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I myself can say I’ve never cheated in college, but in high school I did.

I think we all have done it a time or two. Cheating is something I’m sure everyone can relate to. Have you ever felt like the pressure for good grades is on? Students and families often have very high expectations about grade achievements; especially if they were accustomed to getting good grades. (Student Affairs, Carnegie Mellon University) Not only do high expectations come into effect, but also the pressure of maintaining a certain GAP to get into your majors.Pressure of getting good grades is something a lot of students may struggle with and that is one of the reasons why a student may cheat. So let’s say you feel bad about cheating and want to stop. What can you do so you won’t be so tempted? First, try to relieve the pressure on you to get high grades.

Talk to you parents or maybe even your friends, about your grades in school. Try also, to get good career counseling. Talk to your professors, ask questions, see a tutor if needed. And make sure what your going to college for is something that Interests you.This can take away some of the pressure. Too much work, too little time? This could be a second reason college students may cheat. A lot of the time, students often have multiple assignments due on the same day.

Cheating can be a tempting path when students have difficulty managing their time. (Student Affairs, Carnegie Mellon University) A lot of the time, like me, you have a student who is working, going to school and possibly may even have a child. Whew! If I were to cheat, that would probably be my reason! Too much work, too little time!This paper has demonstrated what may drive a student to cheat. Although there are many reasons why students may cheat, I talked about the reasons that are more familiar to me. With the technology now a days there’s more and more ways for a students to cheat. Students have tremendous pressure on them to get good grades. Their anxiety level is up, and the temptation to cheat is strong.

So what do you do? What to students do?

sex ed PowerPoint

Sociocultural Project Description: You will be finding and describing sociocultural influences or social constructs and the expectations they create on the concepts of: sexuality, sexual orientation, gender, race, and ethnicity and how we should behave or look b/c of our gender (masculine/feminine), sexuality, sexual orientation, race or ethnicity.
Sociocultural Project, Part A
Assignment Description
40 points of final grade (see Rubric for breakdown of points)

The definition of sexuality (i.e., sexual orientation, gender, behavior), race, and ethnicity are social constructs and not inherently who or what a person is. That is, these concepts are socio-culturally defined and determined. (Hence, “socio-cultural project”!)
Think “outside the box”, be creative, be unconventional.
This is not a traditional research/term paper where you review and report literature on the subject. This is your own “original” work – your observations, interpretations, applications, etc.
A Powerpoint presentation addressing social constructs of:
sexuality – sexual orientation
gender – masculine/feminine
ethnicity –
behavior – expectations based on race, gender, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation
and the images used in mass media and advertising.
You are going to:
Show your personal observations and analysis of social phenomena, societal expectations, pop cultural expectations, behavior, symbols, messages, etc.
Identify and describe sociocultural images and messages that reflect and/or reinforce these social constructs.
Show/demonstrate/describe how these images/messages/social constructs affect people’s self-image, identity, and sexuality.
Minimum of 8 powerpoint slides with examples coming from of:
media advertisements
print media (magazines, newspapers, etc)
broadcast media (preferably television/Youtube)
pictures of Ads
links to music videos etc are welcome
For each of the 8 powerpoint slides you will need to follow it with a slide explaining the example of the concept you chose.
In detail explain:
the concept you chose
how the image shows or depicts the concept – describe the image and how it sends the message about the concept
if the image is explicit/directly expressed, overt, suggestive, implied, subtle
It is not sufficient to say there are sexual/gender/ethnic messages or themes present; you must describe what they are.
You must use at least FOUR course concepts.
You can use one concept to explain two images.
Use one slide for the picture and one slide for the explanation (16 slides total)
Concepts – gender, sexuality, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, gender role, gender expectation, etc
Explicit/directly expressed – stated clearly and in detail, no room for confusion or doubt
Overt – done or shown openly, plainly, readily apparent, obvious
Suggestive – makes someone think of an idea or something (sex), indecent, dirty, vulgar, prurient
Implied – suggested but not directly expressed
Subtle – delicately described, understated, muted, subdued

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