature and scope of these problems are not only affected by technological advancement and the number of computers connected to the internet per capita and other such quantitative data, but cultural factors are also key in determining the local incidence of these addictions.Social networks have changed the ways we interact with each other enormously.

One thing that has changed dramatically is the concept of meeting people. Social network addictions may not be as dramatic as Internet gaming addictions, for example, seem to be in some Asian countries, the rapid growth of social networks both in reach and in the number of interaction possibilities poses new problems every day for the elaboration of solid diagnostic criteria. There are some considerations that must be up in here like sharing information with many people and it is a ‘net etiquette’ we get into. And it makes unfamiliar seems to be familiar in the way of searching and getting information from other people. Facebook Addiction is partially driven by this never-ending desire for more information. This reasoning also applies to the appeal of the internet.

Economic Theory and Policy

Economic Theory and Policy.

You are recommended to write the essay using subsections. Your essay must have an introduction and a conclusion. If you use any reference, you must list them in reference section at the end of the essay.



In an economy, the working class households with average weekly disposable income of £500:00 comprises of households of couples and households of families (with children). A survey of their expenditure pattern indicates that they spend their disposable income on two baskets of goods, food, and others. A representative couple spends 45% of their disposable income on food. A representative family for which the head of the family is male spends 65% of their disposable income on food. However, a representative family for which the head of the family is female spends 55% of their disposable income on food. A basket of food costs £15:00, while a unit of all other goods costs £20:00. The share of expenditure is fixed for couples and families.

The government is considering two policy options under its welfare program in order to encourage the consumption of other goods. This is because the government believes that by encouraging the consumption of other goods, it can improve the standard of living for the families, which will in turns encourage the couples to start families. Under policy option 1, the government is thinking to increase the child benefit, which will add £80:00 per week to the disposable income of families with children. In addition to this, the government will allow an income tax credit to all households, which will add £40:00 per week to the disposable income of all households. Under policy option 2 the government is considering to tax the price of food. The government is considering to introduce a tax of 20% on the per unit purchase price of food. The government will only implement any one of these two policies.

The governments aim is to implement these policies without changing the welfare of the couples or the families, i.e. keeping them equally happy as they were without these policies. This in turns implies that the government aims to keep the welfare of both couples and families fixed at some particular level, which is their best welfare level.


Essay Question

Write an essay discussing the impact of policy option 1 and policy option 2 (as described in the scenario) on the consumption pattern of couples, families with male head and families with female head. Discuss which policy option is more effective in achieving the governments targets. In your essay, you may propose other policies that may be required to make policy option 1 or policy option 2 more effective. If you do so, you must discuss in detail why your proposed policy can perform better. Your analysis of the scenario in the essay must be based on a technical approach involving scientific methods (e.g. optimization, consumer theory, Slutsky decompositions, income and price consumption curves, and other graphs) that are applied to accurately examine the impacts of the policies.

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