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why have you chosen to pursue a master’s degree in Economics at New York University Abu Dhabi.

Content Suggestions:

1. Why MSc. in Economics? I completed my BSc. in Business Administration in May 2021 and, as is the norm for business students, started a full-time job. While many think that I am living the dream working as an Analyst at a prestigious finance firm in the US, I do not feel fulfilled. I always enjoyed economics courses the most at college (I earned a minor in Economics) and I believe that I will achieve the fulfillment that I am looking for via pursuing further education in this field of study. My ultimate goal is have a career shift by completing a MSc. and PhD in Economics.

2. Why New York University? Please research and include facts about the college’s strong historic background and unbeatable MSc. in Economics program. Feel free to mention my plans to pursue a PhD in Economics from the same institution.

3. Why NYU’s Abu Dhabi Campus? Please divide this into two sections. 1) I seek the global exposure provided by the NYUAD campus (i.e., faculty and students from all across the world) and the city (i.e., AD is a global city that connects the East with the West). 2) my positive experience completing my undergraduate education from a similar Middle East-based US college in Qatar. Feel free to mention that I see myself settling in the Middle East for the long term, hence NYUAD will help me find relevant job opportunities that working and studying in the US cannot.