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Why I Want to Go to SVA writing essay help Case Study online class help

In the beginning, when I first came to SVA open house, I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t really know much about the school was it had the Cartooning major I desperately want. As the presentation for the Cartooning and Illustration majors began…oh man, immediately, I felt connected. My eyes sparkled and I grinned big and wide! I loved every minute of the presentations. I got a feeling I had not felt in a long time: the feeling of motivation and desire. I first felt it when I entered my high school, School of the Arts, because I was ready to improve my art skills and learn extensively about art. Now, when I think about SVA, I get that feeling again—it sends chills down my back because I am so excited to at the thought of exploring cartooning at SVA.

I truly love graphic novels. As a child, I went to different libraries every week to check out as many graphic novels I could. Lugging bags and bags of graphic novels up the stairs in my house, I would read all of them. I would organize them by volumes, put them in separate piles, and read them at late night, much to my mother’s dismay. I looked up to (and still do!) to many graphic novelists and wanting to draw my own comics. That was the inspiration for me—I started to draw and create my own art because of the graphic novels. This is what has led me to want to apply for Cartooning major and possibly minor in Illustration major at SVA—I want a good foundation in cartooning so I can prepare for the industry and professional jobs. Lastly, when I have my life settled in, I can get a start in my dream: to publish a graphic novel that is inclusive of all people of different races, genders, and sexualities.

I feel that SVA is a perfect for me. It has an excellent cartooning and illustration programs, which I love, and an honors program to deepen students’ perspective of art, which I want. SVA also has teachers who are working artists. I consider this very valuable to me because of their work experience and advice can help me in my goals to become a professional artist. SVA is also in the best urban location—NYC! Everything I wanted and could ever dare to dream is in SVA, and this is the perfect start for me to finally accomplish my dream of becoming a graphic novelist.

1-1 Discussion: Shell Scenarios

Go to the Shell Scenarios webpage. Once you have navigated to the site, watch the “Shell New Lens Scenarios” video (1:38) found on that page. (If you have trouble locating the video, it can also be found on YouTube.)
After watching the video, read the two scenarios, Mountains and Oceans, as well as pp. 22–24 in your textbook. (Mountains and Oceans is a PDF file attached found on the Shell Scenarios webpage.)
Then, in your initial post, consider the following:
Which of these scenarios do you think is most likely to occur? Defend your choice by analyzing it in the context of the deep historical forces outlined in the textbook.
How does Shell utilize business teams in this process?
What advice would you give Shell to prepare for its future to succeed in the face of likely governmental impacts?