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Why I Chose to Get a Degree in Accounting essay help online American History essay help

I have chosen a degree in accounting because I have always enjoyed working with numbers. I enjoyed math classes in high school, but I knew that I wanted to be working in some sort of business field. I have aunts and uncles in the accounting field, so when declaring a major in college, I chose accounting. Once attending college, I declared a major in accounting because I enjoyed the number crunching and the logic of the financial statements. I wasn’t sure that I had chosen the right degree, until I completed my pre-business accounting classes.

After excelling in both these classes, I knew that this would be a major that I would not only do well in but also enjoy. Another reason why I have chose a accounting degree is because I look forward to the continued education aspect of the profession. I do not want to be stuck in a static profession, when I know that there is no limit to the amount of education I can receive. I would like to continue learning and building on my skills and knowledge throughout my career.

I want to be familiar with various businesses and see the interworkings and parts within a business. With accounting, I can work with various clients and businesses and gain knowledge about other professions and industries. Finally, I chose an accounting degree because in these unstable economic times, the demand for accountants seems to be relatively high. I believe that there will always be a high demand for accounts because accounting is the language of business.

1. Write a conversation between you (ME) and your Inner Guide (IG)

1. Write a conversation between you (ME) and your Inner Guide (IG) about a problem you are facing in college. Label each of your IG’s responses with the listening skill it uses: silence, expansion, clarification, reflection (remember to reflect feelings as well as thoughts). Let your IG demonstrate the skills of active listening without giving advice.

ME: I feel like I’m partying too much lately and wasting money and time in the process

IG: Partying? Why do you feel like it’s a problem anyway? (Expansion)

ME: It is a problem because when I go out to a club, I spend a lot of money on drinks, food and transport. The nest day I wake up with migraines and hangovers hence being unable to concentrate in class!

IG: This sounds bitter and aggressive, what’s up? (Reflection)

ME: I am concerned about by dropping grades and what I will tell my parents if I flip the test! What if I fail completely, how will my life end up like?

IG: Are you scared that your parents would be mad at you or what exactly are you scared of? (Clarification)

ME: I am afraid of my parents. They make sure that I am in school to study and if I don’t take home good grades they would be disappointed and angry at me. The entire spring break would be devastating!

IG: You sound concerned about them! (Reflection)

ME: Yes. I am concerned because they are good people.

IG: Uh uh…mmh…. (Silence)

ME: Is it alright to change or should I just live my life and care less?

IG: What options do you have? (Expansion)

ME: I feel like I owe them the best so despite what happens I’ll have to be responsible!

IG: Responsible? How? (Clarification)

ME: Yes, by doing what is right and avoiding putting stresses on my parents.

IG: Ooh! (Silence)

ME: I think I should stop going to clubs and concentrate in my studies!

IG: Concentrate in your studies…. (Reflection)

ME: It is the only way that I will pay back my patents as well as get myself a good life out there.

IG: How will you deal with resistance? (Expansion)

ME: It won’t be easy but I will just make up my mind and cut off the friends who are not supporting my new plan.

IG: Are you ready for this change? (Reflection)

ME: Yes, I am ready to start immediately.

IG: Alright. I wish you all the best. Always talk to me when you’re not sure about something. (Expansion)

ME: Thank you. My mind is now made up. I am quitting partying and using that time more resourcefully.

2. Write what you learned or relearned about active listening during this conversation with your Inner Guide and what changes, if any, you will make in your communications.

Active listening is like a soul searching activity. One needs to gather all the information being passé across. This is vital so that all details are conveyed and nothing is lost. In the conversation, I have learned that solutions arte missed in most times because the communication as not as active as it should. The attentiveness of the listener depends on how active they are in listening and is the determinant factor of whether the message will be delivered to the expected audience or not.

An active listener is able to carry out a message to the task with little interference from outside elements and this means that the message is deeply stored in the mind and can hardly get deflected. I have learned important elements of active listening including the need for asking questions that would help the mind understand the message it is receiving it. The mind tries to understand the message through seeking clarification from the perceived meaning and also trying to get an expansion of what is implied by the first perception of information.

I will be able to listen more attentively and gather information in details. I will also be able to understand the details of simple looking pieces of information by emphasizing on the clarification of perceived meanings and reflecting on what I hear or see. This will help me eliminate decoding errors that occur often in communication.