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For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a police officer.

My mother tells me that I left the womb saying “Freeze, Police! ” I’m sure that it was the lights and sirens on a police vehicle that infatuated me. Maybe it was because a police officer carried a gun and had the ability to run red lights. As I grew up, cops and robbers was always a favorite game and I was always the cop. As I grew older, I realized that a police officer was nothing like I thought. I started to understand the role of the police.Not as a symbol of power, but one of peace. I started to understand that society needed an enforcement measure to uphold the laws that have been set.

I found that police presence was the best tool to deter crime, creating a safe environment for everyone. Police officers were in the community for all the right reasons, to educate us as children and educate our parents on safety. They were there when my friends, family, and neighbors needed them. Not only for the worse of times, but in the best.To me a police officer was my hero, and I wanted to return to the community as much as I had gained growing up. I am human, and I have made mistakes in life. Growing up, peer pressure got the best of me.

I did my best to overcome the pressures of high school, distancing myself from those bad influences. I have learned from my mistakes and bad decisions I’ve made, expanding my knowledge of the consequences to bad decision making. It was at this point in life that defined me as an individual. Through experience, I’ve learned the best route is the truthful one, no matter how difficult.The Army has taught me discipline and structure. I’ve learned respect and loyalty, and my deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom taught me awareness and compassion. I found that teamwork is the key to success and every task can be accomplished.

I have grown from a little boy that wanted to run red lights because I could, to a man that understands the necessity and role of the police in our neighborhoods and communities. I have, and always will want to be a part of making our community safe for all residents and visitors.

break even analysis

break even analysis.

This assignment is to be submitted as an Exсel file using the temрlate provided.
• Prepare a zero base aсtivity and financial budget for the health services. The business case can be for an initiative of your choice in the Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District. A whole hospital, for example, is not appropriate as there are too many product lines to be managed successfully for a student assignment.
• As well as the proposed budget for the optimal operation of the service the student⁢ is to prepare a budget that will allow operations on a budget that is 10% less than the optimal budget.
• Include a⁣ break-even analysis.


• Activity and finance Budget- Adequate data with complete budget details. Fully functional spreadsheet
• Break even analysis- Adequate data with complete budget details. Fully functional spreadsheet
• Quality of explanation at each row item to explain activity and budget items.
• Maintenance of integrity of the Excel file so that sources may be tracked back from the break even to the source data items.

• Zelman, W.N. (2014) Financial management of health care organisations. (4th Ed). Chapter 9: Using cost information to make special decisions, p. 375 onwards.
Penner, S. J. (2013) Economic and financial management for nurses and nurse leaders. (2nd Ed). NY: Springer Publishing. Chapter 8: Cost finding, breakeven and charges p. 168 onwards.

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