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I am applying to only one college and that is the University of Wisconsin-Madison. As a college-bound wrestler I considered Stanford, Northwestern, Nebraska and Wisconsin. I visited all these schools and looked carefully at all my options. Every school had pros and cons. Stanford was great academically, but far away, and I have always wanted to wrestle in the Big Ten. Northwestern was a great school and close to home, but they did not have a serious need for someone at my weight. Nebraska had a great wrestling program and they needed a 141 pounder, but it was far away and the academics were lacking. I chose Wisconsin because it is my home state, I know and respect the coaches and many of the wrestlers and also because the college is selective with their admissions and the business school is highly ranked. I made my decision based on what I think will benefit me the most during my lifetime, not on strictly which school can make me the best college wrestler.

As a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison I will take advantage of the great academics, become an integral part of the wrestling program and participate in extracurricular activities associated with the School of Business.

My first priority is academics. I worked hard in high school to achieve an overall grade point average of 3.9, to score a 29 on the ACT and to enter college with 13 AP credits. I look forward to participating in classes at UW that are above average in terms of difficulty, etc. I like to think outside the box and I anticipate that the courses at Madison will not disappoint! My goal is to continue to achieve good grades and to be admitted to the School of Business at the end of my freshman year.

In late November I will sign an early letter of intent to wrestle for Wisconsin. I am passionate about wrestling. Wrestling is a sport that has taught me a considerable amount of discipline and mental toughness. I expect college wrestling to be much more challenging than high school but I am well-prepared for that challenge. I know that the UW team is actively involved in volunteering and I welcome the opportunity to participate in that aspect of the sport.

Lastly, I expect to participate in several clubs that are part of the School of Business. I believe that by participating in these extracurricular activities I will make invaluable contacts and expand my education outside the classroom. Although I am uncertain at this point what club I will actually participate in, the Entrepreneurship Association looks like an organization that I would like to become actively involved in as I hope to someday own and operate a successful business.

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