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What makes me most exemplary of Tim Silva and deserving of this scholarship is my passion for helping others and love for science. It is this reason that impact what I want to be one day: a doctor. The world is constantly changing and with the development of new technology to treat many health complications, and the need for doctors is growing. Their patients depend and trust them to deliver accurate diagnosis and treatments. There is no feeling more gratifying than knowing that you have impacted an individual’s life in a positive manner.

I am aware that becoming a doctor involves dedication to my field of interest and many years of school. However, my life experiences have equipped me with the mental strength and perseverance to conquer each and every obstacle standing in my way. Being a doctor provides an opportunity to work with people, make people feel better or at least provide an explanation for them. It combines science with real interaction and outside/practical stressors and it provides unlimited knowledge and educational challenges.

We want to be doctors because we want to lead, invent, make sense of things for people, be the direct line of communication frustrated or scared people are looking for, understand the ultimate “why” behind what we do, and we want to apply our technical know-how in a way that benefits people like ourselves before we knew ****. I want to be a doctor, because I want to be dependable. Whether it’s a scared patient, an unconscious or confused patient, an angry patient, or to teach a skill to a resident, student, volunteer, or patient. Because I know when I’m scared, I’m just looking for an explanation.

writing paragraph about job i want in future (Lawyer)

Write paragraph about job i want in future ( Lawyer ) describe job responsibilities,
Explain why this job is right for you
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