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Following the extended influence by the British Empire in the eighteenth century. the English linguistic communication has been widely propagated throughout many states. Finally. it became one of the international linguistic communications of the universe and is used by most states to pass on and understand each other. Our bid of English as Malaysians has seen a huge betterment throughout the old ages. We Malaysians are rather extraordinary. From talking in broken English. we have learnt the proper use of English. Subsequently on. we even created a whole new language- Malayan English or more normally known as Manglish. English arrived in Malaysia back when the British colonised this state. All the local governments at that clip. including the swayers and curates had to larn the linguistic communication. in order to derive a bridgehead in the disposal of the state. Independence combatants. such as Tunku Abdul Rahman. Tun H. S. Lee and Tun Abdul Razak Hussein used their cognition of English to negociate with the British in order to derive Malaysia’s long-awaited independency. Their attempts and dedication paid off when the British agreed to allow travel of their clasp on our state. Without the fighters’ strong appreciation of English. our state will non be able to be free from colonization. and we as the citizens will non be able to stand proud on our ain land.

In modern times. the English linguistic communication is going progressively popular each twenty-four hours. Its big vocabulary which is derived from many beginnings throughout the history of clip nowadayss a linguistic communication which is non merely rich. alone and meaningful. but besides merriment and interesting to larn.

In most states. the ability to discourse in English fluently merely earns you respect from the people around you. The same goes for our ain state. Malaysia. If you are able to talk and compose in English. doors of chances are flung unfastened for you. Why. you ask? That’s because English is literally everyplace. and I truly intend everyplace! When on a holiday. take the clip to look around you. Whether you are in Australia swimming with the fishes in the Great Barrier Reef or absorbing the native civilization in Spain. English will be right where you are.

Why do people name English “the linguistic communication of communication” ? Because it is an international linguistic communication? Well. that’s merely half-correct. Have you noticed that people from every corner of the universe usage English to pass on? It about seems like the whole universe agreed to talk in one linguistic communication. Actually. it’s a good thing excessively! Now. when you learn English. you can interact with many different races of people. English besides breaks down barriers and unify the whole universe. as everybody can understand each other. Basically. you get the chance to develop friendly relationships with people from the other side of the universe. Furthermore. you can larn about their life and civilizations excessively!

Futhermore. most pages on the cyberspace are written in English. You can easy derive information and cognition with merely a few chinks of your mouse. Education is ne’er hard once more. The universe is practically in your thenars because you can “google” all of the information from the Web.

Have you read Harry Potter. The Hunger Games. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. or A Tale of Two Cities? You haven’t? Well. you should! Learning English is a must for all the pedants out at that place. It would truly be such a waste if a book lover like me myself couldn’t understand a word of English. You would lose the exhilaration of pouring over another great book. inquiring what’s traveling to go on next… . All of that. without the demand to look into the dictionary every few proceedingss to grok a sentence. Think of all the celebrated and authoritative books you wouldn’t be able to read! It surely would give you a sense of intimacy with the original writer if you are able to read these celebrated English books in their original linguistic communication. alternatively of those translated versions. Accio book! Grab an English classic and get down reading!

In Malaysia. English is widely used. It is found in our instruction system. telecasting programmes. books. magazines. advertizements and many other signifiers. The Malayan authorities has taken steps to better the use of English in the society. particularly aiming pupils in primary school. The telecasting programme “Oh My English! ” is a good measure towards the better usage of this linguistic communication. Peoples can gain their errors and learn from them in this telecasting programme through a merriment and restful manner. Gone are the yearss of drilling and hard to larn English. hullo merriment and easy English.

Analyzing Mathematicss and Science in English is one of the ways to better English. However. the authorities has decided to alter the course of study into Bahasa Malaysia. Many are debating about the relevancy of this issue. Personally. I prefer these two topics to be in English. The original scientific and mathematical footings are all in English. why change them all into Bahasa Malaysia? Intelligibly. the authorities wants the citizens to better their appreciation on Bahasa Malaysia through the measure that they had taken. But. what usage is at that place for Bahasa Malaysia in the outside universe? In world. everything is all about English. English. and English! Without a steadfast appreciation on English. how can we acquire a occupation in the society to gain a life? The authorities should see to this job and happen alternate ways to better our bid of Indonesian Malaysia. alternatively of altering the default linguistic communication for Mathematicss and Science.

As we can see. English is everything and makes impacts on lives. Peoples today should calculate out ways to better their English. alternatively of being dead and obstinate to better themselves and acquire in the manner of the development of the universe.

So. why non encompass this all of import linguistic communication into our day-to-day lives?

Provide a written report analysing the plans

Provide a written report analysing the plans.

analysis must refer to and draw on relevant environmental planning theories and theorists,

identifying and discussing how the plan/strategy shows implicitly or explicitly their influence (implicit

or explicit) on the content of these documents, perhaps with reference to the absence of influences

that might be expected from other theoretical perspectives. You should in your discussion address

also how these documents relate to achieving sustainable development.


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