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At an early age of my life I realized everyday had to be planned for – maybe because of the risk of living through the day or because of the unforeseen contingencies. I always wake up with a plan In my head and most times I write them out. I did things accordingly with so much composure and ease. When I got admission into the University I had the opportunity to mingle with people with broader minds. They were able to perceive the ingenuity in my lifestyle and exposed me to Project Management.

I was most surprised to find out the things I did normally could be a reversion and earn international recognition. I became so interested In perfecting the acts of Initiation which Is the thoughts In my head every morning, Planning, Execution. Monitoring and Closure. There was no other way to describe my happiness when I saw this path to greatness. I further learned it could be applied to construction; massive projects in telecommunications and in fact everything else. My ambition began to grow; I wanted to carry out successful projects, engage in complex ones, and supervise people.

I was willing to assist every organization in my Institution to attain success in their parties and social events. It dawned on me that project Management was no longer an ambition but a part of me. Ever since, I have Joined a lot of Project Management related groups and forums including Project Management in Depth study on Linked and Green Project Management. I have seen Project Management as a solace for our world today, turning the impossible into possibilities. I have seen some mistakes that occur in project execution due to improper planning and lack of communication.

The world needs a generation of people with vast potentials and flexible abilities to outwit the hardship of development. It Is with this discovery that I have decided to strive hard to become a Project Manager who will exercise his duties according to the profession’s code of ethics to deliver a better world. A Project Manager has the capacity to operate in every aspect of growth within a chosen field and replicate his abilities through team work. I intend to become a Project Manager with strong Project Management muscles.

International Relations;prohibition of recreational drugs

International Relations;prohibition of recreational drugs.

Is the prohibition of recreational drugs at the international level a realistic prospect? Discuss.

You should refer to lecture material when completing this.

You should focus on the idea of citizenship: rights, responsibilities, justice and equality.

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