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Why Hunting Should Be Banned essay help from professional writers Medicine and Health

Hunting was once considered a test of courage and manhood. Now it is a fight between a predator and a prey, it is just the killing of defenseless animals. This “sport” that people call hunting is a dangerous thing and it can cause animals’ serious pain. Getting rid of this “sport” will benefit ourselves as we will keep the balance in nature. Traps are one of the main tools used by hunters to capture animals in the wild that are too evasive. There are many types of traps that hunter use but a common trap is the leg hold trap.

This trap holds that animal there while the hunter comes in and kills it. The hunters say it’s a painless device but I differ in opinion the trap is a claw which has a tremendous amount of power to puncture flesh and even break bone. Sometimes animals even chew off their own leg to escape. The “instant kill” trap that hunters say is a “humane” way to kill an animal, causing a painless death instead of a painful one. Most of the time the trap actually gets the vital point and kills the target but sometimes it can miss and leave the animal there to die a slow… painful… death.

The worst hunting that is practiced is by the richer people, the fact that they can buy exotic or even endangered animals from zoos and wildlife parks. It is very unjust to the animal because it has lost its power to survive after being injured or drugged and is placed as an easy kill. I wouldn’t even call this hunting it’s just massacre of animals. Even though hunting should not be a sport, hunting helps maintain a healthy herd and promotes land, wildlife conservation. Because without hunting herds will over populate and become sick from starvation or spread disease.

Hunters are a major supporter and play a big part in wildlife management. For instance the deer’s are over populated and they are running down into cars and streets in suburban landscapes this can be controlled with hunting? I have to disagree with this because reports have said that most of the deer’s are coming down during hunting season which means that the hunters are the ones that are scaring them down there. Hunting should be stopped before it gets too out of hand as it can lead to animal species to be endangered or even extinct.

Media Diet

Part A. Media Tracking
It is important for people to have an awareness of the various types of media that inundate our culture and the degree to which we use those media. Thus, I want each student to keep track of your phone/ipad use 3 days – and also keep in mind the amount of media in addition to your phones that you are exposed to as this will only track your phones.:
Simply include screen shots of your phone use, via Iphone “screen time tracker” or if you have a different phone, there are apps available to do this. Pay attention to hours spent per day, week.Pay attention to “pick-ups” per day.Pay attention to time spent on various apps and what the breakdown is. This info will be incorporated into your papers, so that you can use it when you reflect upon your media diet.
Part B. Media Diet
As a class, we will spend 3 days on a media diet.Dates TBD.
For this diet – no tv, movies, youtube, texting, social networking, music.If you cheat – you must mention in your journal. Please only use your iphones for telephone calls.Please let you parents know you might not see texts.Please only use computers for schoolwork. PLEASE CONTINUE TO CHECK EMAIL FOR ACADEMIC REASONS.IF YOU DO NOT VOLUNTEER TO GIVE UP YOUR PHONE THEN YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO PROVIDE SCREENSHOTS SHOWING 0 HOURS OF SOCIAL MEDIA, ETC.
Please be ready to turn in your phones to your teacher to be safely locked up. You can see me, if there is a reason you cannot or really do not feel comfortable doing this.You will still be media dieting, but trusted to keep your phone in your possession.
Part C -Essay. Write a 4-5 page reflective essay regarding the media diet and media tracking and what you learned about your media use and yourself. MINIMUM 1200 WORDS.
Consider how this affected you and your life and your relationships. How did it affect your studies?Your concentration? Your relationship with significant others?Your social life?How did it make you feel when others used their phones in your presence?Any impact on your physical fitness? Your feelings of connectedness to the world?Your ability to be an engaged citizen? Did you go through FOMO? Will you make any changes to your habits from this experience?How might these changes affect your life?
Please include any insights that relate to class concepts, or textbook information and especially information from the book “breaking up with your phone.”Did anything you learned in class help you look or think differently about the media you are exposed to regularly?
The idea is for you to understand the amount of time you spend with media, understand your levels of possible addiction, and understand how it feels to be without it for a period of time.
Suggested Reflection Questions – Don’t try to cover all of these – rather, try to focus in on one or two major themes that impacted you the most.Depth versus Breadth.YOUR PAPER SHOULD HAVE A THESIS STATEMENT.
Do you notice a cultural change from your home environment to the college environment that affects your involvement with media? Is your exposure to media more or less than before you came to college?Is this a positive or negative shift?What might be the pros and cons of staying connected to people from back home?Has it had a positive or negative impact on you or does it impact your ability to adjust and connect to your new environment?Consider studies about college freshman and social media use being connected to lonliness.

Does media use interfere with making person to person connections that may be important? Would you connect to more people if you stayed offline more?Do you use it as a crutch to hide, not socialize?

How do you think it impacts your ability to socialize, or have intimate conversations, or connect fully with a significant other?

How does media use effect your self-esteem?Do you compare your life and your looks to others? Do you use photo editing apps to make yourself look better? If so, why?What effect does this have on you and on society?

Do you find yourself multitaskingbetween media use and spending time with friends/family? Should you feel bad about giving your phone priority over the people you are spending time with?Do you use your phone in class while teachers are speaking? Talk about respect, and others’ feelings.

Are you missing out on things related to family, friends, school, society, news, collaborating, being present, nature, etc. while spending too much time on your phone? Did this change during the diet?Did you feel more or less connected?

Do you find yourself multitasking (or engaging in continuous partial attention as discussed in class) between your studies and media use? Did the diet help you concentrate on any aspect of your studies more?Think about whether you were less distracted while studying, without notifications or multiple screens open.More free time to study? Less anxiety?
Please follow this format : 12 point Times New Roman.1” margins only (please check your setting and make sure it does not default to 1.5” or 2”).No title or name on any pages except the cover page.
What you will turn in (all stapled together.No bunny ears.No late papers):
1. Cover Page
2. 1-2 pages showing screen shots of media use. Include whatever you feel comfortable sharing.
3. 4-5 page reflection/analysis on media media diet and media tracking analytics – 1200 words minimum.
4. Reference page with textbook, breaking up with your phone book, and anything else you use such as articles, documentaries, class lectures. Please refer to to learn how to cite in APA format.