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I also enjoy hip- hop music for much more superficial reasons as well. For example, I simply enjoy how the music sounds and when I’m listening to this music, it brings so any emotions to me; it can calm me down, make me excited about something, comfort me when I’m sad, puts my anger into words and rings me confidence. In my opinion, there is a hip-hop song for every occasion. Some may argue that Ill Wayne and other rappers extreme and widespread use of misogynistic terms like “pitch” and “ho” are enough to hate the entire hip-hop genre.Even hip-hop insiders are fed up with the genre.

For example, the hip-hop artist Nas produced an entire album titled Hip-Hop is Dead expressing his concern for the genre and the direction that it has gone. When hip-hop artists themselves are bashing the genre, you know that there may be a problem; this problem being mainly the use of such degrading lyrics towards women. Although grant that hip-hop and rap music is TA intend with degrading language, I still maintain that it acts as a positive force. Live that true hip-hop lyrics outweigh these negative lyrics. For example, in Kenya West song titled Roses, he relates get well gifts for his grandmother in the hospital with family members saying “With my family we know where home is, so instead of sending flowers, we the roses. This is just one example of how hip-hop is still alive, and if we just overlook the rappers who in my opinion do not deserve such fame, more people would understand why love hip-hop music.Ultimately, hip-hop music diminishes cultural divides and allows for different cultures to come together and be aware of the hip hop culture as a whole.

This topic should interest anyone who favors a progressive lifestyle and wants to be accepting of all people. Even though many people argue that hip-hop and rap music is detrimental to society, I Live the opposite – that it develops relationships between all races.

The Prisoner Without a Name, Cell Without a Number

The book is (the Prisoner Without a Name, Cell Without a Number) I would like someone who has read the book. For this question, there are 6 parts/questions about the book. Each part has three questions to choose from, they will be about the book. These questions must be at least 1-2 paragraphs or 1/2 a page. So this would be like a 4-page essay, not too bad at all. I will provide the prompt, directions, and a pdf of the book. BUT, you must only use the book as a source of information, no articles or outside sources! You give essay-style answers to the questions.