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Why did the Spanish Armada Fail ? college admission essay help Environmental Issues coursework help

Because the ships were too large and clumsy, the english frigates were far more versitile and had a much more modern design that allowed them to hold the same amount of cannons on a much sturdier, more manovorable platform. In addition to this, they attacked England during a huge storm which destroyed most of their ships, and the battle took place in the English channel where there was barely any room for all their ships. This forced each ship to take and English ship 1v1. Since the English had much better vessels, the English won the battle and that was the end of the great Spanish armada.

In addition to this, the english sent fire ships on collision course with the spanish ships and since they were so many in such a condensed area, the fire spread quickly and burned many of the ships. The wind from the storm also helped spread the fireOVER four centuries ago, two fleets fought in the narrow waters of the English Channel. The battle pitched Protestants against Catholics and was part of the 16th-century struggle between the armies of Protestant Queen Elizabeth I of England and Roman Catholic King Philip II of Spain.

“To them the clash of the English and Spanish fleets in the Channel was,” explains the book The Defeat of the Spanish Armada, “a final struggle to the death between the forces of light and the forces of darkness. ” English observers of the time described the Spanish Armada, or great fleet, as “the greatest naval force they had ever seen on the open seas. ” But the expedition the Armada was on proved to be a tragic mistake—especially for the many thousands who lost their lives. What was its objective, and why did it fail?

12 Easy Homework Questions – Integrals, Lagrange, Partial Derivatives

I’m working on 12 questions (some have a few multi-parts) for Calculus and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.I would just like the step by step answers to these questions? They won’t take that long, I’m just busy with studying for midterms. These questions are based on Integrals, Lagrange and Partial Derivatives for First Year Calculus.